Make Up Tips for a Beyonce Look : Adding Foundation for Applying Makeup for a Beyonce Look

Uploaded by expertvillage on 05.03.2008

Now we're ready to move on to the foundation. I love this MAC select tint. It's a very natural
foundation. It's SPF 15, which is fabulous. It's a sheer coverage, but the more you use,
the more coverage you're going to get. She doesn't have any blemishes to cover, so I'm
just going to use it naturally all over her face and I'm going to use it as concealer
also. I'm going to use it around her nose, under her eyes, and just a little bit. If
I need more, I'll just add a little more. You want to blend it in really well. Buff
it into the skin. I like using a brush for foundation. I think it goes on so much smoother
and nicer than using a sponge or your fingertips. Again, that's all personal preference. Look
up for me. Use it around the area is you need it. She has a tiny little blemish that I'm
going to use it on top of, but that's about it. You just want to blend it in really, really
well. Make sure it all looks even. Don't forget to go down the neck a teeny tiny bit just
to make sure everything look smooth. Then take a nice powder and just set the foundation.
This just smoothes up the skin and sets it. You don't need to use a lot of powder. Especially
around the eye area, you don't want to use a lot of powder because powder tends to go
into the wrinkles or creases of the eye. With a nice big fluffy brush, just kind of buff
it all over the skin and down the neck a little bit. It just makes your face look flawless
and it helps prevent oil from seeping through as well. Now we're ready to do some color.