Welcome to AutoCAD WS

Uploaded by AutoCADWS on 03.10.2010

Design happens everywhere. We work in different places and use different devices.
But our desktop applications tie us to one computer.
Wouldn’t it be great if you could work on your drawings from anywhere and with anyone?
Now you can.
A new technology from Autodesk helps you take your designs with you wherever you go, and
on a device of your choice.
On the job site
At home,
On the go,
And best of all - its free to use for everyone.
Welcome to AutoCAD WS.
AutoCAD WS delivers a simple and intuitive way to edit and share your drawings in a web
browser an iPhone or an iPad.
Collaborate without boundaries.
AutoCAD WS makes sharing easy as sending a link.
Meet online. Invite your colleagues and clients to a meeting and work together on design.
Changes and markups made are updated for everyone in real-time.
No need to leave the office for productive design meetings.
All of the file’s previous versions are automatically saved and conveniently placed
on a timeline, so you don't need to worry about file backups or search through email.
Starting is easy. Go to autocadws.com and create an account or login using your Autodesk
user name and password.
Upload your DWG files and begin editing and sharing online.
Welcome to AutoCAD WS.
Get started now!