Fieldsports Britain - George Digweed, airgunning pigeons and rabbits, and the Schools Challenge

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Welcome to Fieldsports Britain. Coming up, 19 times world champion, George Digweed, talks
shooting while fishing in the rain.
Team Wild is air gunning pigeons, rabbits, crows, well anything within range really.
They are giving guns to kids in Gloucestershire. The Schools Challenge is in full flow, embracing
all that is good in our sport.
We are here in Namibia, but that is for a later date.
First it is Test Splat Special.
This week we leave the air rifle and 243 behind and play with a shot gun loaded with some
clay shooting 7 1/2 ‘s. First up is a small leather football that has lost its puff. We
are standing about 20 metres away from the target and the shot sends the ball flying.
Little do we realise that peppering the ball with shot has added benefits. It now has a
new life as a novelty musical instrument. No real splat action from the football, so
let us try an onion. The onion takes the full force of the cartridge and disintegrates.
So how far has this vegetable flown. Is it:
a) 6m
b) 7m
c) 8m
Well done those who chose 6m. Nothing proved nothing gained. Next week we really will be
giving you Norma ammunition.
We do like a bang and Team Wild, they do like an air rifle. Ian and Steve are out with their
pellet pushers after just about anything.
[Roar of stag]
Sometimes the best sport is on your door step. Steve and I live just a few minute's drive
from each other. And behind his butchers shop is some ground which often produces plenty
of opportunities.
Well these really old line of oak trees and the jackdaws are starting to nest inside them
and around them and everything else. So there is a lot of activity, flitting from one tree
to the next, here there and everywhere. So it is just a case of finding a nice little
spot and sitting down and just being patient. We should be able to knock a few off.
We can still hear a few up in the trees here. I can hear a couple of crows as well. And
there are some wood pigeons. Pretty much a mixed bag today.
Hopefully, fingers crossed.
We are both using air rifles today. Steve has a sub-12ft/lbs Daystate Huntsman and I
have a 30ft/lbs Daystate Mark 4AS which means I can be confident in having a stab at a squirrel
which crosses our path.
So Steve has just seen a squirrel in that tree over there. It is roughly 25, 26 yards.
I am shooting a Daystate Mark 4AS and it is a 30ft/lbs version. So it is a pretty straight
shot from muzzle right out to about 35 to 40 yards before it starts to drop off. So
ranges when you are shooting an FAC air rifle are not as critical as a sub-12ft/lbs such
as the one Steve is shooting here. I am at a bit of an advantage.
With the squirrel keeping a low profile we turn our attention to the bigger part of the
woodland. Wood pigeon and crows are possible targets. We settle down and wait for the birds
to return to nest or just stop for a breather. Even with their fantastic eye sight, I am
hoping we will be invisible tucked in next to the tree. We spend a good hour preparing
to hijack any unsuspecting crows, but my best opportunity appears as we head back to the
car. The wood pigeon is a fair old distance away. I kneel for the shot. Watch and learn.
60 odd yards, but that is the difference between shooting a 30ft/lb gun and a 12ft/lb gun.
You have just got that little bit extra range. He did not know what hit him.
With something to show for our patience we head off to some new ground where we hope
to go rabbiting with a night site later on. The Klondyke is a place dedicated to keeping
all things steam powered alive. The trouble is the rabbits are undermining the foundations
under some of these heavy bits of machinery.
There are plenty of rabbits around here. As you can see they have put down a lot of stone
here to support the heavy weight of these engines. The rabbits are burrowing underneath
the edges. Which means where they store them they are starting to break away. So we are
going to come round now and see if there any out and see where most damage and most sign
is. Then we will come back a little later tonight when they come out at dusk and see
if we can pick a few off for them. We have been instructed to leave them here so that
they can have them for the pot as well.
Nothing so bold enough to show itself in daylight. So we are going to have to wait until we lose
the light. We promise the engineers we will leave them what we shoot. In the mean time
we keep things close to home and have a look around Steve's back garden.
Another one bites the dust.
We manage to bag another couple of birds and give some a scare. Darkness brings with it
a whole range of possibilities, especially with a night site. We can now return to the
Klondyke and see what is about.
So we had a pretty good show at our last knockings and shot 4 birds as they came in to roost.
1, 2, 3 that I shot and 1 that is still flapping around that Steve shot. So now we have come
back to the Klondyke where we showed you a bit earlier on and we are going to nip round
and see if we can knock some of those rabbits over which have been undermining the parking
A scan round the main site shows that nothing is between the cherished machinery. What we
need to see is what is next to the bank. Thankfully there are eyes everywhere. There is even a
meandering hedgehog. I line up the cross hairs and the Daystate knocks down a rabbit or two,
which we hope will keep the guys here happy.
Good sized rabbit. Right then, I have done my job, your turn to do yours.
I shot it you can dress it out. We promised we would leave one for the pot.
Same old story.
But he is the professional and it means there will be a good chance we will be invited back.
For more information about the Daystate Huntsman and Daystate Mark 4AS air rifles visit
[Roar of stag]
Now another rabbit in the proverbial head lamp. It is David on the Fieldsports Channel
News, well not Stump, but hammocky type of thing.
This is Fieldsports Britain News.
We are just months away from the London Olympics 2012 and Team GB's and Fieldsports Channel
regular, Abbey Burton has just won gold in the World Cup, in the Women's Trap in Linate.
Great Britains Burton and Spains Fatima Galvez fought for the top place, from the first to
the last shot in a neck and neck race.
I remember in 2007 or 2006 I think it was, we had a shoot off for the gold medal at the
world championships. Even though she is my friend I was still definitely determined to
try and not lose to her again.
The Countryside Alliance has been defending shooting from an attack by the Wildfowl and
Wetlands Trust. The conservation charity is launching a campaign calling for a nationwide
ban on lead shot. Including a ban on the shot used in game shooting. Tim Bonner from the
Countryside Alliance says this is a blatant attack on shooting and that it would create
a health scare which could affect hundreds of rural jobs.
And finally we have a couple of fox stories for you. The first is from Australia and Martin
Smith who apologises for not measuring the big one on the right, but he did not realise
that no fox shooter worth his salt leaves home nowadays without his scales, camera and
tape measure.
And here is another white one. Deer manager, Craig Martin, is pictured with this impressive
looking animal. Craig said it does not have red eyes. So it must have been leucistic.
You are now up to date with Fieldsports Britain News. Stalking the stories. Fishing for facts.
Thank you David. Standards are slipping. Now it is back to a rain soaked Blighty and Georgie
Almighty. We talk to 19 times World Champion, George Digweed, about designing clay shoots.
The accident that nearly stopped his career before it started. And of course a bit of
George Digweed is a champion and a countryman. We have done as many films about him pigeon
shooting, foxing, or crow shooting as we have about him winning clay competitions. Today
he is taking us trout fishing. The weather is appalling, but with his busy schedule,
we catch up with the biggest name in shooting when we can.
I have not fished probably since the middle of last year. And then when I fished in the
middle of last year it was on a river system. So it is a very different scenario the one
I am trying today. We will give it a go. One thing is for sure, I am not one of these purist
fishermen who has to fish in a certain way. I attempt to catch rather than be the most
pure fisherman there has ever been on the planet. You do not get to this size without
a few nibbles I can tell you.
As George is fishing in pretty horrible conditions, we ask him about the worst conditions he has
ever had to compete in.
I think probably the worst conditions I have ever had to shoot in were the World Championships
last year, in France. We shot the second, no, the third afternoon and we were the last
people to go out and it started raining. It just went from bad to worse and worse than
that. You could not comprehend the conditions we shot in. The water was literally, we had
full waterproof clothing on, and the water was just running out of the bottom of your
trousers. It was just horrendous. Anybody who was in it will tell you. And there were
a lot of people in it at that time, because there were 8 rotations going on. It was just
the worst 3 hours you can ever imagine.
So for any clay competitors out there, make sure that if you are competing against George
make sure the weather is cold and damp. And what was nearly a real damper on George's
career was the injury he sustained from his family's butchery business.
I have a bit of a problem when I am fishing. Years ago, you can see look, in the butchers
shop I cut all the tendons off to my wrist. You can see the scar there, where they joined
it. On a cold day like today, I tend to lose the feeling in that hand. It makes it difficult
to control the fly line. At least that is my excuse and I am sticking to it.
Does it affect your shooting then?
On a cold day I can certainly feel it. But I just use my right arm a bit more. I should
not have said that.
The wind is playing havoc with his tackle. So why has he gone for this particular fly.
In these conditions it is quite dark. It is a horrible day, we should not really be out.
We should be sitting in doors having a glass of red wine. Having a glass of red wine watching
the cricket on TV. It is quite a light fly for dark conditions so I think they will see
it. We have had a lot of rain here over the last 2 or 3 days here, hence the water is
quite cloudy and dirty. I just think that something they might be able to see a little
bit clearer might possibly work. But who knows and I do not do enough fishing to understand
it by any means.
Before we head back for a glass of red, we ask him about the new direction his career
is taking him. Like so many professional golfers, George is going to start designing competition
clay layouts.
It is a new challenge this year, which I am quite looking forward to actually. I am going
to try and design it with a not only British, but European feel to it. We tend to shoot
longer, faster targets in the UK and we tend to shoot more edge on targets in Europe. I
am also going to perhaps add a little bit of flare to it, which will be quite nice.
A couple of designs which have not been done much before and better presentation. Hopefully
we should have a good shoot. It is open to all as long as you remember the CPSA. It would
be nice to fill out the event and get everybody down there and create a nice atmosphere.
That is quite enough trout fishing for one day. There were 2 very strong nibbles. Proof
at last, the George cannot win them all. The next time we catch up with George, let us
hope the weather will be kinder. So we leave the final word to the man to endorse today's
Anybody who says that trout fishing is idyllic needs their brains tested.
Oh well.
Well George started shooting in childhood. Here are a few more children starting shooting.
It is the Schools Challenge.
It is All things Bright and Beautiful at Bredon School on the Sunday morning of the Bredon
Fete shooting festival and second Schools Challenge event of 2012. However, vicars all
over the country were telling their parishioners that morning, that due to the widespread flooding,
we will omit the verse about soft, refreshing rain. Happily nothing stops the Schools Challenge.
Because of flooding on the course the organisers, the Oxford Gun Company have moved the traps
in front of the imposing school mansion.
We have actually, as you can see from last year, we are in front of the main house, which
actually makes a much better back drop, because we have had, unfortunately as you will have
seen all over the news river Severn floods in Tewkesbury. The school's shooting ground
were about 10ft under water. You can't really do under water shooting.
David's dad Doug feels they have really pulled a rabbit out of the hut, or is that a rabbit
out of the trap.
Bredon School have always supported the Schools Challenge. They did not want to cancel to
upset the children so they have allowed us to move from off of the front plane up to
here and put it all around the house. As you can see it is a fabulous venue. All we can
do is thank Bredon School for being so accommodating.
Once the kids turn up, the competition proper gets underway. Taylor Hedgecock from Soham
in Cambridgeshire is a frequent past winner.
It has been good. It has been enjoyable shooting, I really like it here.
How was your sporting shoot.
It was good I dropped 2. That was alright.
We just saw you on the rabbit mania there. How was that?
I dropped 2 on there so that is alright.
Taylor has high hopes for the competition and is undoubtedly a shooting star of tomorrow.
There is home grown talent here. Megan Bates and brother Oscar Bates are shooting for Bredon
I am shooting well. I am shooting high 30's at the moment. I shot 42 the other day at
Oxford. So I am getting better slowly.
It has just been a lovely atmosphere. The weather has been lovely and it has been really
nice. Not windy like a typical Bredon school. It has been nice.
The Schools Challenge is not just a clay competition. It is a festival of shooting and there are
try out stands for all kinds of shooting sports.
Air gunning is a fair ground attraction. The Bredon fete also has black powder shooting.
Where visitors fire round balls from muskets. To do this they use traditional gunpowder
of the kind that saw action in the English Civil War. A lot of the bang has gone out
of modern shooting. Sponsors make this event happen.
Out of the shooting I think it has been probably the highest so far. We have got some seriously
high scores coming up. The weather is good, everyone is enjoying themselves. It is good.
We have also got a lot of new schools and individuals, which is good. We have got a
couple of new state schools which have come into it. We have got a couple of new sponsors.
We have got BSA. We have got CPSA. They have come on board this year. So all good at the
At last it is the prize giving and senior boys individual prize does indeed go to Taylor
Hedgecock of Soham village college. Warwickshire college does well. It wins senior boys team
and the girls individual. Hayley Wood is from Warwickshire college. And does Taylor Hedgecock
win the rabbit mania. No he does not. It is Will Allen.
From the Schools Challenge, the future of our sport, to hunting Youtube. Our weekly
round up of the here and now.
It is hunting Youtube. Showing the best hunting, shooting, and fishing videos that Youtube
has to offer this week.
Tribute film to Fieldsports Channel, we are so touched. Country Pursuits TV was upset
when I got a kicking on the Channel 4 programme, Urban Foxes Live. He has produced this.
For everything that is going on last week on that silly programme Urban Foxes Live on
Channel 4. This one is for you Charlie Jacoby.
Another called Stuart suggested this new film from Yorkshire Roe Stalking, called Another
Brace of Bucks. Stuart calls it nice footage of foxes and roebucks and he is right.
James Marchington filmed this young lady and her pals ratting more than a year ago. But
has only just found the time to put the film together. It is worth the wait. This little
girl is a Youtube star in the making.
The Prince of Wales makes a speech about sustainable fishing on the Royal Channel. Buckingham Palace's
very own Youtube Channel. A subject very close to Charles' heart. The royals have always
liked subjects. It is wonderful to have royal backing for an angling issue. But what awful
filming. It looks like it was shot on her majesty's iphone.
For example, I have particularly encouraged the preservation of cod stocks in the north
sea, which are showing signs of recovery, for what was, only a decade ago, a much depleted
Well this does not happen every day. While filming a segment for its fishing show Tales
from the Outdoor Show for USA TV, B Polacough caught this amazing footage of a 40lb Barracuda
jumping into the boat.
That is not the only foreign film to catch our eye this week. BP Hunting Vids is warthog
hunting with a 50 calibre muzzle loader and shoots one at 60 yards. Lots of useful technical
details. What will they think of next.
Ed Gun USA, also known as Ted's Holdover is probably the most watched air gun channel
on Youtube. In this film he gets to go shooting in concrete silos which are no longer used
by an American farmer. So he is a ok with Ted adding holes to the roof.
And going further afield, thanks to viewer Kiwi Shoot from South Island New Zealand for
sending in this one. It is a wild rabbit cull on a 15,000 acre farm. Farmer gives Kiwi Shoot
permission to go anywhere he likes as long as he closes the gates. Here he is using a
223 round, because as he says, a body shot will also kill it instantly due to the shock.
How right he is.
You can click on any of these films to watch them. If you have a Youtube film you would
like us to pop in to the weekly top 8, then send it in via Youtube, or email me the link
Well, we are back next week when we will be here in Namibia, with Zeiss the fabulous sports
optic company's Blaser, the brilliant rifle maker and Norma the most superb ammunition.
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