How to Grow a Lemon Tree | At Home With P. Allen Smith

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Hey, I know you can do it. I want you to grow up and be this. You see this? I want you to
grow up to be this. Hey, let me show you how to grow your own lemon trees. You understand?
Have you ever grown a lemon tree from seed? Well, it’s actually a lot easier than you
might think. I did a little experiment. You see, all you have to do is pick up some lemons
at the store, that’s what I did here, and then you have to decide whether you’re going
to peel this little outer husk off of them or not. And so, once they dry a little bit,
you can peel that little outer husk off. So there’s one that has the husk off of it,
and here’s one that still has the husk on it. Well, with my little experiment what I
learned is that if you peel the husk off they germinate about two weeks earlier. But, these
were done, half of them were done with the seed husk on, and half with the seed husk
off. And you can see by now, which is some three months later, we’re well into spring,
they all are about the same size. So, you know, I wouldn’t worry about trying to pull
the husk off of those seed. So, I’ll plant these into larger pots over the course of
the summer. And what I like to do is start things and hold things in my greenhouse, and
then move them outdoors. And today I’m moving all my citrus outside for summer vacation.
Like this one, you can see it’s growing up to be a nice big lemon tree because it’s
eating up all of its fertilizer just like it’s supposed to be. So I put it over here
on the backside of the greenhouse with some of the other citrus trees. So this is going
to become sort of citrus world back here. They’ll love the sun and they’ll love
all the fresh air. And what I try and do this time of year is make sure that they get plenty
of sun. Citrus love full sun, they like plenty of circulation. The flowers are fragrant.
And if you look closely you’ll see I even have baby lemons. Look at those. But I want
to make sure there are no insect problems, and then I want to make sure that they’re
feed, so I give them a good dose of food this time of year just by sprinkling a little bit
on top. I like to use an organic. And then to keep the soil consistently moist, I make
sure that I use saucers like this to place them on, so that the soil doesn’t become
dry, because I don’t want them to drop any of the fruit. If I want this little tree to
grow faster, what I would do is take some of these lemons off and let the energy go
into making a bigger plant, rather than trying to produce some lemons. That’s a decision
I’ll have to make a little later. Right now, I’m just getting them outside and letting
them enjoy a little fresh air. If you’re enjoying these segments on how to grow some
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