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Highlights of the news today Friday 10th November. Labour's Dave McLuckie is not so Lucky!
Tesco's fined for employing illegal workers. Report from Nick Griffin MEP – Strasbourg
victory and more! US drone shot at by Iranian air force jets.
The 'Argentine Witch' gets it from her own people
Thought for the Day – Extremism, is it another form of Nationalism?
And finally – Too fat to execute for murder? Only in the United States!
UK NEWS is reporting Former Cleveland Police Authority Chairman and Labour councillor
Dave McLuckie has been arrested for a second time as result ‘Operation Sacristy’ investigations.
It reports that “A spokeswoman for Operation Sacristy - the corruption probe into Cleveland
Police Authority - said: “A 51-year-old man has been arrested by members of the Operation
Sacristy team. “The man was arrested on October 16 on suspicion
of perverting the course of justice, obtaining a pecuniary advantage by deception and a fraud
offence. “He was interviewed and released on police bail until 16 November 2012.”
Pecuniary for those interested means financial, so it would appear Mr McLuckie had his hand
in somebody else’s pocket. 'Operation Sacristy' is a criminal probe into
corruption within the the Cleveland Police Authority that has seen former Chief Constable
Sean Price dismissed for gross misconduct. One W@8 spokesperson commented ''This is what
happens when you add corrupt political party to the Police force.
“McLuckie was actually on bail at the time of his second arrest.
“Operation Sacristry has now the cost the taxpayer over 1.6 Million pounds.
“Now we are about to have the soon to be elected Police Commissioners take charge.
“Don’t expect it to get better, it will only get worse.”
Superstore chain Tesco has been fined £115,000 for employing illegal foreign workers.
More than 30 illegal student workers of 12 different nationalities were arrested by the
Border Agency. They were breaking the rules of their visas
by working more hours than allowed. One shopper said ''My son has been out of
work for 2 years and has applied for work in various supermarkets and been pushed aside
because he is expensive, or should I say BRITISH !''
One spokesperson commented ''I am outraged by Tesco actions.
“Allowing illegal workers to take the jobs British students should have to help pay for
their education and living. “I will not shop at Tesco anymore or fill
my car with petrol there either. ''British people who are fed up with foreign
workers allowed by our corrupt government are now ''shopping a illegal workers” and
I urge everyone to do the same.
’Now I hand you over to Nick Griffin MEP and his report from the Belly of the Beast.
Well my friends, the nationalist news story this week - perhaps of this entire year - is
the stunning victory of Arthur Redfearn over the Government in the Court of Human Rights
in Strasbourg.
Of course, in an ideal world, Arthur would have taken his case to the highest court in
our land - the once mighty House of Lords - and have secured justice there. Mind you,
in that ideal world, Arthur wouldn't have lost his bus driving job on account of his
membership of the BNP. In an ideal world, the ones in court would
have been the gang of far-left thugs whose threats of violence gave the greedy global
corporation Serco the excuse to sack a man. They should have been in court, and then in
prison. 2
But, as we all know, we live not in an ideal world but in a degraded, depressing, liberal
totalitarian state. How else can we describe a place in which leading MPs from all the
Establishment parties sponsor and succour gangs of thugs who attack and intimidate not
only the real opposition but also those who dare to employ, or be driven by, members of
that party.
Before he was elected as a British National Party councillor, Arthur Redfearn, a gentle,
quiet middle aged man with an artificial leg, had been nominated as the best co-worker by
other people working with him helping the disabled in his home city of Bradford. Among
those who recognised his exceptional qualities was his Asian supervisor.
3 As a result of the inter-breeding dangers
of marrying first cousins, a hugely disproportionate number of disabled children in Bradford are
of Pakistani descent, and Arthur helped to give those children care and the best possible
standard of life, treating them exactly as well as he treated everyone else.
Yet he was thrown out of his job within a fortnight of being elected to represent local
people, for the 'crime' of belonging to the BNP and standing up for what he believed in.
Truly, the decision was a slap in the face for thousands of our voters as much as it
was for Arthur Refearn. 4
Arthur spent tens of thousands of pounds of his own money taking his case through the
courts. First he won, then lost on appeal and was finally refused leave to take the
case to the House of Lords. That was what forced him and his lawyers to take his case
to the Human Rights Court.
That was all years ago - after all, he was unfairly sacked way back in 2004. Having used
his last funds to submit his final appeal, Arthur settled down to try to get his life
back in order. Amazingly, the first he knew of his stunning victory was when I managed
to get hold of an old friend of his to pass on my congratulations.
Both Arthur and his delighted lawyers received their copy of the Judgement because I sent
it to them. I don't know about you, but I don't really think that's right either.
5 Still, it's good to be the bearer of glad
tidings. So here are some more: Unless the current government has the nerve to launch
a final appeal, the way is now clear for Arthur, and several dozen other people who have been
victimised in the same way over the years - to claim substantial compensation for having
been so badly treated.
Truly, it's a great decision. And not just for our members. Arthur Redfearn's victory
is not just for us, it is for every single person in Britain who has ever been persecuted
for their beliefs. Even more important, it is a massive step towards securing the right
of every single person in Britain to hold and express unorthodox, anti-Establishment
beliefs in the future. No nationalist has ever won a more important victory for democracy
and freedom. Arthur Redfearn's victory really is as important as that.
5 So spread the word. If you're an old hand,
dig through your old address books and have a good think about anyone who might have been
sacked or otherwise discriminated against on account of being with us. Then contact
them, pass them this information and tell them to contact either us or a decent lawyer.
Arthur Redfearn has given us a new weapon in our long war for justice and freedom. Pick
it up and use it!
You won't be alone. Arthur himself will now have to go back to court in order to turn
his moral and legal victory into a financial one. The party was able to help with some
legal advice and assistance in the early days of Arthur's fight, but there came a point
when we could do no more and the whole burden fell on his shoulders. When the time comes
to finish the fight - and it should come much sooner than Cameron and the rest of the Westminster
crew want - I am determined that, if he needs it, we will be helping Arthur once again,
though I'll need your help to do so. 7
The verdict did receive quite a lot of coverage in the media. It won't surprise you to learn
that the BBC produced the most outrageously biased coverage, marking a huge victory for
the British National Party by having not one of our spokesmen, but Weyman Bennett, the
head orc of Unite Against Freedom, gnashing his pointed teeth and spewing his poisonous
lies on the Jeremy Vine Show.
Still, a number of media outlets did mention my twitter coverage of the news, leading to
another healthy increase in my growing number of twitter followers. Most British MEPs have
about 1,500 followers. Only three of us stand up head, shoulders torsos and legs above the
69 others. At the top with about 40,000 is the BBC-backed safety valve Nigel Farage.
Next with some 22,000 is the Tory Eurosceptic Daniel Hannan, who has the distinct advantage
of being allowed to write regular (and often rather good) columns in various national newspapers,
including the Telegraph and the Mail. 8
So I'm very pleased now to be breathing down Mr. Hannan's Tory blue neck with nearly 20,000
Twitter followers. But I do want to overtake him soon. So if you're not already a follower,
please click on the link on the right of our homepage and sign up - then retweet some of
my comments and help me attract even more followers.
It's not a matter of vanity. The power of such social networking to form opinions and
build grass-roots is immense. We're up there with the best (in Farage's case, the worst)
of em, but with a bit more united effort we can do even better.
Which we need to be, because our time is coming! The entire Establishment, to which we are
the only real alternative, is in desperate trouble.
9 The social networks are alive now with the
names of the high placed suspects in the network of paedophile rings in the Commons, Lords,
judiciary and media which are beginning to emerge now the Savile scandal has opened the
Establishment Pandora's Box
Some of those accused may of course be innocent of the crime of sexual abuse of children,
although none is innocent of treason. But I have no doubt that many of the allegations
are true. I refer you to the important article "Paedophile rings scandal tightens around
Establishment's neck", published on our website on the 8th November, and ask that you cut
and paste it and send it on to as many people as possible.
It is still possible that the Powers That Be may manage to slam the lid shut again,
but if they cannot, the Savile scandal that has already mutated first into a BBC scandal
and then into a Tory grandee scandal, could become even more virulent.
10 It could now easily infect not the Conservative
Lord in the frame for the North Wales children homes abuse, but some of the most powerful
men in the Tory party.
Camoron's breakfast TV gaffe, when confronted with the list of alleged Tory child sex beasts,
could easily turn into the defining disaster of his disastrous, out-of-touch premiership.
It clearly showed that he is more worried about the phantom red herring of 'homophobia'
than about protecting children and securing long-delayed justice for the victims of horrific
child abuse,.
Incidentally, given that virtually all the top Tories on the infamous but widely available
Internet list are married, Camoron's comment about it being a witchunt of people who just
happen to be gay was particularly revealing. 11
Now, it's really no concern of anyone else's if a few married Tory cabinet ministers - or
anyone else for that matter - happen to go off and bat for the other side once in a while.
If it's a sin, it's a matter between them and their Maker; if not, it's just a matter
between them and their wives. What does matter is the inconvenient but scientifically
proven fact that, while only between 1 and less than 3 per cent of the male population
is homosexual, 25% of paedophiles are homosexual.
Please note that I am not saying that all, or even, 25% of homosexuals are child molestors.
They are not. And I know of a few loyal party members who are discretely gay, and they are
as disgusted by the child abusers, by the wicked cover-up, and by paedophile apologists
such as the revolting Peter Tatchell and Harriet Harman as the rest of us are.
12 What grown adults do with other consenting
adults in private is entirely up to them, and any State claiming the right to pry into,
let alone legislate on, such activities, would be dangerously overmighty and a threat to
the freedom of every citizen in the land. But the deliberate covering up of the proven
scientific facts is part of the broader cover-up of Establishment corruption, both sexual and
financial - and the two are interwined. Which is why those Tories should be investigated
by the police and a full public inquiry. And, finally, after decades of deceit and cover-up
and ruined lives of the victims, there is now a really good chance that it's all going
to come out. 13
And once the twisted Tories have been exposed and laid low, the old risk of Mutually Assured
Destruction - if Tweedledum exposes Tweedledee's perverts, Tweedledee will out Tweedledum's
- will have been removed, so the Tories will be free, indeed driven, to tell us all Labour's
dirty child abuse secrets, probably starting in the Leicester area, although no doubt they
know plenty more.
At that point, what was left of both parties would have no reason to leave the LibDems
out of the disgrace, and another batch of Establishment skeletons would come rattling
out of the closet. 14
All of which would secure justice for the victims, punish the guilty, and protect children
in the future. It would also reshape British politics for good and give a huge boost to
the anti-Establishment party that has always spoken out against grooming and cover-ups,
and which has long sought to draw attention to the fact that the current Establishment
is in fact little more than a crime syndicate. The British National Party may have a few
slightly rough, honest working class edges, but at least our hands are clean.
Thank you Nick, informative as usual and a thought provoker.
An American drone aircraft that had been reported to have been shot at in the Gulf was attacked
by Iranian fighter jets. The drone, a predator class aircraft was said
to have been unarmed when the Iranian's opened fire.
One Iranian source said, if a foreign spy plane was a threat to your country, would
you not expect your air force to try and bring it down?
Although the drone was not hit in the attack, the Pentagon has said that it has created
'tension' in the region. One Iranian said ''It's big Israel spying
for little Israel.
Anti British Argentinean President Cristina Fernandez has finally got what was coming
to her. The 'Argentinean Witch' as she is known to
some ex British servicemen who bravely fought in the Falklands war to help British Islanders
is facing a possible riot in Argentine capital Buenos Aires.
Thousands who want to see Fernandez removed as Argentine president have stages hours of
protests over Corruption, rises in crime and soaring inflation.
The 'Witch' who wants to steal the Falklands with the backing of Zionist Sean Penn and
Marxist failed singer Morrisey faced the biggest protest against her seedy government for years.
Thought for the Day Extremism, is it another form of Nationalism?
‘Golden Dawn takes advantage of recession ravaged Greece’, bleats the Telegraph, hurrying
on with’ Fascist gangs are turning Athens into a city of shifting front lines, seizing
on crimes and local protests to promote their own movement, by claiming to be the defenders
of recession ravaged Greece’, in fact the usual anti fascist phrases we all know so
well in Nationalism. The Telegraph describes the followers of Golden Dawn as ‘Thugs wearing
the black T-shirts of the neo-Nazi Golden Dawn party are carrying out attacks on immigrant
markets and in public squares, according to the United Nations, with victims speaking
of areas in the capital which are now strictly off limits. The undisguised extremism promoted
by Golden Dawn is a chilling watershed in Greece's post-war democracy’. It appears
that Golden Dawn members led a crowd of enraged locals in a protest on Mikhail Voda St that
turned violent despite the presence of riot police, because a local barber had been stabbed
by a person of colour so all hell was let loose.
Now we in Nationalism especially, run the risk of being ‘extreme’ mainly because
the concerns we have as individuals and a Party are around contentive areas. It is these
very areas that make the other 3 main political parties in the UK wishy washy and useless,
because they want to remain popular with the youth and the immigrants, one section who
have been indoctrinated in education and the other section who will always vote either
for their own or the party that gives them the most brownie points. We in the British
National Party do not do that but run the risk of being extreme anyway.
It would seem that Golden Dawn, by the very carefully taken pictures of black shirts and
torchlight are obviously aligning GD with the Blackshirts and pre war Germany. Now we
all know there only has to be a whisper of ‘ethno nationalism’ and the papers take
off with a vengeance. GD believes quite rightly, that Greece is on the precipice and they are
despite their ‘extremism’ thinking of their country and their people. Of course
the Germans were as well, they had barely survived the Treaty of Versailles and some
members of the Jewish population had ‘moved in’ and had control of the banks and lending
houses, as well as vast areas of rented property. Now in the terrible times that followed, I
know that the wealthy Jews who had cashed in on the German people could afford to leave
and they did in their droves, the unfortunate Jews left who had done nothing but live and
work in Germany for the last 600 years did not. You could liken the no go areas that
the Golden Dawn are making to the no go areas in our large towns and cities which are almost
under Sharia law now and even the Police do not go there! Extremism comes in all forms
and all colours and all religions. We have people who are violently anti Zionist
but not anti Jewish, we have people who are anti American and anti Corporate, we even
have people who seem to be pro Arab and anti Israel, we have some who are anti everything
but England and we have the usual Zionist conspiracy which leaves the Arabs and Muslims
looking like angels! It must be remembered that the Nazis had the Turks as allies and
used the Muslims in North Africa. Hitler also had a liking for the Indians describing them
as ‘true Aryans’ and even took the Swastika for his own, which is an ancient symbol of
Aryan peace. Now the sad but true fact is that if you love
your country you will hate anything that could divide or conquer it, the mere fact that what
you might hate is a different colour, culture or religion is really immaterial in the sum
total of things. The prime option here is country, people and self. Golden Dawn despite
their image does care and at least has the honesty of being seen not to care if it makes
any mistakes. It is a very sad omelette without breaking eggs!
The trouble any organisation has if they are Nationalistically based and formed is that
of the Marxist Left and the Socialist Liberals. These creeds rule the media, the Television,
the UN and the EU. Their rule of thumb is never to let anyone as powerful as Hitler
arise again and bring power to their own country, as indeed he did before he started taking
other countries. The carve up of Europe with the help of the Communists after WW2 proves
that new world order, but of course nothing lasts forever and this did not last, but of
course most of the problems Europe has now are from the demolishing of that Wall and
the ensuing rush of people that even Communism could not feed. This combined with the disastrous
EU open border policy and the rush from the Third World has and will contribute more flesh
for the Nationalist cause. The more immigration that governments allow
in will not make the existing populations integrate or welcome being ‘enriched’
it will make them resist and turn to even more extremes of nationalism – that is the
danger. I do not believe that we British especially are so beaten down we will not look round
eventually for our own Saviour and it might well come in a guise of an extremist. Golden
Dawn is just the beginning and no amount of stupid photos and biased rhetoric will alter
that course. As one Greek lady said. "It is us who have no one to protect us," Mrs Xirou
said. "We are hungry, we have no jobs, there is crime everywhere.
Now do you see the similarity? Take your choice Extremism or Death? I know which one I have
And finally – A condemned killer fighting his execution
because of his extreme weight does not have accessible veins in his arms or hands and
cannot not receive a lethal injection in his legs because he is so obese, a doctor told
a court. Ronald Post 53 who weighs nearly 29 stone has appealed to the Court in Columbus
Ohio to stop his execution because ‘his weight could cause him to suffer severe pain
during the procedure’. The state is opposing the request. Post is due to die on January
16 2013 for the 1983 shooting death of Helen Vantz in Elyria. Her son Bill has called Post's
arguments "laughable". Post is so large that IV’s could not be inserted as part of the
sentence procedure of lethal injection. This presenter says ‘I have the perfect solution,
hang him and his weight will do the job for you!. But what I cannot understand is why
has he been on Death Row so long? He might have been thinner when first in there and
perhaps has been eating himself to death to make it impossible to carry out the sentence?
You have been listening to the W@8. I am Lynne Mozar and I and the team wish you all a very
happy and safe weekend. W@