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Uploaded by PotteryBarn on 20.09.2010

Pottery Barn Party Planner Mojito Party
Hi my name is Nico de Swert, I'm a floral designer and style expert for Pottery barn. One of my
favorite drinks of all time is the Mojito because of its color, its fragrance, and they're easy to make.
The centerpiece for my Mojito party is built on this three tiered stand from Pottery barn. It's galvanize and it's
beautiful and all of the ingredients that you need for your Mojito are going to be assembled on a tray.
In this case we have the mint,
we have beautiful casa recycled glasses from Pottery Barn,
fresh green limes, a good rum, for extra texture I thought of these fresh green dates.
And for some extra flare, votive holders from Pottery Barn. So how we're going to assemble this,
we're going to use the casa recycled glasses from Pottery Barn, cutting the bunch, putting it in water, and just adding it to your tray,
and I'm going to do one more.
Just cutting it, and putting it into the little vessel, and one more on this side.
Then we're going to add some of the limes.
A few here, and a few here... Adding a few of the green dates
and also they're in little bunches so they're easy to that.
One on the middle one...
Then we're going to add some votives in between
like that...
So we're going to add a few more limes to finish it off...
and there you go, simple festive, and fun.
Mojito party Pottery Barn Galvanized 3-tiered stand
Pottery barn casa recycled glasses
Bacardi Rum
Pottery Barn Votive Holders
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