Downloading and Installing HP Smart Print

Uploaded by HPPrinterSupport on 04.01.2012

This video shows you how to download and install HP Smart Print.
HP Smart Print allows you to print web pages just the way you want them, eliminating wasted
ink and paper.
HP Smart Print automatically selects the area of a web page that it thinks you want to print.
You can then resize the selection box to better target the content you want to print. And,
if necessary, you can select and remove content within the selection box.
If the automatic selection did not include all of the content you want to print, you
can select areas in addition to the automatic selection.
Once you’ve selected the content to print, you can preview the content, and make additional
HP Smart Print only runs on Internet Explorer versions 6 through 9.
HP Smart Print is easy to download and install.
This video shows you how to install HP Smart Print in Windows XP, Windows Vista, and Windows
The installation procedure may vary slightly, depending on your operating system.
Open Internet Explorer by clicking its icon in the task bar.
In the address bar type and then press Enter on your keyboard.
In the Search window, type Printing software, and then press Enter.
A search results page opens.
Under the Products & Services section, click the Printing Software link.
After the Printing Software page opens, look for the Web Page Printing section.
Click the Download
now link.