Dr Juan Molero, Vice-Chancellor's Senior Research Fellow | RMIT University

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Melbourne is a fantastic city. I come from a big city Madrid, capital of Spain.
It's very vibrant, very famous for its lifestyle
and Melbourne in that sense is the most similar
to Madrid I can think of. I really love that vibrant
city life. There is so much European culture in Melbourne.
I came to Australia as a Post Doctorate Fellow and I came to work
in research in insulin interaction
in obesity and diabetes.
So specifically in my research I believe that one of the problems why
there is no permanent cure for or
treatment for obesity and diabetes
is that it's based on the complexity of insulin resistance and how there are different
origins, different causes why this disorder occurs. So one of the aims of my research
and hopefully one of the outcomes my research is to be able
to classify the different types of this is insulin resistance so actually you
could try to design personalised medicine.
You can develop different therapeutics for each specific type of insulin resistance. So then,
when you have a patient, you can give them exactly the treatment
that they would need.
RMIT has been very active
in creating a research environment
that has established scientists, leaders, with new talents. I came to
RMIT because I think that RMIT was the perfect balance
in which you can on
one hand undertake your basic research to understand the molecular
basis of the disease.
On the other hand you can apply this knowledge both in an academic settings and with close
collaboration with biotech and pharmaceutical companies.
The VC fellowship will help me to consolidated my career
as a research scientist
as well as provide me with scientific resources
to make a bigger impact on my field of research, which will have great
applications for the treatment of diseases
like obesity and type 2 diabetes.