Is Hypnosis Real?

Uploaded by PaulRamsayCH on 11.10.2012

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Why don't you press the center of his forehead and you press the center of his forehead
at the same time help each other out that's what neighbors do, right. One, two, three and ((laughter))
That's nice, that's good.
See that's good too because you can just. ((click)
The most common question I get when people find out what I do for a living is
"Is it real?"
I spend a lot of time talking with people about the fact that it is real,
that it has a long history and that now because we have modern brain imaging scans,
pet scans, functional M.R.I. electroencephalograms. These things on their own don't prove
all by themselves the existence of hypnosis but they do show the way your
brain activity actually changes when you go into the trance state.
Paul: The first time you ever drove a car in your life was a? ((click)) Girl: It was a Ford,yea Ranger.
Paul: What color was the Ranger was a? ((Click)) Girl: Blue.
Right exactly but your first name is? You seem to be so comfortable. ((Laughter))
Hi, whats your name? Some people are so skeptical
that they're still not gonna believe it so it's a constant thing
for me of trying to educate people about what hypnosis is and what it's not
and strangely enough
when I get to do shows like this the most common thing that converts people
and makes them a believer is when they see their friend, their boyfriend, their
girlfriend, their family member, just a best friend end up
coming on stage and acting in a way that's really contrary to how they think
of that person.
So when you see their roommate
dancing around like Justin Bieber or when they see their girlfriend think
that she's Nikki Minaj you know and really being extroverted and
acting it up in a way that normally they'd be more shy and reserved.
Hypnosis brings it out in people and it gets them to really climb into these characters that
they become during the show and I have a lot of people who come up to me at the
end of the show and they say I never believed in hypnosis until I saw this
and now I believe.
((crowd singing Journey - Just A Small Town Girl))
Paul: Watch their faces.
Paul: There we go. How about a big big round of applause.
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