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thank you so much
every morning the Israelites
drew back their tent doors
and witnessed a miracle
Puffy manna
food from heaven
covered the ground
the response of God to their prayers
they then demanded meat
not of God
but of Moses
which seemed to just pushed him over the edge
as their leader
he cried out to God in his depression
The load is far too heavy
I'd rather you kill the and treat me like this
please spare me
This misery
even a Bible great like Moses
felt frustrated and fatique
of depression
which is what Scott
Is going to talk about this morning
so please open up your Bibles pull out your message outlines
As I begin reading in Numbers chapter eleven
Verse ten
Moses heard all the families
standing in the doorways of their tents whining
and the Lord became extremely angry
Moses was also aggravated
and Moses said to the Lord
Why are you treated me,
your servant so harshly?
have mercy on me
what did I do to deserve the burden of all these people
Did I give birth to them?
Did I bring them into the world?
why did you tell me to carry them in my arms like a mother carries a nursing baby?
How can I carry them to the land you swore
to give their ancestors?
where and I suppose to get meat
for all these people
they keep whining to me saying
Give us meat to eat
I can't carry all these people by myself! The load is far too heavy
if this is how you intend to treat me
just go ahead and kill me
do me a favor and spare me this misery!
I didn't know he was a senior pastor too
If you are not whining about meat it is something else
isn't it interesting that the words of Solomon are so
A joyful heart is good medicine, would anybody argue with that?
and who would argue with the reality that depression drains one's strength
none of us are
at our maximum when we're experiencing depression
depression really comes in four different categories there are four different
types and if we had about ten hours I could teach you
everything you need to know but I'll
streamline it to just
give you the different basic categories
on the low end of depression is a depressed mood
and that's usually when we feel a little down we feel a little blue
and often times that
mood is very situational
we've experienced some loss or tragedy in our life
and because of that
we feel depressed and we ought to feel depressed
I'm not saying that we should never feel depressed
depressed moods are apart of life
but they are oftentimes situation, not always exclusively situational
but often times it sparked by situation
and an issue in our life that we've had
to deal with
when we're experiencing that blue
mood over a period of time and often the threshold is two years
so if for two years you've been feeling depressed you've been feeling
blue you felt a lot of lack of energy
that's called the dysthymic state
now we've moved
away from just
a particular situation in our life to oftentimes a certain perspective
On life
a two-year interval a psychologist or a doctor will begin to look at how much of that depression
might be biochemical it's called an endogenous depression
and what we're talking about is an imbalance in your brain chemistry it's actually in your
neuro transmitter fluid
that sends
impulses from one part of the brain to the other
and there are some things and they're like serotonin and dopamine and when they are not in
the right
that creates a certain
in our mood
and one of the
moods affected
is depression
by the third kind we move from a mood
to a state
To an illness and that illness is known as clinical depression
and depression is not
Situational, now depression begins to color all of our life
all of our relationships all of our circumstances and situations
they begin to all just be depressing
the biochemical element
becomes more significant
when you're talking about clinical depression in fact it could be a very significant part
of why do you feel depressed
from an illness we go to the disease of bipolar behavior which is
Manic depressive state
really really high highs and really really low lows
and it's interesting
what percentage of the
of the United States suffers from bi-polar disease
how do you know that you have a bipolar state
well you often go through these very high manic states
and oftentimes when you're in that manic state you make very poor choices
in fact if you go to prison and you give all the inmates a psychological tests
you will notice that a disproportionate
number of that population
suffers from bipolar behavior
Why? Because in their manic state basically I need money
I'll just take it from this liquor store
I can knock over a liquor store that's easy to do or
something else
on the other side the depression becomes very debilitating it's very difficult to just
when you have
when you have a manic-depressive state
and that
Low state literally effects every single thing in your life
because you have days when you can't get out of bed
days when you don't want to do with anything you don't have to do anything you do have
to do takes a lot of work
And as you move
on this scale we need to remember that situation are a part
of how a person feels
but biochemistry creates
a more significant
in that depression
and so
medication from a psychologist, psychiatrist doctor becomes more important and essential
as you move along the line because you can't just will yourself out of the bipolar state
you'll never do it
in fact you won't will yourself most of the time
very rarely out of clinical depression
as situations change
that affects the dysthymic state
The mood of feeling blue
or down in life
so those of the four different
categories of depression where does that depression comes from becomes mostly through emotions
guilt shame
bad brain chemistry
poor situations
and their there's a very along a list of things that
really become
the causes or the sources of our of our depression
Losses, trauma of every kind
Will often ignite a feeling of depression at least the mood
of depression
that can grow into
really state of depression
how do you know that you're suffering from depression
All you have to do
his look at how you respond to
the difficulties the losses the trauma of your life
Way at the top is
you can tell by what you eat had ever notice when you're depressed you want to eat comfort
that's why we call it comfort food
Comfort food comes in three different categories
macaroni and cheese
Doritos and chips
and ice cream of all flavors especially chocolate chocolate
right ladies?
so you might know that you have depression by what you eat and it's interesting usually
what we go for simple carbohydrates and sugar
because those stimulates the brain
and as the stimulate the brain for a short amount of time, we do what? we feel a little
isn't interested
Number two is we sleep
we sleep we sleep longer then that we ought to, have you ever noticed
You sleep a little longer in the winter time than you do in the summertime
Yeah, there's a reason for that
because it's dark
and that darkness
if it's not the environment we were raised in our biological clock doesn't like
and I suffer a little bit from that
I take vitamin d and if you go to my office you'll find that I have a happy light in there
I have a full spectrum light and I do my devotions under my full spectrum light in the morning
well when I'm feeling a little bit and I know that it's happening because I want to sleep
a little bit more
if it's not
Food or sleep, it's what ladies? a little
shopping will do some good right? a little retail therapy is exactly what we
need and if it's not retail therapy then it's to go to the spa, right?
yeah guys you're not out of this either
because we don't buy clothes but we
searched the internet for toys when we're depressed don't we?
new TVs
latest phone
latest power tool
we shop too don't we?
when we're depressed
we have a tendency to isolate that's my favorite thing to do
I go into my man cave I have a little cave downstairs and
you know I'm fine as long as football is on
you just leave me alone
I'm going to go to my little cave
your leave me alone market have any more stress or worry in my life because if you come and
talk to me you always have an issue
just leave my football right just leave me
just my
I have a really great Baraka lounger get in that
turn my big flat screen plasma TV on
and watch men run full steam into one another
it just feels so good to do that
and then here's one that we missed sometimes and that is
we tried to anesthetize our emotions
and we do that in three ways
one of the ways that we tried to do that is is through drugs and alcohol, don't we?
yeah have you ever notice that when you're depressed you want to drink more
if the doctor didn't tell you
alcohol is a what?
a depressant, I know I'm feeling depressed
so I'm going to drink stuff that's going to make me feel more depressed
Where is the logic in that
then if it's not alcoholics, it's drugs
we try to anesthetize ourselves
you know
when I had that tooth taken out you know the doctor gave me some uh...
gave me some codeine it's got a little vicodin in there and I don't feel very good so I might
just take some of that Vicodin again it's going to mellow me out a little bit
you know I'm not going to worry nearly as much and
and you find yourself when you're depressed going through all the other leftover
Vicodin, muscle relaxant that you've been given for other things, right?
why because you're anesthetizing
if you're going to do that I'd say smoked pot and here's why
because you can not only anesthetize yourself but you can do the food thing at the same
Don't look at me like that you lived through the sixties
if you don't understand that joke is when you smoke marijuana you
get the munchies
and most of what you usually want when you have the munchies is you want something that
has high sugar or is the simple carbohydrates for the same reason does it stimulate your
brain in your very mellow state, right
I'm not suggesting
That you go out and gets some marijuana
If I see you in the Safeway at about one o'clock I know what you're doing
most of the drug
changes in Sequim happen in the Safeway parking you probably don't know that
and you think people are really going to the Taco Bell at two o'clock in the morning too
Don't you
all right let's keep moving on let's not get lost here now
another way we anesthetize we try to go on vacation
because if we can just get ourselves in a state of being pamper
in a pleasant surroundings
then we think somehow we're not going to think about what's been making this
feel depressed
we're going to distance our self from it but you know what
even when you go on vacation you'll notice you'll get depressed
because you're the one that is sitting there
at the carousel to pick up your luggage in Hawaii and it doesn't show up and that
makes you depressed
and that does happen like a guy that went to the ticket counter you've probably heard
about this guy
he wanted a ticket to Chicago and he asked the lady I want a ticket to Chicago
I want this bag to go to Boston
and I want this bag to go to Miami Florida
and the lady looked at him and said sir we can't do that
he said sure you can you did it last week
I just want to underscore the fact that I am preaching on depression and you're laughing
I just want to underscore that
all right
Moses experience depression three kinds of depression
he felt frustration
verse eleven why are you treating me so miserably what'd I do to deserve that
he experienced fear
they wanted meat
They were on this vegan diet for all I got was manna
They were ready to get off that vegan diet and get to some real meat
and he know isn't it interesting when Jesus looked at Philip at the feeding of the five
Phillip response the same way
what am I supposed to do
Isn't it interesting
and then finally fatigue
he was working, working, working listening to all these complaints
and finally says the load to heavy
what does the Bible have to say about depression that comes from frustration
fear and fatigue
Number one frustration and we all experience frustration
in life
there are things that we want or want to accomplish
our progress towards what we want or want to experience in life
it the pace gets to slow it seems to get too far away
things become more complicated than they were supposed to be and now we're frustrated
what do we need to know
when we're frustrated
what we need to know is we need to know that Jesus offers us his Jesus is the answer here
noticed on the sliding scale
it is a profoundly a spiritual issue I believe when we have a depressed mood
even though bipolar behaviorist dominantly a chemical
in our brain
Christ can make a difference there as well
Don't misunderstand what I'm saying
if you're taking lithium today
because you're a bipolar person
don't stop taking your lithium
Take lithium and read your Bible and pray and that'll help
that's really what I'm saying
so don't misunderstand what I'm saying today
I'm not discounting
biochemical element of an endogenous depression
but I believe
understanding God's purpose
the perspective of God's purpose makes a difference along the entire spectrum of depression
Why? because when we're frustrated our vision_
our perspective in life becomes very narrow we're focused on what?
the problem
the problem
and all we see is the problem and not the potential
any longer
that's what it means to be depressed isn't it
it means to become fixated or focused
on the problem forgetting that there's potential here
and what Jesus' perspective does for us is that reminds us that when God is a part of
the formula of our life
there is always a bigger plan at play in our life
we forget that God has a a big plan for us
and we get focused on this one little element that's not going right
this one element of losses in our life
difficulty in our lives
listen to what Paul says in Romans five five
And this expectation is really talking about salvation
this salvation what happens when you let
Jesus being the leader of your life
when you do that it will not what? disappoint us
for we know how dearly God love us
because he has given us the Holy Spirit to fill our hearts with His love
when we know God loves us
in his plan for our life his purpose in our life is a good
that's something we need to grab a hold of when we feel the loss of life what we're
dealing with something tramatic in our life when we're feeling depressed
now here's my
my simple way of looking at it
if Jesus can deal with death
and bring resurrection out of
physical death
then whatever we're dealing with Jesus can do something about
he could have a positive impact on every relationship
every circumstance every setting in life and guess who He always starts with
not them
he starts with us
it's so we must grab a hold of this
perspective this bigger picture this purpose that God has in play in our life
and because of that we have a reason to be hopeful
in every relationship
circumstance and setting of life that's not pie in the sky
That not a theological issues that's a reality
Day to day reality in life
Romans eight twenty eight
for we know that all things are working together for good for those who love Him
Who've been called according to His purpose
what happens when were depressed is we don't think God is working anything out for good
were throwing ourselves usually a little pity party
and we need that from time to time don't misunderstand me
if you're depressed because of loss
good, you feel that depression
feel that loss
but at some point
you have to move
on in life
or you'll get what
stuck in the depression
and what moves
Us on is a reminder that God is working everything out for good he'll use this bad
for good in your life now there is a little proviso isn't there
God is working everything out for good for those who what? loved him
and are called or living according to His purpose
you know don't take that ok I can break the speed limit I'll never get a ticket because
I know Jesus loves me
No, that's not what it's saying
what it's saying is when you get thrown in jail because you didn't pay your ticket
God gives you an opportunity to talk to somebody Else who is a prisoner
that's what it means
now we need that perspective
we sure do
we need to be reminded
that God has a good purpose because he loves us
and yeah we feel loss
we have good reason to feel depressed
and what lifts us out of that
out of that
depression many times specially when we're down on this
End of the scale
A mood or a state is that hopeful
that nothing is outside
of God's sovereignty
Nothing is outside God's sovereingnty
second thing that Moses experienced was fear
and when it comes to fear what God wants to do
is God, Jesus wants to offer us a reality we can really count on
really depend on
isn't it interesting when you're fearful
your perception is distorted have you ever notice that
I have previously just talked about fear in a message
and I talked about all the common things that we fear
and then I went through the statistical probability that, that fear would occur in your
life and I could tell you the statistical probability of most of what we fear
it's never gone after happen in our lives
in fact in
time magazine this is the latest thing I threw in that folder in my
filing cabinet
had to do with parents
and the article was bubble wrapping our children are we bubble wrapping our children
with the idea that we're wanting to protect our children from all these things
and the journalists goes on to point out guess what most of what we worry about when
it comes to our children will never happen to our children
stuff does happened
but the probability of that
is very very
so why do we fear so much?
we fear because we don't
a proper
of reality
our depression has
augmented our reality
and that
that change that augmented that slanted that's skewd reality
now becomes our present reality and that's a distorted view of life
tragedy will distort your life, won't it?
it sure will
depression distorts our life
listen to what Isaiah says
do not fear for I am with you
do not be dismayed for I
am your God
I will strengthen you and help you
I will uphold you with my righteous right hand wow
cut that out
just go get a scissors
cut it out
put that on your mirror
and you read that every day
and if you're depressed person
blow it up and put it on your mirror
this is gold
when we're fearful
we shouldn't fear do you ever fear when you're with somebody
more competent or stronger than you are absolutely not
I can't tell you this joke too many things to do
Joshua one three
one nine, sorry
do not be afraid or discourage depressed people are often discouraged or afraid
for the Lord your God is with you wherever
You go
wherever you go
there's no place you can go, is that what David said in the Psalms Lord where can I hide from
And the answer is no place
no place
you've not only can hide from God but there's nothing that's going on in your life to God
doesn't know about
he collects every tear that you shed in a bottle
He has
numbered every hair on your head or used to be on your head
that's how much he cares about you he knows the little details about you
as well as the large details, why does He know the little details
as well as the large details because wherever you go he's with you
wherever you go
he's with you
and if he's with you
why be afraid
if God is for you and not against you why should we be afraid
but often times we are
Aren't we?
choosing God is a healthy choice
give all your worries and cares to God for he cares about what happens to you if you're
like me I'm really good at giving my worries to God
and I'm really good at taking them back
I cast them which is really the word there
to throw I can't throw my worries to God but I tie a little tether to it so I can
pull it back
we got to cut the string
we got to give our worries to God
and we can do that knowing that He loves us and he cares for us
he's going to do something, Peter says
that's why you cast your
you cast your worries upon Jesus
because he cares about you and what does he say himself, he says I'll give you a joke that
is why easy in life
and what that means is that God's going to do the hard part
all we need to do is the easy part
when we're depressed nothing feels easy and nothing feels light
listen to Moses
and this load is so heavy just kill me
just take my, it'd be easier
Why keep me in this agony just
end it
it isn't it interesting how some times depressed
People feel that way
we shouldn't fear
Choosing God
is a healthy choice
the healthiest choice
we can choose
casting our worries upon Him
are stresses
what we're depressed about what we're worried about what were anxious about what we're stressed
out about
Give it to God
he'll do the heavy part
he promises that all we have to do is the doable part for us
which is really the definition of the easy
Isn't it?
he doesn't expect us to do what we can't do
he didn't come into this world the condemn us he came into this world to save us
because he loves he cares about us
Fear, fatigue wow lot of people are feeling more and more fatigued in life
less and less sleep
and when we are fatigued we feel like we're out of power
and we're always searching around for a little more a little more power
something else to stimulate us
five-hour energy drinks
you have you know it's now they're up to twelve hours
full of our energy drinks why?
there are people working twelve hours every day
almost nobody just works eight hours anymore
some somewhere around ten
in the day is the average
for a worker
in the corporate world today
so that's at least fifty hours a week
if not
Sixty, sixty five hours a week
people are wearing out
people are fatigued
and really God's answer to our own personal energy crisis
is Himself
it's the Holy Spirit
may the God of hope fill you with all joy and peace
who wants to be joyous he wants to be filled with peace
And joy
then we have to do what
Paul reminds us we need to do
if you want joy and peace
then you have to what? trust in Him
if you don't trust in Him
if you don't depend on him which is the next verse Colossians one twenty nine
then we're not going to have the joy and the peace that God intends for us to have, trust
in Him so that you may overflow with hope that's what a depressed person needs is hope
more than anything else
overflowing with hope by the power of the Holy Spirit we believe in Jesus the question
are we experiencing the God that we believe in?
we intellectually believe in Jesus Christ
but do we personally know
the Jesus we believe in
the difference is the Holy Spirit presents and power in our life
hopefully that's why you come
every Sunday morning to experience the presence and the power
Of the Holy Spirit
to be reminded of God's truth to worship and celebrate Him ,why? is that
proves that we're trusting in him and that brings the joy and the peace
the uplift in our life that we need
I depend on Christ mighty power that is at work within me
that Holy Spirit power that works within us
it doesn't always change our circumstances but it changes are perspective
it changes us
God always starts with us
and then once he's worked on us there are those times when our circumstances, our situations
our relationships change
God's power is a good power for
circumstances and settings in life Paul says I have the strength to face all conditions
by the power of Christ
that he gives me
I can face all circumstances
all relationships all situations all settings in life
and when we have that kind of hope when we grabbed upon that kind of empowering
in our life it makes all the difference
it makes all the different makes all the difference to somebody
suffering depression
there are more sources of depression
then frustration fear and fatigue
but those are three big ones
and just as Moses dealt with it thousands and thousands of years ago
we're still experiencing that kind of depression today
how do you help someone who's depressed
number one as you understand their depression
and number two you help them a hold on to the promises of God
when they face frustration
you help them hold on to the promises of God
when they face fears in their life
you help them hold on to the promises of God
when they feel
like their out of gas and they're fatigued help them hold on to the promises of God
Let us pray
Lord you know that there is something
A relationship, a situations, a circumstance in our life
Lord that that gets us down from time to time maybe
It is getting us down
right now
and Lord I know in a room
with this many people in a there are some that are experiencing the mood
of depression
some who are in a state of depression
some who are suffering the illness of depression and some Lord, are truly suffering
from the disease of being bipolar
Lord you bring medicine to bear on our depressed state
but you also Lord
bring a power and a perspective and a purpose that we need
Lord help us through your Holy Spirit
extend are depression to you today
Lord fill us
Calm us
Help us to see
Lord we know that you love us and you do have
a good plan for our lives
not only now but for all eternity and we thank you for that
and we pray in your name Amen
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