Football Basics : How to Become a Football Coach

Uploaded by expertvillage on 02.12.2008

How you doing, I'm Ryan McCann, we're going to talk about how to become a football coach.
First of all, hopefully it's nice if you've played that way you know the rules and you
can put forward some of your experience onto the players that you're coaching. To be a
good coach, you got to have patience. To be a good coach you got to be able to inspire
and get players motivated to work hard and to go out on Saturdays and Fridays nights
to win. You got to have a good energy, players really respond to coaches that really come
with a lot of fire and a lot of energy. And determination to win. Players have to believe
in the coach and they got to rally around the coach and if the coach says a certain
thing, they got to buy into it and they got to believe it. Leadership does have to take
place from within the team but it starts with the coach. The head coach needs to know everything
what's going on with the team. He's going to have his coaches below him, the offensive
coordinator, defensive coordinator, but he is the one that is ultimately going to be
making the call at the end of the day. So to be a good coach you have to know everything
that is going on with the field at all times, you got to know everything. To become a football
coach at a higher level, the best way to do that is to gain experience at lower levels
and then get introduced to it as a graduate assistant or some form of assistant position
and learn from the ground up just like anything. That's the best way to start.