Let's Play 18 Wheels of Steel: American Long Haul - Nashville to Thunder Bay part 1/4

Uploaded by branchmedo on 06.02.2012

Hey guys, we're back, we're just here in a rest area just outside of Nashville
and we're making the final leg of the journey back to Thunder Bay.
So, here we are
sitting in my truck
Just a brief bit of information, that's me there in my wife beater
that's my truck, Peterbilt 379, fully upgraded
And this is the map: we are here
We're gonna go north on I-65 to Indianapolis and then we're gonna go
west for a little stretch and then
carry on north on I-75 up through Michigan
and back into Canada about Sault Ste Marie.
okay let's go
First thing, I've gotta try and make a really tight corner to get outta here.
Because I've gotta go through the weigh station
Yes, I am pulling two trailers. Yes they are full of eggs. That's as hard as I could
possibly make it and I don't know why I did that... so, here we go, up into the weigh station
And we're good to go, so let's go!
There we go, it's the one on the right, press down on that
Police on the left hand side
In case you're wondering why my wheel is spazzing out I'm using the keyboard so
I have to keep tapping it
Smokey on the right
Hey! Fuck you!
CB: What's the flowing look like for us up ahead? ME: Okay, someone's just asked for traffic advice
so I shall oblige on the CB.
It's pretty heavy
though not an accident so I'm going to say medium.
whoa whoa whoa whoa whoa, Jesus Christ, why did you stop??
I don't wanna be behind you no more!
You're dangerous
Man, everybody's braking for no reason today!
Shit, what's he doing?!
i suppose it's ok just carry on
Did you buy the car that didn't have fucking signals on it?
CB: Hey bubbas, I am 10-8, (unintelligible) ME: Okay... generic reply... CB: 10-4 Hand, thanks for the comeback
Okay, we're going to take the exit on the right here and
go through Indianapolis
Welcome to Indianapolis
Don't know if you just saw, the speed limit is forty five, I'm going to drop down to forty five
as my wanted level which you can see next to my money is slowly increasing.
because I'm a baaaad boy
nobody else cares about the speed limit not even the fire department
they can't pull us all over

Oh no
Not in the double trailer, no, please
oh shit
the police pulled me over without actually sounding his sirens or stopping me, but he is watching me.
CB: Anyone got a weather report? ME: pretty obvious but I thought I'd ask
just so I fit in
I'm yawning! I'm tired! Where are we?
No, not that.
so there's a rest stop over there towards Chicago
I don't know whether I should go for it.
I just missed the turn... alright, umm.... AAAAAAAH!!!!! WAKE UP! WAKE THE FUCK U... oh.
Shit, am I tired!
parking area up ahead
I'll try and make my way to that... NOOOO I CAN'T SEE I'M GONNA DIE. I didn't die!
I like that there's no warning that comes up, it's like "you're tired!"
No, wait, you're asleep
Okay, let's pull into this parking area
Brake brake brake! My foot is going on the brake, honest it is!
Yaaawn to you too!
what's happening
Oh, a parking space
press the following key to enter parking lot
that's not what I want
this is as good a spot as ever to have a rest.