Smokey and the Bandit (9/10) Movie CLIP - The Snowman Is Comin' Through (1977) HD

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Goddamn it, son, we gave it our best shot.
l don't like this any more than you do, but...
we ain't gonna make it, son.
We're gonna hang it up.
Whoa, negatoy, negatoy! What areyou, crazy or somethin'?
We come this far, ain't we? When we saywe gonna do ajob, we do ajob!
lt's me they're after. They don't even know Cledus Snow exists.
Oh, they don't? Well, l'll tell you what we gonna do.
[ Laughing ] Wejust gonna introduce 'em to the boy.
So move over a little bit, good buddy, 'cause the Snowman is comin' through.
Hold on toyour ass, Fred.
[ Sirens Continue, Engines Revving ]
[ Horn Blaring ]
Hot damn, we're gonna make it.
[Sirens Continue ]
[ Horn Blares ]
[ Siren Stops ]
[ Trooper ] Damn it! Move them vehicles. We gotta get through there!
Here they come!
[ All Cheering ]
[ Horn Blares ]
[ Barking ]
[ Horns Blaring ]
[ Horn Blaring, Crowd Cheering ]
Daddy, you're about to haveyour evenin' ruined foryou.
[ Horn Blaring ]
Okay. All right.
We're in trouble.
What time is it?
Goddamn, we're 1 O minutes early.
We're in trouble.
Well, here's my Cadillac. That'll leave me with an even dozen. Good luck, son.
Get the money. How 'bout the money?
- How 'bout double or nothin'? - How 'bout forgettin' it?
- What about double or nothin'? - You run up to Boston, bring back some clam chowder.
You're on. Uh, you're on.
- In 1 8 hours? -You're still on. [ Laughs ]
Y-Y-You're crazy! And l'm divorced!
[ Sirens Wailing ]