To His Majesty Sultan Azlan Shah- لجلالة السلطان أزلان شاه-Sultan Arslan Şah'a

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Bismillahi r-Rahmani r-Rahim, al Salam aleikum Ya...
Sultanate of Malaysia. Perak Sultan.
I am sending my greetings,
and I am knowing something
as I am sending before to my
son Shaykh Bahauddin about
His Holiness Raja Ashman.
He was not from people of
dunya. His heart always
was with his....
with his Lord Allah Almighty,
for Rasulullah (saws) and he was
so happy to be with
such a people whom they are -
they are belonging or giving -
sacrificing his soul for holy people
and for the Seal of Prophets (saws). And he was
so maq'bul/accepted one through
people of Heavens. And he has
some secret -
secret services that they are
always going around the world from East to West, from East to West.
But he was so humble one.
And his humbleness reaching, taking him
to such a high ranks
of the 40 people. (al Arba'een)
They are well-known ones. Therefore
he is just taken away before
Mahdi (as) & we hope that
he should be..can be seen when Mahdi (as) coming.
In such a way that carrying heavy Heavenly
responsibility for Ummah. Therefore
he was seen in Damascus.
Damascus in the center of the 40 Holy ones.
And it is a high honour that
very few people just reached from...
Sultanate people. And we are
happy that this
grant from Rasulullah (saws)
granted to them because they belonging to his
way..sulala/family of
Rasulullah (saws).
And we are...we hope that
to be seen in the time of Mahdi (as)
as before or more than before.
He (Raja Ashman) had been taken for some services
that he can't carry those services among people.
Taken away through Holy people.
And he is happy & holy &
in pleasure to be with them. And he is always
with his Holy Family
of Rasul (saws). And also his
Sultanate, Sultan of Perak & whole
people that they are belonging -
Royal people & noble people.
Sending his greetings to them.
And maybe...may be seen
through that Mawlid
for his (40th day). 7 people going to
see him. I don't know who ...I know nothing.
I know nothing, but we have been also ordered
to be ready to be 40 ones
with that Holy Majlis/council.
Council... Therefore they may come in different
dressings. No one knows only who
may know them. And no one...
If anyone coming to be ready from
anyone/common people, let him to come.
Let him to come to be ready. May Allah bless
his Royal Family & His Majesty King
Azlan Shah & Raja Muda also.
Allah (swt) blessing them. That gives them honor, not taking honor from them.
People of 40 (40 saints)
40 sacrifice people.
They are happy from Royal family of
Majestic King Azlan Shah
Sultan of Perak. I am also
giving my greetings to them
as they are Ulul Amr/Muslim Rulers. I am kissing
His Majesty also Sultan &
we have a oath to keep
Sultan, in Malaysia especially...
especially His Majesty King
Azlan Shah. May Allah (swt) Bless all of them &
taking them here and after here
high ranks through this life
and next life to be with Prophets Kafila/caravan...
Caravan. I am....
If I am....granted to me
to be there with my physical body...
Physical body I was there. If not
our spiritual...
spiritual personality
and 40 others should be there.
Not should there, must be there!
For blessing Azlan Shah, King of Perak,
Sultan Azlan Shah & his Royal Family.
May Allah (swt) Blessing them. No worry for them here & Hereafter.
They are giving to me
their high respect
and I am nothing. Giving that
grant to me and I am blessing,
asking from my Lord Almighty Allah & the
highest one in creation -
Sayyidi Al Awwalin wa Al Akhirin shafa'at/intercession
for all Holy Family. May Allah (swt) forgive me.
as-Salam aleikum O family,
Royal family of Perak. Only I am asking say
one coconut tree.
They must... When I was
small one my father bringing sometimes one
and we were...That day was like eid/feast for us.
Therefore must be one tree for Shaykh there. Shaykh
asking one - even no teeth
but I must try. As-Salam...
Be happy your Majesty King of Perak,
Azlan Shah.
No one just granted as you granted.
May Allah (swt) Blesses you & His blessed ones
they're happy.... Rasulullah (saws).
May Allah (swt) gives them more honour
and satisfaction in their hearts.
Yes Sir, that is my small
declaration for them.
My greetings to everyone just
hadaru/they've been attending,
attending all Sultans
and every Sultan that coming
that granted to me when I was there
I am behind them...behind them & Sultans -
I am defending Sultans. I am kicking on everything
against Sultans. May try to be on
right way of Allah Almighty. That Allah Almighty saying
to His Prophet (saws) "Sultan Dhillullah Fil Arda"
Shadow of The Lord of Heavens is Sultan.
Not that democracy - I am very angry with them
and coming a Heavenly
Revenge on them.
They may recite that Allah Almighty saying "Bismillahi r-Rahmani r-Rahim
"YaMa`shara Al-Jinni Wa Al-'Insi 'Ini Astata`tum An Tanfudhu
Min Aqtari As-Samawati Wa Al-'Ardi Fanfudhu
La Tanfudhuna Illa Bisultanin" (55:33)
Everyone that they are against this, should be
their positions
coming down, down, down!
Who is going to be with Sultans, their Maqams/
station going to be up, up, up to Heavens!
Salam aleikum.Thumma Salat wa Salam Ala Rasul Thaqalain Sayyidina Muhammad (sas)
I am weak servant
I am asking dua from everyone. May Allah (swt) Blesses you &
your community Ummat Al Habib (saws). Fatiha.