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SHEENA DIMATTEO: Kathleen Marshall nabs a Tony, Jessie
and the Toy Boys push it, and So You Think You
Can Dance goes live.
This is Just Dance for June 16, 2011.
SHEENA DIMATTEO: OK guys, so So You Think You Can Dance has
finally given us a look at the Top 20 dancers.
I was really impressed with the dancers
they chose this year.
Usually, there's one or two that you're like, I should
have been on So You Think You Can Dance.
But not this year.
This year they picked an extremely, extremely solid,
talented group of performers.
Totally eclectic too.
You've got hip hoppers, tap dancers, jazz, Broadway,
contemporary, you name it-- ballroom.
They've got every dancer, and they are rock solid.
Last night, our Top 20 got to perform live on Fox, which you
can imagine a live performance, that has to be so
But all 10 couples did amazing.
I just feel it's such a shame for that one person to go home
first after we just got to meet them and they worked so
hard to make it to the Top 20.
But hey, making it to the Top 20 ain't so bad either.
So like I was telling you guys last week, Just Dance will be
there at every live taping of So You Think You Can Dance
doing interviews with the dancers and performers
backstage in between performances.
Anything you want to know, questions for us to ask the
dancers, comment below.
We will take those questions and ask
all the dancers backstage.
Oh, what's over here?
Click here for our coverage from week one.
New artist alert--
Jessie and the Toy Boys.
They are exploding on the scene with their new EP Show
Me Your Tan Lines.
Ooh, I don't have any.
I must have done well in the tanning bed.
Anyway, you guys have to check out her video for "Push It."
The video is sick, and it makes me want to
go and do my laundry.
And that's not an easy thing to get me to want to do.

SHEENA DIMATTEO: I got the chance to chat with Jessie's
choreographer himself, Yusuf Nasir on the choreography seen
in this laundromat dancing video.
YUSUF NASIR: My name is Yusuf Nasir, and I was the head
choreographer for Jessie and the Toy Boys for the music
video and the 2011 promo tour.
If you're going to be a dancer and you're going to claim the
name, learn as much as you can.
And I was originally just a hip hop dancer.
So I didn't really start paying attention to
technique until 12.
Once I buckled down and went to go get
more technical training--
the best of both worlds.
I could have the amazing movement quality and then
throw it in with sickening technique.
Jessie is actually a really creative person when it comes
to concept.
And I said, well, what about one of the scenes can be a
She said, you know what?
I wanted to do it in a laundromat.
As far as the movement, Jessie, again, she really
gives me a structure to work in as far as what's
comfortable for her, what was good on the dancers, what's
going to complement her.
Our whole thing was really bringing back '80s jazz--
not necessarily three pirouettes down to a straddle,
but that caliber of just clean, hard execution from
beginning to end.

SHEENA DIMATTEO: So summer is here in full blast.
It is concert season.
So many artists going on tour, including the legendary
Britney Spears kicking off her Femme Fatale tour tonight in
Sacramento, California.
Britney has teamed up with Jaime King, her director, and
a team of so many choreographers there's too
many to name.
Plus, an added bonus, Jessie and the Toy Boys is going to
be opening for her.
THEORIGINALTYLER: I wish that I could go to the Britney
Spears concert.
I just think it would be something really awesome to
see because she is a living legend.
I mean, the head shaving, all of the hits that she's had, I
just think it would be really interesting to see, especially
since, in my opinion, I think her latest CD is her best one
of her career.
I just think that she's had so many different stages in her
music career.
And I think it would just be fun to see her perform songs
from way back whenever we first heard Brittany music.
And then hear some of the newer stuff and just see her
perform them, I think it would be really awesome.
SHEENA DIMATTEO: The 65th Annual Tony Awards, hosted by
Neil Patrick Harris, kicked off with a stunning and fun
opening number directed and choreographed by none other
than Rob Ashford, which featured dancing nuns, dancing
sailors, dancing Mormons, dancing flight attendants,
and, not to forget, dancing businessmen.
I just want to say congratulations to Kathleen
Marshall who nabbed the Tony Award for best choreography.
She has won all three choreography awards this
entire season.
In my mind, she won the triple crown.
And let's not forget about Sutton Foster who took home
best actress.
And also the entire show of Anything Goes for
winning best revival.
And Roundabout theater actually just announced that
Anything Goes is extending.
So, congratulations sailors.
All right, guys, that's it, your weekly dose of dance.
I really want to know who is your favorite for So You Think
You Can Dance, the top 20.
I've got to say my personal favorite so far is Robert
Taylor Jr, the woo hoo man.
As always, you can favorite me down here, subscribe to
DanceOn up there, and I'll see you next Thursday.
I'm Sheena Dimatteo.
See you next week.
MALE SPEAKER: We've got to stop meeting like this.