Экипаж 2 серия

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- Igor! - Yes, Andrei Vassilievich.
What is it between you and Tamara? You better explain.
- Is it anything of your concern? - Yes, because she's weeping.
If her life's ruined by a playboy, it's everyone's concern.
That's what I thought.
Her grandfather was a pilot, an old friend.
So what?
I overlooked your misdemeanors. Not any more!
That's your last flight with me, I'm warning you.
Do you think you're being wise? Psychologically?
You're upsetting my nervous equilibrium just before a flight.
I'm shaking in my shoes. What if I should make a mistake?
Those like you couldn't lose their poise.
Your kind can upset anyone.
Behave or you'll lose your job!
- How're you, Valentin? Flying? - Flying, Andrei Vassilievich!
Your interview!
Well, you carried tales to uncle.
Happy now? He's promised to throw me out.
85-131, proceed to Bidri with medicines and food for the victims.
Bidri reports another shock wave. Critical situation in the mountains.
You have to pick up families of the workers and the injured.
- Expedite return flight. - Roger.
They changed our task. In Bidri, the situation has worsened.
There's been another aftershock. More destruction.
As soon as we've handed over all food and medicines, we fly back.
We'll carry the builders' wives and children, and the injured.
An uninviting place.
Yes. There may be absolutely unforeseen eventualities.
Everyone has to be on the alert.
- Is that full of gold? - Careful, it's money.
That's no eggs, we won't break it.
I told you everything will be all right.
Anyway, the worst is over. I was sure about that!
- Hi! What's the latest? - Another shock wave last night.
Take-off should be within an hour. The sooner the better.
The construction workers will stay. Their families will fly with you.
Why can't you come with us?
Don't panic. I'll follow as soon as we have restored the plant.
Calm down, or I'll be worried too.
My dear child! If you only knew how we waited for you.
If you only knew what we have been through!
It was plain hell! We're so tired!
- Do we fly soon? - We'll load the food and take off.
Comrades, carry the injured to the plane!
Why are you sitting here? I've looked everywhere for you!
Hush, stop crying, baby!
- When do we fly? - We've been through hell here.
- There're women, children here. - What are you waiting for? 671A 00:08:55,160 --> 00:08:59,080 All take-offs canceled. There’s a fissure on the tarmac. 671B 00:09:00,160 --> 00:09:02,040 Please stay calm. 671C 00:09:02,400 --> 00:09:03,680 We’ll be looking for a way out.
Maybe they'll clear the flight?
There will never be ideal conditions.
Get in touch with the controller.
All flights are cancelled. There's a fissure on the tarmac.
Now please, no need to panic. We'll find a way.
May we send the injured to the city?
It would do no good. The hospital is ruined.
I'm afraid they won't allow us to take off.
We must ask for small planes to rescue the injured.
- What's that rumble? - Something is falling.
- Is that where the town is? - No, it's over there.
Anyway it doesn't sound too close.
The lava is rushing down the mountain.
- Towards us? - Don't know. They don't say.
In 1925, half the town was gutted by such a flood.
The deluge is approaching. Rock and fire at high speed.
It's still about 40 km away, but above us is the refinery.
What do you say? Take-off now?
- No. - Doesn't seem possible.
Andrei Vassilievich, I can't say.
I don't know either. Really, I don't.
Look, a plane is taking off. That means we can too.
Well, that does it, we can't take off.
- I can't leave! - Calm down.
I said, calm down!
Tell us please, can we take off or not? Might as well tell me clearly.
I have to pacify others.
Wait till we've assessed the position. Captain will decide any moment.
Is there nobody responsible among you?
Of course, we're going to take off. Just go and calm all the others.
Valentin, we must take people to the hills. There's no other way.
What about the injured?
We can't wait till we're drowned like kittens here!
You're men, do something!
Take-off is impossible. If we stay, we perish.
The bottom line, we take off!
- How do we do it? - By free taxiing.
- A short stretch. - We'll measure it in Moscow.
- Drop the cello! - It's a Guarnerius!
Comrades, where are you going?
Bachula! Bachula! Where's my child?
Slowly, please. There's a cello here.
I'm going to kill you, Bachula! I'm going to kill myself!
- Flight recorder. - On.
- Fuel on board? - Thirty nine tons.
- Hydraulic pumps? - Checked.
- Emergency exits lights? - Off.
- Hydraulic quantity panel? - Checked and set.
- Take-off readiness? - Ready for take-off.
Crew, take-off!
Hundred forty, hundred eighty...
The decision-taking speed!
Two twenty, two sixty! Lift off!
- Oh, I was so frightened! - It's all right now.
Scalpel. Clamp. Another clamp.
Oh, blast! My eyeglasses.
- Tampon. Stitches. - Here.
Quick! Clamp! More!
- His jaw is broken? - Not broken. Dislocated.
Sit down. Hold him.
- That's it! - Is it already over?
The thing to do is to remove your hands quickly to save your fingers.
Bless you, doctor. You know, it was hell!
This is 85-131.
I've taken off. Altitude 1200.
No proper elevation control. Maybe some damage during take-off.
Continuing ascent.
- Mommy, my ears. - Now, now, my little one.
Now, honey, calm down. It will be over soon.
Yes, Dima, a little wait...
There's some sound in the second cabin. The temperature's down.
I'll go and see, all right?
Bring me a scalpel from the surgeon.
It's money!
Please sit down. Calm down, please!
Gentleman, please sit down.
- Let me go! - Calm down, please.
The passengers are restless. It's cold in the cabin. What shall I do?
Do what? Do what?
Here's what you do. Bring us some coffee.
Coffee now?
Yes, coffee now. And please, don't worry so much and don't panic.
We're descending. It'll soon be easier to breathe.
Descending to three thousand.
The aircraft is depressurized.
There's a crack in the fuselage of the tail section. 765A 00:26:16,240 --> 00:26:21,440 We had no time to take evacuees. The plane took off from cracked air-strip 765B 00:26:21,880 --> 00:26:24,440 and as a result had the following damages: 765C 00:26:25,160 --> 00:26:29,200 2nd engine failed, elevation control damaged, 765D 00:26:29,520 --> 00:26:31,920 a crack in the tail section.
Where are you going? Come, sit down.
This cello was made by an old master. It's valuable.
It shouldn't get cold. Must keep it warm.
Well, aces, think, what do we do?
We can't fly far in this damaged aircraft.
Nor can we land without elevators.
Therefore, I propose that we cut through to the tail section,
pass the air-intake channel, get to the breach or crack,
and pull the torn skin back into place.
This is the only way which can prevent the crack from growing.
The task is risky, though not impossible.
And the most vital thing to do is to free the elevators.
But I'll come to that after we've fixed the crack.
Your opinion?
Theoretically viable, but no one has ever tried it.
Now that there's no other way, we must try.
Agreed. Go ahead, Valentin.
Why him? It is my idea. Moreover, it is my job as an engineer.
- Go, Valentin. - He won't know how!
He'll be blown off, and you'll be responsible.
This is no time for sympathy or antipathy.
Yes, Nenarokov is a better officer.
He's more experienced, more level-headed. He'll be in command.
You go with him and help him all you can.
Ladies and gentlemen! Does anyone have a warm jacket?
It is needed by the crew badly.
I'm sure that nothing more can happen to me.
Hook yourself safely, so that we can drag you back.
Don't worry.
- Repeat it. - I'm safely hooked.
I'll reduce speed. But I can't go below 400.
Don't curse me if the wind buffets you a little.
What's going on? Why is it so cold?
It's all right. All is as it should be.
If all the air escapes, we'll suffocate?
You frighten yourself, and you frighten other people too.
- Why are you so quiet? Speak up. - I'm getting fastened.
Keep talking. Tell me whatever you're doing.
It'll make it easier for you, and I won't have to worry.
Mommy! Mommy!
Mommy, it's good in there. Warmer.
- Are you cold? Hungry? - No.
- I missed you so much. - I missed you too.
Now wait a bit. There's no pain.
I know when there's pain. I can cause pain myself.
Nenarokov has cut his hands to the bone, and is frost-bitten.
He can't go on any more.
- Eyes all right? - Yes, eyes all right.
You have to let me go.
Go, Igor. And put a lot of grease on your face.
Didn't I tell you everything will be all right?
After my car accident, the doctor told me I'd live to be a hundred.
The base and crown of my skull were fractured,
my spleen removed, my left kidney ruptured,
my both ankles wrecked, and ten ribs broken.
Please, my dear, would you be so kind and shut up.
Yes, I understand.
Beginning the repair of elevators.
The engineer will enter the tail cone, go up
and try to remove the obstruction. 825A 00:36:37,280 --> 00:36:42,160 Do you need any consultation? All experts are here. 825B 00:36:42,680 --> 00:36:46,200 - Thanks. Let them stay ready. - They should land. 825C 00:36:48,360 --> 00:36:51,360 They can’t – elevation control is acting up. 825D 00:36:51,920 --> 00:36:53,720 In the sky it’s all right maybe, 825E 00:36:54,160 --> 00:36:57,680 but during landing they’ll need it in full speed order. 825F 00:36:58,360 --> 00:37:01,680 - Even a child knows this. - That’s a risky business. 825G 00:37:01,960 --> 00:37:06,120 The air crew took this decision, means there was no alternative. 825H 00:37:06,520 --> 00:37:10,000 To saw part of the plane you’re flying in is even worse 00:37:10,720 --> 00:37:13,840 than to saw the branch one is sitting on. 825I 00:37:28,680 --> 00:37:31,680 - Are you tired? - ‘tis no sweat to break things. 825J 00:37:32,240 --> 00:37:34,080 Comment what you’re doing now. 825K 00:37:35,400 --> 00:37:38,040 I’m near the radio station unit. 825L 00:37:38,440 --> 00:37:41,720 There’s a hatch, I’ll try to curve it back, to get in.
- Pardon me, d'you believe in God? - Stop bleating like a goat!
We should have trekked to the hills.
With the instrument?
- How is it going, Igor? - I got a grapnel.
I'm trying to catch it.
I've caught a fish! I'm pulling it out!
Everything normal? How's it now?
Everything is fine, Igor! Oh God!
Easy. I believe I've broken my ribs.
Easy, easy... Relax... Just relax. 835A 00:39:14,560 --> 00:39:18,080 It’s awful, I have no proof, no documentation! 835B 00:39:19,000 --> 00:39:22,080 - All the currency has flown away! - So forget it. 835C 00:39:22,480 --> 00:39:25,160 But will you confirm it has flown away? 835D 00:39:25,440 --> 00:39:28,840 - Otherwise they won’t believe me. - I’ll confirm it. 835E 00:39:29,000 --> 00:39:33,280 Because I may end in prison, for having lost all that money. 835F 00:39:34,320 --> 00:39:37,160 But first we should manage to land, okay?
85-131, Kiev is unsafe for landing. Thunderstorm, 200 km front.
We're examining alternatives. How's the crack?
The crack will not grow, but might yield to greater stress.
We're proceeding to Moscow.
Shall land at Sheremetyevo, our home port.
What's the forecast? Wouldn't like any turbulence with our tail.
Moscow alerted to receive you, but the storm's moving faster.
- Alerting Riga and Leningrad. - I don't have enough fuel.
Alert Moscow!
I had made plans to go to the Medical College.
If l had done it, I wouldn't be flying now.
I finished the Medical College, and I'm flying.
You won't cheat Fate.
It is growing, isn't it?
Andrei Vassilievich, it is certainly growing!
This is 85-131, the crack is growing bigger.
Rain, turbulence. I am descending.
- Toma, go to the front cabin. - I was told to stay here.
Go to the front cabin. Commander's order.
- Will we crash? - Not at all.
Remove all sharp jewelry.
Toma, go.
Ladies and gentlemen,
please fasten your seat belts,
remove all pointed and sharp-edged objects,
put your heads between your knees, cover heads with blankets
and hold them in your hands like this.
In Sheremetyevo it's pouring. The runway is wet.
Slush two centimeters deep. Reverse thrust impossible.
We'll try to land without it.
- Without reverse thrust? - It may tear off the tail.
Wake up, please. Wake up.
On course. On glide path. Alert fire engines.
Dima! Where's my child?
I saw a boy going to the tail section.
- The brakes! - The brakes are not working!
- Use reverse thrust! Do it! - The tail will break off!
- Mommy, we've arrived, yes? - Yes, yes.
I told you everything would be perfect. Nobody believed me.
Only I knew all would be well!
I'm alive! I'm alive! Alive!
Toma, you have curious reflexes.
You should have cried before. Now you should be happy.
Go away! Don't ever touch me!
- I hate you! - You've had a shock.
Yes, I've had a shock because of you! You betrayed me!
You were different an hour ago.
I thought we were going to die.
Forgive me for not plunging to my death.
Andrei! I was so worried.
- How was the flight? - Normal.
So why the delay?
Bad weather in Bidri.
Give me a spot of cognac.
Well, Professor, time to remove the gear?
Andrei Vassilievich, you can't fly for a while.
The cardiogram positively says your heart needs rest.
I'll get even with those quacks, you'll see.
A fellow strong as a bull, sent to his grave.
They will give you a job!
I'll take my case to a Ministerial Commission!
They'll give you any other job! Men can work on the ground too.
Come on, Anyuta. I've myself said it a thousand times to others.
I don't need any other job. I need to fly.
- I'm strong, you know that! - Andrei, don't get excited!
He looks great, younger than we do.
The sanatorium has done you good.
You are glowing!
Oh, I missed you so much!
Well, I can see it now. Might as well submit.
Now I realize that the shouting, demanding respect for myself
was stupid egoism.
Valentin, be careful, you might drop her.
Nonsense! A pilot's granddaughter! She'd rather fly!
Better men, by far, have retired.
I'm not the first, won't be the last. So ends my gypsy life.
I return home.
Andrei Vassilievich, tomorrow I go to the altar...
to surrender.
There's time though. I still may change my mind.
She would be lucky if you did. We'll find her a better man.
His kind of men are hard to tame.
- The first 10 years won't be easy. - That's my luck.
There's a wedding? That calls for celebration.
- I brought it. - Put it away! Come on.
How beautiful!
Well, Andrei Vassilievich...
I wish you the best. Let's drink to that.
Oh, it's strong.
Like drops of blood.
The bullfinches will like it.
Good morning, ladies and gentlemen!
Our captain,
Valentin Georgievich Nenarokov, and the crew
welcome you on board our Aeroflot flight...
The End