Day 2 of The Great Apple Experiment

Uploaded by rkwatson on 23.03.2010

So here we are, day two of the apple experiment, and as promised I will be recording exactly
what I am saying to the apples, as I want this entire process to be open.
And, on that note, I've received a few very helpful comments from people.  This is
kind of like the peer-review process, where people suggest additional controls that I
can put on the experiment so that I can make sure it is as well done and scientific as
One of those controls is that I sterilize the knife next time because if there's microbe
on half the knife, then that can get on half the apple, but then not the other half. 
Had I not eaten one of the quarters, I could have held that back as a control, and microbes
from the knife wouldn't have been as a big of a deal.  But since I didn't ... I was
very hungry ... damn you peanut butter!  Yeah, that's an additional control that might
need to be put into place next time.
And there will be a next time!  At the end of this week, I'm going to do the experiment
again, with all the controls you guys suggest.
So that's one.  Another person suggested that I speak to the apples out of the line
of hearing of the other apples.  I'm not sure how sensitive apple's ears are, but I'm
going to take this into consideration and privately convey my emotions to each of the
So, thanks for that.
Another one came from a believer on Nicky's facebook page.  A believer suggested that
having mustaches instead of love and hate might be a bit of a problem, in that it's
too fun, so that even the hate apple, despite being lambasted every day, might still be
in a good mood, because it's got a comedy mustache on it.
I will address that. in the next study I do, there will be no mustaches.  That said,
i really did take this into account.  Because, as you can see, on the jars, the "hate apple"
has a villain mustache.
Here, take a look:
[on hate apple]:  If that's not the mustache of a villain, I don't know what.
[on love apple]:  And I think that is is like a hero mustache.  That's the type
of mustache a sheriff might have, for instance.
[on apple of indifference]:  And the neutral mustache, I just see as an old man, maybe
a kindly old gentleman who you don't really pay much attention to.
So, I did consider that when choosing the mustaches.  But, I'll take this into consideration,
and next time around, no mustaches.
(Camera goes into next room, with the hate apple)
Ok, I'm in the next room now, where the other apples hopefully can't hear me.  so here
we go.
[Starts talking to the hate apple]  "Hate apple, there is no easy way to see this, but
frankly, you're fat.  I would suggest that you do a bit more dehydrating before being
seen in public."
[To the love apple]  "Hey love apple.  Baby, you lookin' so fine today. I would totally
hit that. Also, I just want to say that for an apple, you seem remarkably intelligent. 
I don't know what it is.  Maybe it's just the look in your skin.  Yeah, mega hot. 
Love you babe."
[To the apple of indifference]  "Meh."
That's it for day two.  Thanks to everyone for your suggestions, please keep them coming,
and I look forward to seeing your own experiments and now they turn out.