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What are you doing?
If you don't want to learn
then get out.
Get out!
For the sake of the students who still remain here, I won't give up.
Until the other students come back, we must study hard.
Class President, where were we?
- Class President? - He left already.
It's my fault.
Because I'm not a good teacher.
Go ahead and hit me.
I don't have the right to be your teacher.
Hurry, hit me.
Hold on!
Class President
What are you doing?
Class President
Seeing you here, it's like I find my life again.
Hit from this end, it hurts more.
Class President.
You call yourself a human being?
You're supposed to be the best teacher in Korea!
It's been 3 months and she gets a measly 17 points?
Understanding math doesn't happen in a day.
Why would I have forked over all that money just to wait?
Your daughter isn't clued in to math concepts...
Are you saying my daughter doesn't have a clue?
That's not what I mean!
Mr. Kim!
Yes, chairman.
If I'm paying tens of thousands of dollars, she should at least pretend to study!
That's it!
- Move aside. - Chairman!
Don't worry! He won't be able to do it.
Where are you?
I told you to knock.
You said you don't like looking ignorant.
Kosun, Kosun! Kodol is looking for you. Come on out.
How many has it been?
Do you know how expensive all those teachers you kick out are?
Don't you think you should at least have a high school degree?
You did just fine without one.
- Are you planning to live like me? - What's wrong with that?
I'm not saying there's something wrong with it.
No matter what anyone says, I'm very proud of you, daddy.
Then go study abroad. I found a nice place in the US.
- I heard there aren't any hot guys there. - Do you study abroad for the guys?
Then why did you quit the private school known for having all the boys?
- There were no teachers. - What?
Are you saying the students studied without teachers there?
I mean that all of them were sucking up to me.
How am I supposed to respect teachers who only care about money?
What's the big deal about respect?
In the old days, we would actually thank the teachers for hitting us.
You should be thankful that you don't get hit.
If there are any teachers brave enough to hit me, I'd probably study hard.
I don't care if the teacher's grandfather came by.
If anyone dared to lay a finger on my baby, I'd bust up both of their legs.
Don't you think that you're overprotecting?
It would look so nice seeing you do that at your age.
Right, Eun Byul.
That's why you should just listen to your dad and get married.
Not that again, do you want me to run away again?
What's the big deal?
If you went to the trouble of running away, you shouldn't have come back.
Fine. If I do it again, I won't come back. Don't regret it.
You rude little...
Anyways, starting today, you are surrounded. Understand?
You mean grounded.
Same thing.
If you don't listen to your dad, where is that spider?
I'm going to kill it. Got that?
Hey, here it is.
Daddy will buy another one for you right away.
2... 3...
I will buy you ten of them, Eun Byul.
Eun Byul. Eun Byul! Where are you going?
Starry nights make me dream.
He wanted to draw the beautiful September stars shinning on the Rhone River.
It looks just like the Han River.
Van Gogh thought that there was a lot of pain hidden behind all these clear stars.
These guys don't really look like they're in that much pain.
Your personality shines through, even when you look at paintings.
He used a lot of colors just to portray one star.
Looking at it from a distance, it looks like it's glimmering.
A light with lots of colors.
- Good work today, Mr. Jang. - It's ok.
I think the art department has found a good place for studying paintings.
Thanks to you, this country boy has lost another layer of ignorance.
Would you like some tea?
She looks like a student, doesn't she?
A student shouldn't act like that.
You're a student, right?
Cigarettes destroy your bones.
They're notorious for stunting the growth of teenagers today.
a female student shouldn't be out alone at this hour.
- Hello? Dad. Yes. - This isn't the best of neighborhoods.
Yes, I'll be right in. Yes.
Anyways, be careful.
I've taken care of everything. It's fine now.
But Mr. Jang, what should I do?
My dad is in town and says he's waiting outside my house.
I think I'd better go home now.
Then I better take you home quickly.
What? What?
I think what you said was right.
I feel it to the core.
In light of that, please escort me home.
Why me? If you're going to go, you should go.
Who would think twice about a kid like me, right?
I'll just go home alone.
I'm scared of this neighborhood, though.
That's because I'm a little busy right now.
Teacher Jang, take her home.
- No, it's okay. - I feel bad for her.
Miss Shin...
I can just catch a cab home.
Which way do you live?
My stomach
What? What? Stomach spasms? Indigestion? The bathroom?
Let's eat.
Thanks for the meal.
Here eat
You're a growing girl. Eat
Where do you live? What school do you go to?
- Are you trying to pick me up? - Wha
How could you...
Hey, I'm currently a teacher.
No wonder you have no style.
- What do you mean? - You're really a teacher?
Does everyone lie to you?
Look here, I am a teacher at MyungMoon High School.
Lend me some money.
Lend me some money. I'll pay you right back.
Did you run away?
Are you done eating?
- How much is it? - 10 dollars
Come again.
Where are you going? You're not going home?
If you don't want to lend me the money, then just say so.
Lending money is not the problem. I don't think like that.
You said you want to go home, then why do you borrow some money?
You lie about going home, then you're going else where, right?
You! Running away from home like this, don't you know that your parents are worried about you?
No one will worry about me.
My mom passed away when I was a child.
My dad, he hits me everyday.
Is that right?
It's alright if you don't want to help me.
How can I not have a place to go?
Hey, wait a minute. I'll find some right away.
This is your house?
- What's with the light? - Why did you come in here?
- What are you doing that's taking so long? - Just hang on for a second.
- Oh no, it went out. - It does that sometimes. Just stay still.
What's wrong with you? What's that noise?
- What are you doing? - Just hold still.
Just hold still a minute! Just hold still!
Hey, let go!
I told you to hold still.
What am I going to do? I'm soaking wet!
Then why did you follow me in here?
Something is on the wall.
It's just a cockroach.
Wait, there's some newspaper.
I killed it, so you clean it up.
I'm soaked. Where is your bathroom?
Over there.
Looking for this?
You're probably uncomfortable, so you can wear this.
I'm busy, so I'm going first.
It's late, so try and get some sleep here.
And be sure to lock the door.
It's my number, so call if you need me.
P. S. I hope you don't think this is because I don't have any money.
- Chairman. - Let go of me.
I've let you down, chairman.
Please be patient, chairman. Just like last time, she'll be back when night falls.
I don't want to see your face.
Get out!
This kid
What if something happen to her?
Good morning, teacher Kim.
Your students did this again?
Are you alright?
- There goes another one. - Good morning.
Teacher Kim bought this car not even 2 days. They even hit him too.
But he still shouldn't use those pills like that.
This school's Feng Sui is not good.
Three teachers have already quit this semester.
The last teacher was quite good.
That teacher was...
If it wasn't for those weapons, then he wouldn't have quit.
Able to make those type of weapons, our students are quite intelligent, don't you think?
Teacher Shin
Teacher Jang
- Did you get home safely yesterday? - What's going on?
There is a student on the roof. I think he's one of your students.
Kim Ren Soo
Before you jump,
why don't you admit that you got first place in this school just because you're lucky.
If not, then how can you be my ribal?
You pronounced it wrong. Not B, but V. Rival.
Ren Soo
What is he saying?
It's so high. If he looses his balance, would the head be going down first?
There's a different between suicide and murder. If his feet land first, then he won't die.
He just wants to copy the other teacher.
Don't you think so?
Teacher Shin
Ren Soo, I...
I know that it's been hard on you, but is this the right thing to do?
You're not the only person going through hard times.
Regardless of being happy or not, we still need to live.
You're wearing the same clothes as yesterday.
You also ate lunch by yourself today.
Did any friends call you today?
How about calling someone that you care for?
That, there is someone.
Besides 060
I knew it. Why do you want that kind of life?
If we die, we don't even leave behind any dust.
What's the point of leaving it behind?
A meaningless life is not a bad thing.
Can you feed on power and live off your courage?
I know. You probably feel helpless right now.
And you don't know how to express it.
Courage is very important. But you can't go any further,
because you don't have the courage to.
You then realize of this heavy burden.
that you're tired, who can help you? You asked for help, yet nobody cares.
Live your life to its fullest, then you can lecture what life is all about.
Let's try to finish this race with all your strength.
Throw away that low self-esteem of yours.
What you're telling me is what you saw in the movie Fly Daddy Fly, isn't it?
Teacher, don't watch too much TV.
The reason why you don't have a girlfriend is because of that 80's image of yours.
- So embarassing. - Be more cool, teacher.
Teacher, actually I...
- Who is supposed to do the cleaning today? - Chae Moo Shin.
- Where is he? - We don't know whether he's dead or alive?
I heard yesterday he challenged Ma Sang's students to a fight.
He's not a martial art fighter, what is there to challenge?
Ok, since summer arrives early this year
starting next week, you should get your summer uniforms ready.
I mean the weather is changing constantly, so...
- Be careful not to catch a cold. - Summer?
How boring!
Ok, Class President.
Class President.
Are you sleeping?
Stand up... Like the soldiers who surrendered to the Japanese.
Do you know that?
Why today's education system has gotten worst and worst?
- There he goes again. I can't stand it. - Please make it a quick one.
I think there's nothing that he doesn't know.
Ren Soo, that guy just talks too much.
He's like that because of the stress. It's alright.
- Can I have the honor to ask for the class to stand up? - No need.
There's no need for that kind of respect in my life.
- No, no. - Listen to what I have to say, then you can go.
I can't. I'm busy.
Wait, wait.
How are you, teacher? My students...
- Teacher - Let's just say... that you said yes.
Thank you!
Did you get home safely yesterday?
Yes, of course.
Did you take that student home?
I'll be going first.
Teacher Shin
By any chance...
Do you have some free time tonight?
Is there something that you need me to help with?
No, I just want to invite you to dinner.
- Go ahead and answer the phone. - I really don't have to take this call.
Hello? Yes, I'm Jang Yi San.
Police station?
So you're telling me that she did this to you?
Yes, we just wanted to talk to her.
You punks. Did you drink again?
Listen here, have you call home yet?
You told him that I'm your teacher?
Didn't you tell me to call you if there's any problem.
Why are you acting like that?
Why haven't you go home yet?
It's not the right time to yet.
Are you afraid that your dad will hit you?
I can't believe you're that innocent.
You really believe what I said?
Then, when you said your mom passed away, that was also...
Hey, how could you lie about that?
Mister, I need some money to get home. Can you lend me some?
Enough. I won't believe your lies anymore.
How stingy!
Mister. Do I look like someone who won't pay back the money that I borrow?
Who do you think I am? Calling me whenever you get into trouble.
- You make it like I'm using you. - Am I wrong?
Alright, I know.
You go your way. I won't bother you again.
I have to find some money in order to go home.
What? You want to do it?
You... are really bad.
Teacher Jang
You seems to be tired lately, did the kids give you a hard time?
No, not really.
Is that right? If that's the case, can you do me a favor?
Teacher Jang, today is my mother-in-law's birthday.
I didn't get to go last year, if I don't gothis year... then my wife will...
Didn't you say it was your mother-in-law's funeral last time?
What's wrong with you? Is my mother-in-law Jesus?
Live and die again. It's not like I don't want to work.
- Yes, I know. - Teacher, please help me one more time.
I'll treat you to a great place next time.
- I don't want to. - Teacher, thank you.
Teacher Jang, thank you!
- Teacher Jang, you're not going home yet? - No, I have something to take care of...
Didn't we make plan for dinner already? If you can't go, then just us wil be going.
You've worked hard.
Let's go.
All of those men out there and none of them can find her?
Please calm down, chairman. Your blood pressure.
She's back.
- Miss Yoo! - You!
Why don't you just live somewhere else? Why crawl back here?
I have something to tell you.
What's with you now?
Is there something you want now?
I'd like to begin studying again.
I've found a school I want to go to.
Teacher Jang.
Teacher Shin, I thought you've already left.
I know that you're still here
You seem to have a hard time expressing your feelings.
Where are the other teachers?
They went to the karaoke club
Why didn't you go with them?
Because... I can't sing
I'll probably ruin the atmosphere, so...
You haven't eaten dinner yet, right?
I should go.
See you tomorrow.
Ahjumoni, did you take my stuff because I didn't pay the rent?
All of my stuff is gone.
No, it's not robbery. Why would they even steal my underwear too?
I'm not drunk.
Excuse me.
Are you teacher Jang Yi San?
- Yes, who are you? - Please come with me.
Follow me inside. This way, please.
Jang Yi San, MyungMoon High School's teacher.
You graduated from an educational college last year and started working.
Within a year, you became a senior homeroom teacher.
Yes, but why did you bring me here?
I know that yesterday, my daughter put you out.
Excuse me? Who?
Is this student your daughter?
You must worry a lot.
I brought you here because I want to discuss a few things concerning her.
Transfer to my class?
Come in.
Excuse me, but did your daughter get expelled from another school?
I'm putting her in a place closer to your school.
But the way I see it, allowing your daughter to be alone is like letting a rabid dog...
I mean a puppy off its leash.
Do you think this was an easy decision for me?
It's not like my daughter and I have seen eye to eye on everything.
but she said herself that she wants to study.
So I decided to respect her wishes on this matter.
- Yes. - Yes, yes. Parents and teachers think alike.
So I want you to take care of her like you would your own daughter.
- Yes. - So I've already moved your belongings there.
So, you're the one who moved my things?
Well, if you call a few bags your things.
So you're saying that you want me to live in the same place as her?
Didn't I tell you? Treat her like your own daughter.
So we'll live...
Live... together?
A live-in tutor.
I'm not asking for perfect scores. Just get her a high school diploma.
- Help her be at least average. - Wait a minute.
I'll pretend I haven't heard anything you've said.
I think, yes...
I'll be going.
I'll give you a million dollars.
How is a million dollars in return for getting her to graduate high school?
Look, I know you mean well,
but education and money just do not go hand in hand like that.
Good evening.
That's a pity. I didn't know you would respond like this.
Those guys fiddled with it again. I really could've gotten you.
I'm a person who likes to keep things quiet.
Not even your parents can know about this.
In the event that my baby girl runs away,
or if one finger gets hurt, you're history.
Let's pretend that, one morning.
my daughter says she doesn't like the sound of you breathing
The moment she calls me about this,
that's when you, me, and a shovel
will take a trip to a mountain
Let's go.
If you're thinking about calling the police, then don't bother.
We know the law quite well.
Yes. Justice is far away, yet violence is right next door.
I believe that you'll be able to help.
The chairman has his own way of doing things, but if anything happens to miss Yoo...
I won't let you off so easily.
Are you alright?
As you can see.
Mister, you can get up now.
Only care about your own well being.
What did you put in the microwave?
Instant noodles
Next time, open the cover before you heat it.
Sometimes I forget to.
- I'll go after I clean this up. - No, no need to.
From now now, we'll do our own cleaning.
I understand. From now on, I might not be able to visit you too often.
It's okay.
- You know my number, right? Anytime... - Manager Kim.
As you can see, there's surveillance cameras in this house.
You know what I mean, right?
Did you say something to your dad that caused him to misunderstand?
I guess
I just want to tell you that your lies and...
this... I'm truly sorry.
It's my mistake. I admit that I'm wrong.
So, can I go home?
Alright. If it'll make you feel better, go ahead and hit me.
This is a good solution. Go ahead.
If that's what you want, then hit me.
Even though you are my 19th teacher,
but I hope you'll be the first.
I mean...
Let's clean up the mess here first.
Mister, you missed over there.
Don't call me mister.
I know that strength is important in this world,
but you can't just toy with people like this.
Don't misunderstand, because it's not that I don't want to teach you.
But can't you just clear this up with your dad?
How can you fall asleep so fast?
You thought you'd be safe after making my daughter sick?
I don't know if this is courage or ignorance.
Going somewhere?
Where would I be going?
What's that?
I wanted to recycle this.
Why are you cleaning up so late?
What? You think I was going to run away?
Well, if you weren't, then that's great. I guess I called for nothing.
You, did you call your dad to come here?
Look here
Where would I be going?
All that rustling around. I thought there was a rat or something.
It's a good thing there isn't.
Just say this is the school and this is where we are,
and we stay together all the way to school, people might misunderstand.
So we'll separate. You take the left road, and I'll go right.
My route looks longer.
Do I look like the kind of person who would trick a student like that?
It's the first rule of business. Never accept the first offer.
Then what?
I'll go right.
You don't know. This is, this route is safer for you.
Rock, paper, scissors.
- Man, you're cheap. - Scared you're going to lose?
Don't regret it.
I'll going to go with scissors.
Don't tell me.
I like scissors.
- Hey, stop that. - Rock, paper, scissors!
See you at school, Mr. Jang.
I have something to tell you.
So, if you accept this transfer student,
the peace of MyungMoon High School will be put at risk.
If our students are quiet hand grenades with the pins still intact,
Yoo Eun Byul is like a scud missile.
I didn't want to do this,
but I'll let you in on a secret.
Her father is actually what we commonly refer to as gangster.
Hello, Mr. Jang.
She hit Chae Moo Shin.