Google Map Maker Tutorial - GPS Overlays

Uploaded by GoogleMapMaker on 02.03.2012

Hey Map Makers? Do you use apps like My Tracks? Would you like to be able to map your local
trails for other hikers to use?
Today we’re learning about how to use GPS Overlays in Map Maker.
A great app to record your path while hiking local trails is My Tracks. You can use My
Tracks to track your path while you’re on the move. When we’re done, we’ll be able
to use these paths to trace your favorite trails in Map Maker.
To start tracking your path in My Tracks, press “record track”. You will see your
arrow moving across the map, followed by a red line, this line is the path you’ve taken.
When you’ve reached the end of your hike for the day, you can press “stop recording”.
At that point you can enter some details about your path. Now you’re ready to export your
You can use the “Send to Google” button to upload the file to MyMaps. Make sure to
“share this link” to your email, so that you can open your newly uploaded path data!
Access the link via your email. Once you’ve opened the link to MyMaps, right click the
KML button in the maps left hand panel. Click “Copy link address”. Now you can move
back into mapmaker.
Let’s turn on overlays in mapmaker, so you can see the path you've taken.
The first thing you’ll want to do to is enable overlays in the labs menu.
A new button will appear on your mapview.
Paste the link you’ve copied from the maps page, and it will appear on the map. Now you
can trace your path.
Make sure to set these lines as “trails”, and also include any additional information
you have about the trail, such as name, and whether or not it is bicycle accessible.
Get out there and start making trails!
Thanks for using Google map maker!