Heavenly - FullMoon

Uploaded by SERIOUSBlam on 12.12.2009

All alone late at night
You never know who you meet in darkness
Hidden in a secret place
Being watched from every sides
Be my guide before succombed to desire
How to look away to fallen angel
Crawling here below
I still resist, once and again
Find the way out / It's not easy
Find the way out/ That's what i'm trying to do
Slowly gain ground
I'm strugglin alone, one more and more, one more and...
Find the way out / Life is a game
Slowly gain ground
Just give me a reason to go
If I taste it, should i love ?
When it's FullMoon at midnight
Turning off the light
They're screaming wild !
Give yourself to absolute pleasure
To attain the highest top
So carry on holding my name
Tonight you belong to me
So climbing higher all together
And sailing the seven seas
There nothing better here on Earth
Beware addiction is near
Falling down or glorious
Faced with desire shall we kneel
Coming closer to myself
I see the devil in your eyes
The dark still remains, remains
A last temptation out of my mind
Rising up from the ashes of my own grave
Too many ideas for you and I
Relax or restrain
Try to resist once and again
And i'm done, you know the rest of it...