PELLASOPHY - A Telugu short film by Weekend Witchcrafts

Uploaded by rohitkumarvv on 19.09.2012

ñ Amma ñ Mother; Nanna ñ Father ñ Ravi: Marriage? Iím not interested yet brother
ñ Brother: Shut up, marry and have a good life
ñ You and sister both got married. What did you achieve?
ñ You, the scripters of indiaís bright future ?
ñ Young boys and girls ?
ñ This message is from my personal experience..
ñ Get married..
ñ Get married,take care of your home and spend time soothingly
ñ experience all happiness and live comfortably ?
that neighbour aunty is asking when you are going to get married.
ñ Mom: unable to find many good girls these days it seems. What do you say?
ñ Ravi: her daughter completed intermediate just now na.
ñ Tell her I will marry her after she completes B.Tech. She wonít ask again.
ñ Ravi: These aunties donít have work, and mommies donít have brains.
ñ Sister: When are you treating us? (shaadi ka food)
Let the rates come down; Iíll treat not just you, but the whole city
ñ Ravi: Donít have any other work right? Put down the phone sis!
ñ Dad: Why are you coughing?
ñ Ravi: Nothing dad, just a little unwell
ñ Dad: you eat all outside food and this is what will happen.
ñ Dad: Listen to us and get married na
ñ Ravi: why 60 rupees for half a kilometre? You auto-drivers are doing too much
ñ Auto-driver: then you buy a vehicle sir. Else, get married, your father-in-law will buy you one
02:25-02:27 ñ Ravi: you stop the auto first
ñ Ravi: get lost bey
Whenís the marriageÖ Everyoneís askingÖ listen to us and get marriedÖ
ñ Ravi: I donít want to get married just yet!!!
ñ Pelli ñ Marriage; Pellasophy ñ Marriage Philosophy
03:37-03:38 ñ Waiter: Sir, what do you want?
ñ I want to play and sing. I want Simran too.
Waiter: ñ You wonít get to play and sing like cuckoo.. Youíll just get chickoo.
ñ Youíre cracking jokes? Go and get hot tea!
ñ You and your face like a crow on the current wire. Whatís the matter?
ñ Ravi: At homeÖ
ñ Wait, Iíll tell. Someone proposed you?
ñ heís not that type ñ you have someone to propose to?
ñ He doesnít have so much of a scene
ñ Kiss? 16 ñ He, and a kiss? There should be a limit to thought
ñ Is your creativity this all?
ñ This is not my creativity. It is whatís occurring these days in Telugu short films
ñ If one calls his friend in the morning and says he needs to talk 0:04:26.499,0:04:311.300 ñ then itís one of these three. ñ If itís not amongst these 3, then yours is something new. I appreciate it.
ñ Theyíre asking me to get married at home
ñ Marriage? Marriage? Marriage? ñ Happy Married Life
You'll die dude..ñ Youíll go to dogs
ñ What? Say again!
ñ Marriage! Theyíre asking me to get married at home
ñ This is what poetry is!oh my gaawd! ñ Kapi Raju was over the FLAG ..
ñ jumped on the ground one day with a FAG ..ñ then his wifeís bangle BROKE
ñ his sonís name is simon BROOKE .. OH MAA GAWD..!
ñ you shut up bey
ñ Marriage? To a woman only right? ñ hey, cool cool
ñ then why the face like someone asked you to join Al Qaeda?
ñ You have to get married someday right?
ñ Someday na, not right way right? ñ Iím not interested dude..
ñ With this mind-set now, I canít ñ Iím not prepared mentally
ñ Donít talk like a mental fellow.What difficulties have you got now? Go get married
ñ So youíre asking me to get married and invite difficulties?
ñ Oh! You understood it that way?
ñ Whatíre you doing bey?
ñ Iím writing poems ñ Itís not writing. Itís our fate that we got you as a friend
ñ Phone from Geetha?
Yeah.! . ñ Already 1 year got over!?
ñ Hi!ñ How are you?
Just so.. Geetha: ñ you found a girlfriend?
ñ Iím not that lucky. All my time goes with these idiots only
ñ YouÖ ? ñ She put down the phone
ñ your marriage and her blabber
ñShe And her status update enquiries:ìgot a girlfriend?î. My sad life
ñ What happened actually?
ñ Geetha. I saw her underneath the tree near my aunt Seethaís friend Lalithaís place
ñ My heart went flutter the first time I saw her. I washed and hung my favourite shirt
ñ Next day, I wore the same shirt and was holding a red rose for her
ñ I proposed to her like a hero with the red rose
Thatís how I proposed to her, and thatís how the bird shit fell on me ñ Is that all?
ñ Not just that ñ She felt more for her slap than my love for her
ñ She fell in love with me and proposed under the same tree ñ And this time the bird shat on her?
ñ Almost. Every dog has its day.
ñ So this time I said ëNo!í for revenge
ñ Get lost! ñ From then on, I spent my days feeling bad for saying no to her
ñ and feeling scared that she might reject me if I propose to her again ñ Waiter: Sir, chai!
ñ Place it there ñ like the festival Sankranthi which comes once in a year, she calls me and finds out my status
ñ and cuts the call before I can ask anything
ñ There is enough sadness in your life
ñ Put mine aside, tell us about your marriage sadness
ñ Iím unable to understand what to do ñ Tell the same to your guys ñ What?
ñ That youíre not interested yet
ñ I told ñ Brother: found you a girl like Milk kova and you asked for Sharapova
ñ now we got Sharapova and youíre asking for Mumaith Khan
ñ Why donít you listen to me? Iím not interested
ñ Mom: We have lost patience with your excuses
ñ If you donít listen to us
ñ They threatened to die? ñ Not normally
ñ Mom: Weíll write a letter that youíre responsible and hang ourselves
ñ You decide whether you want to spend the rest of your time in jail
ñ or amidst a family with wife and children
ñ Ma, please. Just this one timeÖ ñ funny family.
ñ Donít laugh so much. One day even youíll face the same. Wait for it.
ñ No girl would come to him after listening to his poetry
ñ Iím getting irritated with the talk of marriage
ñ Canít we live without marrying? ñ Every guy gets married
ñ Okay, they get married. But what do they achieve?
ñ In the name of making a family, everybody is spoiling this earth.
ñ Ravi, all parts of your body are working fine right?
ñ Anyone thinks new and everyone says heís weird
ñ Just like you did
ñ Did Shirdi Sai Baba, Swami Vivekananda or Buddha get married?
ñ All those who got married are roaming like humans
ñ And those who didnít, have become gods
ñ Iím talking of becoming a god in my family and no one listens
ñ Dude, you and your philosophy.. no no, pellasophy ñ Itís like having Greek subtitles for a French film
ñ Are you smoking up weed in the night?
ñ These arenít things one knows by smoking up or someone saying
ñ You need to have a brain and some thought
Donkey's Egg!! ñ Anyone will say all these for free
ñ Meet the right girl and all hell will break loose
ñ You didnít find the right girl still
ñ If you find then weíll know whether youíre Swamy Vivekananda or swamy Nityananda
ñ If we follow anyone and everyone, our teeth will be broken
ñ I thought youíll support me and called you. Itís my brainlessness
ñ Waiter: Sir, bill
ñ the Idly in your hotel is very deadly
ñ and after I ate, I felt like hearing Bappi lahariís songsí medley
ñ At least give me a suggestion what to do
ñ Are you in a position to even listen? Youíre talking all crazy
ñ I donít have another option. To sayÖ
ñ Whereís my phone? ñ Whereís my phone bey?
Pch, forgot it on the table there ñ Okay, give me your phone. And you turn the car around
ñ Theyíre asking me to get married at home
ñ So you duped Swapna? No dude..ñ If I get married, it is only with Swapna
ñ So everythingís set right?
14:40-14:42 ñ Theyíre asking me to get married to the girl of their choice
ñ These elders ñ can never understand what us kids want..!
ñ You get lost. Donít call me again
ñ I like you, but canít take this anymore. Leave me
ñ Thatís alright, but do you wanna marry me?
ñ Why wonít I? You just had to ask
ñ The point is I should be slapped on both cheeks
ñ I canít be slapped twice on just one cheek right
ñ Nagarjuna should like the reactions for slaps
ñ Look at the camera ñ Dude, careful
ñ Dude, wait. Let the Director come. Abey Director, come and tell Action.
ñ If you liked my performance ñ type PADMASRI