Piya Ka Ghar

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What's the name? Shyamlal!
Please come in, priest. Come.
Listen, priest is here.
What's the news, priest?
Is there some news from Bombay?
There's great news. Get some sweets.
He's the most suitable boy for her, Shyamlal.
The pair will look like Ram and Sita.
What's the name!
It's all because of your blessings, priest.
How is the family, priest?
It's a great family, Shyamlal.
Just see the boy. You'll like him.
Theirs is a great family. They gave me a grand reception.
They came to see me off at the railway station. - I see.
And they're from our area. From the Bayana village.
They've been living in Bombay since thirty years now.
Priest, he seems to be a good boy.
He's a great boy. Write to them today.
But we'll have to ask Malti's uncle.
He'll be here within a couple of days.
Shyamlal's wife, the world changes within a couple of days.
And one does not get such a boy every second day.
He's got proposals from four families.
But I told them not to say yes to anyone.
If you delay now, it may be too late.
Let me judge an auspicious day for the wedding!
Yes, mother. - Bring some sweets for priest.
Here. It's a great day.
The date is 20th March. - What do you say, Mr. Shyamlal?
We should ask Malti's uncle once.
What are you saying, Shyamlal's daughter-in-law?
Do you think your brother-in-law will..
..object to the match that I brought?
And you don't get such a match every day.
Who are we to fix the matches!
Lord Ram fixes all the matches.
What do you say, Malti?
Write a letter, Shyamlal.
Day after tomorrow, I'm going to Bombay. I'll fix the alliance.
The boy's house is on the fifth floor. - Really?
Like the kings' palaces.
In Bombay they call it Chawls (shanty).
It's located on the seashore. And what a bungalow!
Their bungalow's name is Bharat Mahal.
Your daughter will live a queen's life in Bharat Mahal.
Vegetable vendor!
Vegetable vendor!
Vegetable vendor!
Vegetable vendor!
Vegetable vendor!
Vegetable vendor!
Vegetable vendor!
Vegetable vendor!
Vegetable vendor!
Please come in, priest.
Sit down.
Yes, what's the news?
Everything's great, Mr. Sharma. - Really!
The job is done.
Done? - Yes. Here is the girl's horoscope.
And here is her snap.
See this.
What do you say? Shall we fix the match?
The girl is very beautiful, but I think we should ask Ram once.
What are you saying!
It looks like Ram and Sita's match. We shouldn't delay it.
What's the need for this?
It's our job to fix marriages.
See this. Isn't she beautiful, daughter-in-law?
She's very beautiful, mother.
She'll suit Ram very well. Right, Hari?
Will this sister-in-law be fine? - She's great, sister-in-law.
We should get brother Ram married to her.
Here's the girl's horoscope, but we don't have Ram's horoscope.
Come on, mother! What are you saying?
We can get horoscopes for mere 2 rupees in Bombay.
Tell me how many do you want.
But what if their horoscopes don't match?
I'll take care of that.
But we've to consider that she is a village girl.
She might get scared on seeing Bombay. - No.
Priest was saying that the girl is educated.
She's completed 8th grade and she knows household chores.
Mother, show the snap to brother again. He won't refuse.
Ok, mother, Let's fix it. Let's see what happens.
There is a city girl in this house already.
If a village girl comes to this house, it'll get balanced.
And if anything goes wrong, we've Hari.
He'll teach her. - Right, Hari?
Sure. First of all he'll teach her cricket. - Yes!
Gavaskar! Gavaskar is forward..
Mother, the girl is very beautiful.
When she comes, we'll make her like us.
Right. Even I wasn't from Bombay.
It's been 28-29 years in this house. Shree was a year old.
Since then this has been our home. I forgot my village.
I think it's Ram.
A gap in front of Venkatragavan.
On the off-side, there is only Jayantilal..
..at extra-cover.
Now.. - Sister-in-law, did Arun come here? - No.
But priest did. The snap is here.
What photo?
Mother, give me tea.
Very short run.. - Won't you see the snap?
Brother, you're at home?
What about your rehearsals?
We didn't get a hall. So now we'll rehearse here.
Anything pitched up to him..
Ok, I'll see it if you wish.
Yes, as if you always listen to me.
Don't see it if you don't want to.
Keep it. I don't want to see it. - Just out of off-stump.
Hari, why didn't you go to the school? - I did, brother Ram.
But a minister died in Delhi. So, we got a leave.
Here, take tea.
Mohinder Amarnath comes on..
..and Gavaskar drives all the way for 4 runs.
A very healthy looking shot. - Sister-in-law..
..why are you angry? Ok, I'll see it.
Century! Brother, Gavaskar has hit a century in his first test match.
He plays really well. - Why are you shouting?
This is our home, not a cricket ground.
Can't you see? It's the matter of brother Ram's marriage.
Ok, sister-in-law, will you give me the snap or.. - No.
You don't want to see it. Shall we reject her? - No!
Kulkarni, look. We've got a proposal for Ram.
"New clothes." - Wow! She looks good.
What do you think, Kanhaiyya? - Kanhaiyya, say something.
Mr. Sharma, have you talked about the dowry?
You're always bothered about money.
Mr. Sharma, fix the marriage. You've our approval.
Are you sure? - Sure! - Great!
Wow! Since she looks like Lady Luck.
Why shouldn't we demand dowry?
Mr. Sharma, don't listen to him.
He's a bachelor till date waiting for a big dowry.
He's very innocent. Firstly, he's short.
Secondly he drives a small taxi.
Where will he get big brains from?
Kanhaiyya, have betel leaf.
Mr. Sharma, will you listen to me if I say something?
Please, don't say a word. Isn't it great..
..if we get a good and wise daughter-in-law..
..these days? Deal the cards.
Greetings, uncle. - Greetings.
Why are you so late?
Come, let's start the rehearsals. - Come, Shobha.
Coming. Just a minute.
Let's do the first scene of the third act. - Let's start.
Hari, turn off the radio for a while.
Throw the cards this way. - Uncle!
Don't talk, they are rehearsing. - Get started.
With a bit of anger!
Listen carefully, I won't cook bread for you forever.
Never mind. Make cake for me.
I'm not too choosy about food.
You'll starve if you don't change.
I can't work both in office and at home now.
And what about most important thing?
Good. This is good. Keep it.
Hey.. - Is it over? - Count your score honestly.
I got saved. Mine is a freehand.
Kulkarni, yours? - Count the points.
Hari, ask your mother to give us another cup of tea.
Milk's over. - What are you saying? We just had tea.
Do you think this place is a hotel?
Do you come here to have tea or play cards?
Yes. But not to gulp both tea and betel-leaf like you. - You..
Mr. Sharma, this is my score. 70 points. - Okay.
What's a merciless world!
Nobody listens to the sorrows of the poor! - What a dialogue!
If you want to say dialogues, go there and say it.
Shree is rehearsing.
It's the right time, Rani. Let's elope.
Arun will say this and will take you towards the window.
Now say your dialogue.
Keep your volume low. - Why?
Father may hear us. - Don't worry about father, dear.
He's smoking downstairs.
If we start laughing, the audience will reject us.
You make it sound so funny.
Wait. Let Arun come. Then we can start the rehearsals.
The idiot Arun is never on time. And he calls himself a friend.
I'm sure he must be with Ram.
Run faster. The train will leave.
Let it go. We'll take the next train.
I'm in no hurry. Your brother Shree must be getting mad at me.
I haven't gone for the rehearsals for 2 days.
Why don't you take a couple of days' leave?
You can complete the rehearsals at one go.
Don't talk about taking a leave.
If I do that, they'll manage fine without me.
Give me 2 sweets.
Buddy, there's some good news.
Getting married? - Yes.
How do you know?
Buddy, I can read the feelings of hearts. What say?
Buddy, everyone liked the girl. - What!
You brought the girl to your house before marriage?
The girl didn't come, but her snap did.
And I thought.. Let's go. Train is here.
Ok, Ram, show me her snap. How does she look?
Snap? - Yes.
Even I haven't seen it. It's with sister-in-law.
I see. So are you building castles in the air?
She must be beautiful. Buddy, I don't know why,..
..but these days I like every girl I see.
"What shall I do without my darling?" - Throw the card.
"My beloved did not come."
"My beloved did not come." - Greetings, uncle. - Greetings.
Arun, sit down. We need one more player. - Yes.
Rummy is quite boring. Let's play Bridge now.
Complete this.
He's losing so he wants to play another game. - Have mercy!
I've already lost lots of money.
He's here. Let him come here.
Don't play cards, brother Arun. Come on.
Please make my Geography map. - Get up!
Ram, congratulations. I heard you're getting married.
Me? - Ram, let's have tea on this occasion.
Why don't you ever ask for juice?
Wait. I'll meet brother Shree.
Brother Shree, it's great that Ram's marriage is fixed.
He is very happy too. He does window shopping everywhere.
He drags me along. You know..
I thought it isn't a big deal! You know!
Ram's wife can be a new artist for our drama.
Ram is very strange! He hasn't even seen her snap yet.
Tell me without seeing her snap how can he..
Sorry, brother Shree, I'm late.
Have tea..
You'll never change. - Thank you.
It's my turn.
Sister-in-law, where's the snap?
Don't disturb us while working. Got it?
Sister-in-law, why did you trouble yourself! Thank you. Give!
Stop playing cards.
Priest is coming in the morning. Write a letter.
You're right. It's a very important thing.
You're right. Let's stop it. - Bring a pen and a pad.
Okay. - Thank god, we got a chance to go out after a long time..
..with the excuse of marriage. - Kanhaiyya.
Shree got married in Bombay itself.
There is a big problem is going out. - What's that?
Take it. - My taxi will stop for 4 days.
You're thinking about money again.
Won't my shop be closed? - It won't affect you that must.
Your shop deals in credits.
But I deal in cash everyday. - Mr. Sharma..
..there is no need to take this miser in the marriage ceremony.
What! - Stop it! - You started fighting again?
Kulkarni.. - Why do you fight?
As if it's not a snap, but it's a jackpot.
What to say, sister-in-law!
This isn't less than 300 thousand rupees for me.
Now show me the snap.
Ram, tell me if someone offers you 300 thousand rupees..
No. Assume that you've got 300 thousand rupees..
..and a dacoit asks for ransom of 300 thousand rupees..
..in exchange of your wife..
..what will you do then? - Very easy!
Money comes and goes. - You're a fool.
If someone asks me for ransom I'll say forget the money..
..but promise me you'll kidnap my wife.
What did you say! - I'm sorry.
"How is your hair? It's like shackles."
"How is your hair? It's like shackles."
"How will she be whose snap is so beautiful?"
"How are these eyes? They are like arrows."
"How are these eyes? They are like arrows."
"How will he be whose snap is so beautiful!"
"How is your hair? It's like shackles."
"How will she be whose snap is so beautiful?"
"How will he be whose snap is so beautiful!"
"I like you."
"Do you like me?"
"Will you accept me?"
"I've already accepted you."
"Tell me. Why are you silent?"
"What shall I tell you what my destiny is!"
"What shall I tell you what my destiny is!"
"How will he be whose snap is so beautiful!"
"How is your hair? It's like shackles."
"How will she be whose snap is so beautiful?"
"I'll cover myself with veil today, dear."
"Don't look at me like that."
"I'll die of shame."
"Look away."
"How is this dream? How is my reality?"
"How is this dream? How is my reality?"
"How will she be whose snap is so beautiful?"
"How are these eyes? They are like arrows."
"How will he be whose snap is so beautiful!"
"How will she be whose snap is so beautiful?"
Why did you fix this marriage so hastily?
Did I die? I went to the court for a couple of days..
..and you ruined everything.
The thing is that priest didn't give us time to think about it.
He said the boy is getting many proposals and if we delay..
Malti will remain a spinster forever, right?
Brother, priest personally went to see their family.
It's a good family. They are from Bayana village, too
Living in Bombay now. - Do you know who lives in Bombay?
I won't send Malti so far. - No, brother.
The family is good.
They are vegetarians.
The boy has a good job. AB passed.
They didn't ask for dowry either.
They said we can give them anything within our means.
No one gives their daughters to these Bombay residents..
..forget dowry.
I told him to talk to you before taking a decision.
Here is priest. - Priest, what's the rush to fix this marriage?
Couldn't you wait for a couple of days?
Actually, Mr. Gauri Shankar..
..we would've lost this alliance if we had delayed.
The thing is I thought that.. - Is there a dearth of grooms?
We brought up Malti with so much love.
How can we push her into that mess? - Mess!
What are you saying, Mr. Gauri Shankar?
Bombay is Bombay.
It's a carnival 24 hours.
There are motors, railways, theatre and drama all around.
Our girl will live a queen's life. Yes.
If she were to be married in a nearby village..
..I could've met her frequently.
What's the need to go so far?
She'll live a queen's life!
Mr. Gauri Shankar..
.. I fixed the marriages of 24 girls of this village.
Did you ever get any complaint about the groom or his family?
What do you say, Shyamlal?
God bless you, dear. - You took so long, uncle!
Why? - You said you'll be back in two days.
I'm late, girl.
See, these people fixed your marriage in the meanwhile..
..in such a faraway land, Bombay.
Tell me once, that you're against this marriage.
What do you say, dear? - I don't know anything.
After all she's our girl.
She understands our tradition.
She listens to what elders say.
You're right, Mr. Gauri Shankar.
There is only 1 week left for their arrival.
They are about to arrive on the 20th of March.
Shut up!
This is a proper play ground.
Play as much as you want. Hit as many sixes as you want.
Yes, brother Arun. We can build 10 Brabourne stadiums here.
Oh, no! - I'm declaring. Count my points.
I'll pack up. My station is about to come.
Where do have to get down? - In Ganjkhajuri.
The train is 3 hours late..
..or I would've reached station by 4 O' clock.
There's a lot of time left.
We can play a couple of games more.
Yes, sit down. We'll deal the cards.
Remove your hand.
Look, brother. Remind me when my station comes.
Yes. - Or else I'll forget about it.
Even I forgot to get down once.
I was so involved in playing cards..
..that I realized only the next day that I was playing alone.
Here's the ticket checker!
Mr. Sharma, show him the tickets.
Where is he? - He's coming.
Here it is.
It's 50 miles back.
What! The train is running 3 hours late?
It's just one and half hours late now.
It's covered one and half hours.
Pay a fine of 6.75 rupees and get down at the next station.
Oh! Earlier we couldn't trust trains coming on time..
..and now we can't even trust them to be late.
Mister, do something. Come with us.
Let's go there, playing cards. - And while returning..
..we'll reach Bombay playing once again.
I've a taxi. I'll show you around Bombay.
I'll not charge you more than the fare.
He always thinks about money. - Why shouldn't I?
Why are you fighting? My station is left behind.
And you're fighting amongst yourselves? Listen to me.
Don't put your hands in my pockets.
Explain to him. - What is this?
We'll make our drama set like this. - Sure!
Wow! Good.
It's good.
It's such a big room, right? - Yes.
We can play cricket here. - Cricket?
Yes. - Here?
Uncle. - This child is always worried about cricket.
Wow! Hail the Lord.
Wonderful. - Brother, let's play cricket. - We'll definitely play.
He's obsessed with cricket. - It's a great place.
Kulkarni, if I had such a house in Bombay,
I would've lived in one room, slept in another..
..eaten in another and bathed in another. - Wow!
Mr. Sharma, if I had such a big house of 18 rooms..
..I would've rented out 17..
..and would've gotten married and settled in the 18th room.
Even better! Lease out all..
..and sleep in your taxi. - Great idea!
Great! - Please come in, Mr. Shyamlal.
You arranged everything very well.
It's all due to your blessings
There are 2 servants here.
Ask them, if you need anything.
My house is nearby.
Don't hesitate if you want anything.
It would be great if we get some tea. - Definitely!
Mangru! Mangru!
Do you want anything else? Milk or buttermilk?
If we get some snacks as well. Some delicacies.
It's ok, sir. We just need tea.
Okay. Mangru, tell the cook to get tea.
Shall I bring sweets?
No, thanks. Just tea
I didn't say anything.
I didn't say anything.
This glutton will disgrace us.
Mr. Sharma, you trapped a great family.
But you made a mistake. - What's that?
You should've asked for a fat dowry.
And what about the mistake now? No delicacies. Nothing!
Kulkarni, you're.. - You don't understand anything.
The bride's family tests the groom's family this way.
The more you decline, the more you get.
Got it? Yes.
Try to understand.
I came to ask if you'll bathe at the well or the river.
In the bathroom.
Wow! Your house is really great.
The house where you're staying is also ours.
My uncle got it build. - I see.
After aunt died we live here.
Whose room is this? - It's empty. It was mine.
I used to play here.
Ok, tell me, did you like Ram?
That's where you're staying. You used a bricked path.
This is a short-route.
You didn't answer me.
Ram is mad about you.
Ok. Will you meet Ram? - O Ram!
You're taking your husband's name? - No.
I was taking Lord Ram's name. - I see.
So you've already started treating your husband as God.
His name is like that - He's going crazy about you.
And you're saying O Ram. - I just said O Ram!
Dear Malti, Kumud is here.
Come, eat something.
Ram, do you know where was I? - Where?
I'll tell you.
I met Malti. - Malti? You're great, sister-in-law.
Did she say something? - Yes, we talked a lot.
Did you talk about me? - Yes..
..I asked if I should convey anything to you.
What did she say? - Don't be impatient!
Shave first. - Please, sister-in-law, did she say anything?
Yes - What?
O Ram! - O Ram!
Because you say O Malti. - Stop kidding.
What did she say? - No kidding! I'll leave.
I've to take care of my dress for the marriage.
Forget the marriage, I mean clothes. What did she say?
I asked her if she wanted to meet you.
And she blushed and said O Ram. That's all. The matter was over.
That's all. - Yes.
Sister-in-law, can you make her meet me?
What! This is not Bombay city..
..where you can meet secretly.
No. - Please, sister-in-law.
Everything is possible. I want to see her.
You're such a nice sister-in-law. - Yes!
There's a backdoor to her house.
There's her room too. But.. - No ifs and buts.
Please, manage somehow.
Please, sister-in-law. - Let me see.
Don't go anywhere. Stay here.
Grandpa, why did you interrupt our test match?
Hari, throw the ball.
Ok, do it again.
Ramesh, I can't live without you. - Good.
Come, let's run away.
Far away from here. - Very good.
Away from this merciless world.
Away from rulers of this society - Excellent.
No, Sharmila, I don't have the fare money.
What's going on here?
Who are you?
How did this lady come to this house! Ask her to leave.
Mister, she's my wife and she's going to stay here. Is that clear?
She's your wife? - Yes.
Don't they have clothes in Bombay?
She's walking without covering her tummy.
And what was she doing with this man..
..that too, in front of you?
Mister, we're rehearsing for a drama.
We've a show in Bombay after going back. - In Tejpal hall.
Birla hall. - Oh.
Go inside. Father is there.
Shobha, get started. - Brother Shree..
..this man is perfect for the dacoit's role in our drama.
Should I talk to him?
"My beloved.." - Pick the card.
He keeps on singing.
Great! I got it.
Very good. - Great!
Dear, I'm giving you the queen of Chinchpokli.
You need it badly.
I don't have good cards. - No.
Come on, show now. - There is only one joker. - Come on.
Come on. - I'll be back in a moment. - Where are you going?
Should I tell you where am I going?
How long to wait for the tea. Bring it fast.
Who is Girdharilal Sharma?
Why are you getting angry, buddy? Have tea.
Hot tea makes one cool when one is angry. What say?
Are you Girdharilal? - I'm Baburao Kulkarni..
..proprietor, Hollywood tailor.
I'm Kanhaiyyalal Chaturvedi..
..proprietor, BMF-44-S2 Fiat Taxi.
He used to sell milk with water mixed in it.
To the tailors. - Who is Girdharilal?
He'll be back. He's gone to the bathroom.
Kanhaiya. - Yes.
Have you seen his legs!
They are just like Mercedes' tyre.
No, they are Bedford's tyres.
Stop it. I'll stop this wedding.
What's the matter? Why are you getting upset?
Do you know who I'm? I'm the owner of this house.
Ok, it's your house. You want the rent, right?
You'll get it.
Kanhaiyya, talk to Mr. Shyam and get him the rent.
Rent? He didn't get it painted since 3 years.
Come on! You ruined the cards.
So you're Mr. Girdharilal Sharma? - Brother!
He's the groom's father, Mr. Girdharilal.
Are you a governor?
You made him drop the tea.
Brother, he's.. - Shut up!
I'm Malti's father's elder brother.
Why are you complicating things!
You're the bride's paternal uncle.
No! I'm her elder paternal uncle.
Brother, let's go. There are many pending works.
We've to meet the priest, too. - Rest for a while. Please, come.
There's no need to get angry.
We are from the groom's side. - You'll regret it.
You'll regret it. I'm not scared of you.
Great! Explain it to him. We're from the groom's side.
Be hospitable to us.
Mr. Sharma, let's return to Bombay ..
..by the afternoon train. Calm down.
The real drama is going on here.
Brother Shree. We were just rehearsing. - Mr. Sharma.
I request you. He's my elder brother.
Please, don't mind his words.
I'll be honest with you!
He's bearing all the expenses of the marriage.
If he loses it, I'll be ruined.
I'm afraid, the marriage might stop.
This is an insult. You should understand.
We're your guests.
The guests should respect their hosts.
I'm not a servant either. - Mister, who said that you're a servant!
All this is due to your blessings.
We are sorry that we didn't recognize you.
We didn't get a chance to meet you earlier.
Mr. Sharma, it's my mistake.
I should have introduced you to my brother. - Let's go, brother.
Don't shout. He's the boss.
Didn't you hear, he's the bride's uncle?
He's bearing all the expenses of the marriage.
If he gets angry, assume that the marriage is cancelled.
And all of us will have to return Bombay empty-handed.
Handle things a bit more sensitively.
Please, sit down. Go inside. Come on.
Brother, let's go. There's a lot of work left.
We've to meet the priest too.
Excuse me, would you like to play cards with us?
I don't play cards. - Please, have tea. It's getting cold.
I don't drink tea. - And in the morning?
I've milk in the morning.
Kulkarni, he drinks milk in the morning.
That's why his body is like a wrestler.
Dara Singh must have challenged him.
Brother, let's go.
Please, have a smoke.
Fool, he's a landlord, not a beggar like you.
He smokes cigar. - I don't smoke.
Let's go, brother, we've many pending works.
It's a happy occasion. Don't get upset.
Let's go. - He'll say he does not even spit.
What an amazing man!
Malti, the route from the backyard is really short.
I took that way. - Come in. Sit down.
Aunt, see her plait is so beautiful.
It's very easy. Malti, let me make your plaits.
It's done. We need a flower to adorn this.
Malti, let's pick a flower from your backyard. - Ok.
You didn't show me your doll's room.
Please, come.
The room is empty now.
Did you ever play with the dolls? - No.
But I used to play a lot.
Ram, let's run away. They are coming in this direction.
Are you all blindfolded?
Actually.. Mr. Gauri Shankar, you're getting upset unnecessarily.
I mean such a family - Is that a family?
It's a mad-house!
Where is Malti? Mal..
Sister-in-law. Are you asleep?
Yes. I am asleep.
"Love is done by people..
..who live their life chanting their beloved's name."
"Die or get defamed."
"Forget it, friends. I'll not fall in love."
"Forget it, friends. I'll not fall in love."
"Somebody can buy a new ocean..
..somebody play with my heart."
"Somebody can buy a new ocean..
100. 110.
Let's go now. Daughter-in-law is falling asleep.
It's ok, aunt. Sit. - No. We shall go now.
140.. 150..
155. Rupees 107.
Get up, Malti. Come with me.
This is our small house.
This is elder son's room.. Shree's room.
Hari, go to your bed.
Come, daughter-in-law.
From this day onwards, this is your room.
Change your dress. Ram will be back soon.
Where did you go? Is this the day to roam outside?
What else to do? The house was full of ladies.
Go inside. Bride is alone.
Malti, sit. You might be tired.
Sorry. I forgot to take water.
And I forgot that from this day onwards..
..we can't come into the kitchen at night.
From tomorrow, I'll take water earlier.
Now close the door.
Goodnight, Ram.
Sister-in-law, take a bucket full of water, in case you need it.
Even if we do, we'll manage without water.
If you wish I'll guard the door. No one will come here.
This is Vivid Bharthi's advertisement time.
"Bangles and earrings.."
Don't you like flowers?
Sister-in-law said you came in the room for flowers.
Won't you say anything?
What's the matter, Malti?
People may see us from this window.
Who'll see us? The room is completely dark.
Dark? There is light from all directions.
Someone may hear us.
No one can. Come.
Look at me, Malti.
Yes.. Come at 6 O' clock in the evening.
No, at 7. - Yes. Sure. - Goodbye. - Bye.
The best and easy way for family planning. Condom.
Many people in the world are using it.
1 for 15 cents.
What happened? It's dark now, isn't it?
Where's darkness? Everything's visible.
What's the matter, Shobha! Why aren't you sleeping?
Let's do something!
What's the matter? Have I.. - They can hear us.
Ram, open the door. - Let's fill the water fast.
Yes. There must be fire somewhere.
We can go sleep with peace then.
Ram, open the door.
Ram. - Open the door. Shout louder.
We'll fill water fast. The water is coming.
The water comes at this hour? - Not everyday.
But only today. Everyday it's supplied for an hour.
There's must be a fire mishap somewhere.
So the municipality has supplied water.
You're stuck here? The house is far away.
Sir, do you want flowers? - Go away.
I'm sorry. No one wants flowers.
Give me one.
Take this. - What's the matter, Ram?
You came back so fast.
Earlier you always took so long to come back.
Sister-in-law, if I had a love marriage like brother Shree..
..and mingled before marriage, I'd have come late.
Who asked you not to do so!
Sister-in-law, would Malti suit your drama?
We'll take her, but will you let her go?
What are you doing?
Sister-in-law, I removed the cot from the kitchen.
It was really congested. - Ram, why is Malti laughing?
Laughing? Why are you laughing? Get me a cup of tea.
Dear, one more cup of tea.
Ram, you've not had tea yet?
Mother, she's making it. She's slow.
Who's there? - Who else! It's Hari.
I've been asking him to stop playing there..
..but he won't listen. - Mother, throw the ball.
Mother you.. - Wait, I'll get the ball.
Mother, give him the ball or else he'll come here.
Get out of here. Fool!
They don't even let me put flowers in my wife's plait.
Even you run away. I'll get you tea.
Why should I run away? I haven't broken a glass.
Then I'll go.
Let me put the flowers.
No, I'll put them.
Great shot.
This time we've to defeat brother Shree.
Greetings, aunt. - Greetings.
Greetings, uncle. - God bless you, son.
What's the score? - Let me defeat brother with an innings.
I'll see you then. - Good.
Arun. - Yes. Get started. Your rehearsal is pending.
Brother, let me play the game for a moment. - No, come.
Ram, will you play carom? - No, brother. You carry on.
Malti, you sit for Shree. - I don't know how to play.
Sister-in-law, I'll teach you.
Yes, Malti, sit here.
Come, Arun. Come, Shobha.
Sister-in-law, what is Ram doing in the kitchen?
Sister-in-law, what is Malti doing there?
She's playing carom. She'll not come here.
I think you should take my place.
Sister-in-law, send her here.
I'll be in the office tomorrow.
She won't come here. Keep waiting.
Not like that, sister-in-law. Do it, this way.
I forgot to bring betel-nut.
Malti, will you please bring it? It's in the kitchen cupboard.
Manju. - Come.
Wait for a moment.
What are you doing? Leave me.
Don't talk to me like a stranger.
I'm not a stranger. - Then?
I'm 'dear'. Call me 'dear'. - Move.
Where should I move? Is there any place?
There is so much space behind you.
This space was there even before.
No one is bothered about this place.
I'm.. - Leave me.
Everyone is sitting there.
It's my day off, today. You can play carom tomorrow.
No. What will people think! Let me go.
There's no one to do the dishes. Get some help.
There is a maid next door. I'll tell her. - Please. Ok?
Keep it there, dear.
Tell her. One comes and leaves the next day.
These maids are a big problem now.
Yes, a major problem. - Right?
Come here, Ram. I've to rehearse.
It's your turn.
The black ones are yours.
Leave it. I'll ask the carpenter to fix it.
"Bring the bridal dress for me."
"If you don't, I'll be defamed."
"Bring the bridal dress for me."
I'll not come again, brother Ram. Put the flowers.
Hari has seen us. - So what?
If he learns it, it'll be useful for him later on.
You're shameless.
What's there to feel ashamed?
Please, give me a glass of water.
But I just gave you water. - I'm thirsty again.
Take it yourself. There are lots of glasses here.
Where are they? I can't find them.
Who gave you water till date?
Nobody was mine till date.
Stop talking like that. Someone might hear us.
Someone might hear us?
Ok, then, let's come closer and talk.
No one can hear us.
Again.. - Go outside.
I wonder who will come here suddenly.
You're calling me like that again. Call me, dear.
Ok, assume that I said. - Not like that.
Say in front of me.
Ok, Malti, tell me something. Sit down.
What? - Malti, do you like me?
I don't know. - Who else will know?
Do you know how much I like you?
Ask me how much I like you.
How much do you like me?
Somebody ask the red legged partridge how much it likes the moon.
Ask the peacock how much it likes the clouds.
What can Ram say how much he likes Malti?
What can he say?
..you know, whenever I saw a plane in the village..
I used to run behind it for a long time.
My uncle used to run behind me to stop me.
I used to keep on running.
Uncle was scared that I would fall and hurt myself.
He used to lift me in his arms.
Once when I was very young, a plane landed in our village.
Uncle went to them and talked to them.
What are you doing? - You're feeling sleepy.
Me? No, I'm not. - How can you not feel sleepy?
When I said you're feeling sleepy, you're.
We'll sleep. - We're not going to sleep.
Everyone is sitting outside. Now go outside.
What are you doing? - Go out.
Oh God.. - What's your problem? Why are you crying?
Good one!
Those who don't understand the art of singing say so. What say?
Your turn.
Arun, what's the time?
Around 7:30.
7:30 will be in morning. It's already 10 O'clock in the night.
Why are you asking me when you know it!
Go son, lie down there.
Ram, you're feeling sleepy?
Ask for some tea. We'll get tea and you'll feel fresh.
Kulkarni, do you think this is a hotel!
You ask for tea at every occasion.
We'll not get tea.
Sister-in-law, give us 4 glasses of water.
Count the points. - I'm going to work early in the morning.
Ask Malti to keep my clothes ready.
I've to go to sleep early. Or else I'll get up late.
What are you doing! The ants will fall on me.
Your legs are like sticks.
Sit down.
It's a joker.
Kulkarni. - What?
Get up!
Come here.
There is a daughter-in-law in our house from a different city.
Is that clear?
Stop wearing your shorts, shameless.
Wear pajamas from tomorrow.
Mr. Sharma, he steals many people's clothes..
..but he doesn't make a pajama for himself. - Shameless.
You let us down in front of daughter-in-law.
"To let you live or kill you?"
What's going on?
I'm preparing pulses for morning.
Let's go to sleep.
It's too late.
You fall asleep so early.
I never had the habit of staying awake till late.
Before marriage I used to sleep outside in the gallery..
..at 8 O' clock.
I never cared for all the commotion.
Now I stay awake till 10-11.
Who can sleep with this light and sound around?
Is that the problem?
I'll fix it.
It's 11 O' clock at night. Now stop playing music.
Let us sleep.
If you want silence, buy a house somewhere else.
Why don't you move to a theatre?
The show will be on all night.
Listen to as much music as you want..
He's telling us to turn it off.
People here are in search of an excuse to fight with others.
You're habituated to sleep outside, right?
I don't have a problem. I can sleep anywhere.
You better sleep outside. - What?
Yes. There are so many problems here.
This is quite common here.
And you shouldn't mind such simple things.
They might be simple for you, but I don't like it.
I don't like it when others hear us.
No one can hear us, Malti. You're unnecessarily..
We can hear brother and sister-in-law from here..
..and what we talk is..
Did that make them stop talking!
Let them hear if it's audible. Who is bothered about them!
You don't understand.
No, sleep outside.
It seems Ram and Malti went to sleep early.
They're not like us to stay awake late. - O God!
I thought they would be chatting about their wedding night.
Ram, where are you going?
To hell.
After all he's your brother.
Both are upset today.
"This is life."
"This is the way.."
"..of our lives."
"This is life."
"This is the way.."
"..of our lives."
"There are some sorrows."
"There is some happiness."
"There are some sorrows."
"There is some happiness."
"This is the darkness and light."
"This is life."
"Don't think if it's your victory or your defeat."
"Don't think if it's your victory or your defeat."
"Be content with whatever you've in life."
"Stop being stubborn. And don't break it away."
"Every moment is a mirror."
"This is life."
"This is the way.."
"..of our lives."
"This is life."
"Neither with wealth, nor with the world,"
"Neither with wealth, nor with the world,"
"our life is attached with our beloved one's love."
"Even if we leave this world this relation shouldn't break."
"What kind of a relation is this!"
"This is life."
"This is the way.."
"..of our lives."
"There are some sorrows."
"There is some happiness."
"..of our lives."
"This is life."
Father, give me money.
Dear, take it from your mother.
Mother told me to take it from you.
How much do you want, son? - 2 rupees.
2 rupees? What for?
I'll buy books. - Malti, where is my blue shirt?
Go fast.
Take your shirt.
Shobha, hurry up. Or the queue for the bus will get longer.
Malti, where's the comb? I'm getting late.
I kept it right there.
Our bottle is empty.
I can't find it.
A button is missing in this.
No one takes care of anything. - Mother, I'm leaving. - Ok, son.
Can I get another shirt? - Wait. I'll give it to you.
Forget it, mother, as if there is no one else in the house.
Hari's mother, I'm going to the bank to get my pension.
Come here. - What's the matter?
You seem to be very happy.
Take this. I prepared them. - Really?
It's our marriage anniversary.
You still remember it?
Do you remember the parties we used to throw?
You too have it. - No, I won't.
Someone might see us. - Have it.
Listen. - What?
It seems to be a hot day. Take this.
Come back soon.
Here is Mr. Sharma. - Please come, Mr. Sharma. Where are you going?
You seem to be very happy.
These small joys keep me alive the entire year.
I'm going to take my pension.
I heard that there's a strike in Bombay tomorrow.
Wait a moment, Mr. Sharma.
What's the matter? - Until I don't get passenger, I'll drop you.
Kulkarni, pay the tea-vendor. Come. - Strange!
Vegetable Vendor!
Vegetable Vendor!
What happened? - No one reminds me.
What? - Didn't you see how mother gives umbrella to father?
But you never carry an umbrella?
But I do wear shoes.
Do you've the handkerchief? - Yes.
Here it is.
Come back soon. - Really?
Sister-in-law, come with me to international test match this time.
It'll be a lot of fun. We'll eat there.
What happens in a match? - They play cricket.
One player bowls and another player hits it with a bat.
Brother Ram and I were playing in your marriage.
I hit it so hard that the ball hit your uncle.
Yes. That's why uncle was so upset.
We didn't know he was your uncle.
We thought he is your servant. - What?
Sister-in-law, water!
You got saved.
My uncle is a very hot-tempered.
The entire city is scared of him.
But he listens to whatever I say.
But sister-in-law..
..we'll have to stand in the stadium since morning,
..because there is a long queue.
Hari, when I was young I was very stubborn.
I used to cry for dolls and everything.
My uncle used to get them at any cost.
He used to recite stories at night.
The same old story of a prince and a princess.
There was a princess and a prince.
There was a demon who imprisoned the princess.
The prince's horse flew high in the air and saved the princess.
The princess was very happy after this.
Ram, I think you should buy it now.
What will I do with this sari?
Sister-in-law will be very happy.
Flattery works best in Bombay.
Forget it, buddy.
Ram, you might be spending a lot of time in romance.
You don't tell me anything.
Tell me something so that I can also suggest something.
What should I tell you?
Who knew before marriage that there'll be so many problems.
You slept outside yesterday too?
Yesterday? - Yes.
I've been sleeping outside since 2 days.
And what shall I do about Hari?
He sticks to Malti whenever he can.
I know they share an affectionate relation.
But he has another sister-in-law.
He has his conferences in my room till 10 O' clock at night.
Hari talks about his cricket..
..and Malti doesn't understand anything about cricket.
I wonder what she talks to him about.
I'm going to throw this carom board out of the house.
And whenever we get a chance to talk..
..and as soon as we start talkingb..
..she starts talking about her uncle.
And God forbid, if there is a plane, she forgets everything.
Find a chance and enter the kitchen.
How can I? For instance..
..when I was sleeping in the gallery I heard Malti's scream.
What happened?
It ran away. There are lots of mice at night here.
Malti, you're very timid.
You got scared.
Ok, I'll sleep here.
Brother, I'll take care of this.
I'll kill all the mice. Go outside.
And that fool, Hari, slept in kitchen for 2 nights.
I'm sorry, but you're no less.
What have I done? - It doesn't work if you take everything quietly.
A man should roar like a lion.
He snatches his rights if he has to.
There's no need to snatch anything.
Malti is not an outsider. It's not her mistake.
But the situations are such that.. - You won't understand.
Have you seen the movie in which a hero,,
Hugs his lover against her wishes.
She gets angry. Slaps him. - Groundnuts!
What was the name of that movie!
Forget the name. What happens after this?
Nothing! The girl hugs him in turn.
Ram, do something.
Act like that hero today.
You'll get the result!
But how do you know? You're not married.
Friend, I watch Hindi movies. I know everything.
What are you doing?
Why are you staring at me like that?
Is staring banned?
Where did you eat betel-leaf today?
Is it banned?
You never eat betel-leaf. What's the matter today?
It'll happen daily.
What! You'll eat betel-leaf daily?
Yes. I'll smoke.
I'll live as I please.
Hero! - What?
Go away now.
Go! What happened to you?
What are you doing? Someone might see us.
No one will see us.
Brother and sister-in-law are still awake. Go away. - No one will see..
Go away. - No.
I think there's a mouse again. I'll check.
Shut up and just sleep!
"This is life."
"This is the way,"
"..of our lives."
"There are some sorrows."
Brother, let's go. It's 5 O' clock.
How was last night? - Never ever talk about Dharmendra.
What happened? - What happened? I had to sleep outside again.
You're very strange.
Ok, listen. I've an idea.
You reach home by 6:30 everyday, right? - Yes.
Be late today. Go home around 9 or 10.
How will that help? - Just wait and watch.
That's the problem with women.
The more you chase them, the more they run.
The more you run, the more they come closer.
Forget it, buddy. Malti is not like that.
What are you saying? No one could understand women.
You stay from your wife for a while.
It's a matter of just a couple of days. Wait and watch!
She'll come in your arms. I'm sure.
Ok, buddy, I'm going. - Ok, bye. - Bye.
See you in the office tomorrow.
He isn't here yet.
Where is he?
Did Ram tell you anything about being late?
Sister-in-law, let's go. We are getting late.
Ok. - Did you tell him the drama is today?
What's the need? Doesn't he know?
That means, you didn't tell him.
Father. Let us leave.
Ram and Malti will come afterwards.
As you wish, son. - That should be fine.
The two of you come as soon as possible.
I'll give you the passes. Take this.
Don't come if you don't want to.
"This is my beloved's house and I'm the queen."
"I'm the queen of this house."
"This is my beloved's house and I'm the queen."
"I'm the queen of this house."
"He might be on the way home."
"He'll be here now."
"We'll spend time together."
"We'll chat for a long time."
"This is my beloved's house and I'm the queen."
"I'm the queen of this house."
"Only eyes met. "
"Even though we're together day and night."
"Only eyes met. "
"Even though we're together day and night."
"We always meet each other in the carnival."
"We never meet alone."
"The unison was incomplete."
"Today our unison will be complete."
"This is my beloved's house and I'm the queen."
"I'm the queen of this house."
"This weather is so intoxicating."
"The entire house is empty."
"This weather is so intoxicating."
"The entire house is empty."
"There is no one to stop us, to interrupt us."
"I'm the ruler of this house for the time being."
"This is my beloved's house and I'm the queen."
"I'm the queen of this house."
"I'll wear my drape."
"I'll turn away when he comes."
"I'll wear my drape."
"I'll turn away when he comes."
"I won't remove my veil."
"I'll say my beloved, leave me, don't tease me"
"I feel shy."
"This is my beloved's house and I'm the queen."
"I'm the queen of this house."
"He might be on the way home."
"He'll be here now."
"We'll spend time together."
"We'll chat for a long time."
"This is my beloved's house and I'm the queen."
"I'm the queen of this house."
"I'm the queen of this house."
Hail India!
Where were you till now?
Arun was right.
They'll stick to us like a shadow. - What?
They'll melt like wax.
What are you talking about?
Where are they?
Brother Shree's drama is taking place today. Everyone went there.
That's great.
I won't talk to you.
I'm alone since 6 O' clock.
You're alone in the house since 6 O' clock?
They must be on their way back
Arun is an idiot!
God bless you, dear.
I knew you won't come to the drama. Now thank me.
How did you like the drama? - It was great.
I liked it too.
Sorry, buddy. I didn't know that everyone..
..would come to watch our drama. - Arun.
Yes. - Go to the stage.
Yes, just a moment. - Alright.
Buddy, I said I'm sorry. - Get lost.
Brother Shree, these days Ram jokes around a lot.
Arun, I'm not kidding. I'm damn serious.
Then it's alright. I don't like jokes.
Right, brother Shree?
Did we come here to fight?
I think we should of a plan. - I've a plan.
I'm leaving. I don't want to hear his plans.
Sit down.
We shall do something. I'll get four cinema tickets.
So? - Listen to me first.
You always interrupt me.
We'll go to the cinema with our parents.
We'll leave around 6 O' clock.
You come home by 6:30. - And Hari?
Yes! I forgot about him.
Now where do we send Hari?
That's why they advice us to do family planning.
Sister-in-law, tell Arun not to interfere.
You're right, Manohar, but make it more realistic.
Meena, you take care of your exit. Ok?
We'll make an entry again. Let's go, Manohar.
Let's do it again.
Why don't you listen to us?
Shall we give Ram the address of our Juhu hotel. - Shut up.
I don't have any problem.
I said it j because you were saying something.
What should we do about Hari!
It's a very complicated matter. - Why shouldn't we..
Nothing. I was just. Brother Shree, I'm going on stage. - Ok.
Mother, give me 5 rupees.
Why do you need so much money?
Take 2 rupees.
Mother, other students bring 10 rupees.
Ours is 2 days' trip. Ajanta and Ellora.
It's so expensive. 2 rupees won't be sufficient.
Where's the trip to?
Ajanta and Ellora.
Brother, is 2 rupees sufficient?
You can take it from me.
Take 5 rupees. Leave.
What happened to the miser Ram today?
Brother, where is sister-in-law?
Bathing! Why?
Sister-in-law, Hari is going to Ajanta and Ellora for 2 days.
Ok, then, let's do it today. You come home at 6:30. Is that clear?
We are going to watch movie today.
Which movie? - Why are you bothered?
Ram and you're not coming.
You'll stay here.
Got it?
Mother, the movie is 'Shankar-Parvati'. It's a good one.
I see. It would've been great if Ram and Malti had come.
They'll watch it, mother.
You watch it now. You can pay homage to God.
I thought we might get bored there.
McKenna's Gold is playing since a long time now..
I think we should go there. What do you say?
I'll also watch it too.
I heard that it's running since 32 weeks.
I won't watch English movie. I don't understand it.
Ok. I'll watch 'Shankar-Parvati.'
Ok, mother, we shall stick to that plan.
Anyway, we got Hindi movie tickets for free.
Take it, mother. Stop the taxi please.
Mother, bye.
You're very smart.
Keep it for tomorrow.
Freshen up.
Today there is no one to disturb.
We'll be alone for these 4-5 hours.
Ok, have your meal first. I'll heat it.
We'll eat the meal cold.
There is no need to waste time.
And listen..
..you won't talk about your uncle and your buffaloes today.
Fine. I won't talk about them. Go change.
Hurry up. - You won't watch planes today either.
What? We'll eat on the floor. - Yes.
I'm the lady of the house today.
Everything is according to my wish today.
What are you doing!
We'll eat together today.
I'm the man of the house today.
Who is it now!
Ram, he is contesting in the elections this time.
You must vote for him. He's a very nice man.
Excuse me, Mister. My name is Harishchandra.
Our ward people call me 'Truthful One.'
Do you've any water or electricity problem?
Water problem? - Yes. - Why?
Yes, everything's fine. Father is not here.
But, mister.. - There's a water problem in the bathroom.
Everything will be fine after I win the election.
It's my duty to tell you something.
I personally went to the offices..
..and arranged for the municipality water.
By the way my sign is white elephant.
Please, vote for the white elephant.
And there's something else.
Beware of the deceivers.
Earlier my sign was black crow but I've quit that party.
Remember white elephant.
Elephant? O yes, I'll always remember it.
I forgot to tell you something, mister. - What!?
White elephant. - Ok. White elephant? Great.
Scoundrel! I'll never vote for that donkey.
He wasted half an hour. - Who was he?
But you said that he was a donkey?
He's 2 in 1. Fool!
Eat quickly. I'm a king for 4 hours.
It's your own house. Eat at ease.
At ease?
Ok, then I'll be at ease.
What are you doing!
Doctors say if we eat with our head on our wife's lap..
..it's good for the health.
Bombay doctors may say so.
But a doctor in our city says that..
..if we sit straight and eat it's good for digestion.
Your doctor is a liar.
You know what my uncle said once..
Don't talk about your uncle. I'll beat you.
Doctors also say that if the wife feed us..
..there's no need to keep our head on her lap.
Just a bit.
Someone' here again. There's no one in the house.
Shekhar, it's you?
Hello Ram! How are you, man?
What are you waiting for? Keep the luggage inside.
Isn't there anyone in the house? - Actually.
Why? Take it. Go. - Just 50 paisa, sir?
I carried luggage for 3 floors.
I paid him his charge. Ram, give him another 50 paisa..
..for climbing 3 floors. I don't have change.
Definitely. - Sir, one rupee?
Now you charge money to leave as well?
Be kind, sir.
Take this. - Thank you.
Get out of here. - Goodbye, sir.
Bye. Fool!
I'll rest now.
What's the matter, Ram, you seem to be a bit upset?
Are you alright? Were you sleeping?
Please sit. - Sit, Prabha. Be at home.
Where are sister, brother-in-law and mother?
To watch a movie.
So what brings you here?
We were going to Pune. So, thought of visiting you.
Since we couldn't attend your marriage..
..we thought we could also meet sister-in-law.
Where is she? - She's in the kitchen.
Malti. - Greetings.
I'm Shobha's younger sister.
I couldn't attend your marriage..
..so we thought of meeting you on our way.
We troubled you unnecessarily. - No.
What's the trouble! It's great that you came here.
Yes, it's a matter of just one night.
Why are you so dull?
You're a newly married man. Be happy.
Sister-in-law, you must take care of him.
He was praising you just now.
He said, you're a great cook. Expert one!
So, I said we should sample her cooking.
What do you say, Prabha? - Definitely.
I'll prepare something. - Wow!
You know me very well.
"We are flying birds. We stay anywhere and everywhere."
I lived at my friend's place for a year.
He's an enemy now and abuses me.
He's right. He's so shameless.
I've told him so many times..
..that we should leave their house. We are troubling them.
Don't we've trouble searching for a house?
These women always think about others.
They aren't bothered even if their husband suffers.
According to them..
..husbands are the biggest fools in the world. Right, Ram?
Did I ever say that? You say whatever you want to say.
Ok, fine. You're Goddess. You descended from heaven.
Now will you arrange a place to sleep or..
Ram, where do you sleep?
I sleep in the gallery.
You sleep in the gallery?
Yes. And Malti sleeps in the kitchen.
It's must be too hot in the kitchen, right?
No. I'm used to it.
Ok, then. We'll sleep somewhere nearby.
Our Ram is feeling sleepy.
He has to wake up early. He has to catch 6:30 train, right?
Oh Prabha, hurry up.
You take so long to change.
Oh, you are always in a hurry.
We've to stay for 10 days in Pune. They've only one room.
"This is life."
"This is the way life is."
"There are some sorrows."
"There is some happiness."
"This is the darkness and light."
"This is life."
Goodnight, Ram. - Goodnight.
May I close the door? - Ok.
Ram, goodnight.
What happened? Do you need anything?
No. I knocked accidentally.
"Don't think if it's your victory of your defeat."
"Don't think if it's your victory of your defeat."
"Be content with whatever you have."
"Stop being stubborn. And don't break it away."
"Every moment is a mirror."
"This is life."
"This is the way life is."
"This is life."
Tomorrow we'll go to watch the movie.
Ram, what are you doing here?
Nothing. Just sitting here.
He got just one night. I'm sure he fought with Malti, right?
How was the movie?
Fine, but what are you doing here?
Where are mother and father?
Actually we went to watch an English movie.
The movie's over so early. It's just..
Who went to watch the movie? We just went to..
What happened? - Actually we went somewhere.
But what are you doing here?
Where is Malti?
Malti is in the room.
Your sister Prabha has come. - Really?
Did they've to come today?
Where are mother and father?
They are watching movie 'Shankar-Parvati.'
We came to the beach after a long time, right?
Yes. But it would've been great if we had watched the movie.
I haven't seen a movie since a long time.
What's in a movie!
Here at least we can talk for a couple of hours alone.
It's such an irony!
Even with the crowd the beach is lonely place for us..
..but our house is like a carnival.
You're right. Our 2 sons are already married.
I think we should go for pilgrimage now.
Got it? Take a room in some hotel tomorrow.
There are many solutions for the problems in Bombay.
Show your wife Mumbai city.
Get up. Let's go upstairs.
Leave the house early tomorrow at 10 O' clock.
"I'll show the Bombay city."
"I'll show the Bombay city."
"Come, today I'll make-up for all your complaints."
"Come, today I'll make-up for all your complaints."
"I'll show the Bombay city."
"Come, today I'll make-up for all your complaints."
"Come, today I'll make-up for all your complaints."
"These roads are very colourful."
"Two hearts are wandering on these roads."
"These roads are very colourful."
"Two hearts are wandering on these roads."
"One's yours and another one is mine."
"One's yours and another one is mine."
"Will you sit on the cart or in my heart?"
"Come, today I'll make-up for all your complaints."
"Come, today I'll make-up for all your complaints."
"We got this chance with great difficulties."
"This day shouldn't be wasted."
"We got this chance with great difficulties."
"This day shouldn't be wasted."
"My heart is swinging slowly."
"My heart is swinging slowly."
"I'll welcome you with my flowers."
"Come, today I'll make-up for all your complaints."
"Come, today I'll make-up for all your complaints."
"Listen to me, O princess"
"It seems like we got married today."
"Listen to me, O princess"
"It seems like we got married today."
"Come near me, O my princess."
"Come near me, O my princess."
"Today I shall adorn you with the garland of my arms."
"Come, today I'll make-up for all your complaints."
"Come, today I'll make-up for all your complaints."
"I'll show the Bombay city."
"Come, today I'll make-up for all your complaints."
"Come, today I'll make-up for all your complaints."
Malti, sit here. I'll be back.
Shall we go? - Wait. The clerk is busy.
I want a room. - Sorry!
I want a room. - What kind of room?
Double-room or air-conditioned or ordinary room?
Sorry. - What's your budget?
He's asking why you need the room.
Hello, Hotel Beachland.
Let's go, Malti. I think the person is not here.
Malti, stay here. I'll be back in a moment.
Will I get a small room? - A small room?
What's your budget? - Talk softly.
Are you single or with someone?
My wife's here with me. - Your wife is with you?
Why are you asking me to talk softly?
Sakaram, bring sir's luggage inside.
Do you've luggage or..
Yes. - Sakaram.
Let's go, driver. - What happened?
What happened? - Nothing.
Why are you roaming around so worried?
Sir! Sir!
Why are you quiet? Answer me.
We are looking for a room, Malti?
Really!? When are we shifting?
First we'll just check the room.
We'll take it if we like it.
What kind of house will we buy?
A small house..
..which would be more than a kitchen.
At night there won't be any light..
..or noise from outside.
There won't be any noise from the next room.
No one would hear us.
Does such a house exist in Bombay?
Listen to me this is not a maternity home. It's a hotel.
Wrong number!
We want a small room.
We want it for us. We are husband and wife.
We don't have any luggage.
Just a second.
Engaged! Engaged! Engaged!
I'm sorry, sir. No room is vacant.
Yes, if you come after a couple of hours..
Excuse me, sir. You said you need a room?
Waiting, sir. Waiting.
Mr. Manager. - Yes.
The person in room no. 13 has vacated the room.
He left the room half an hour ago.
But he paid the money for 2 days.
Sir, I'm just making profits for our hotel.
Sir, you got the room.
Write your name and address here.
Write that you're husband and wife.
We are husband and wife. - We know that.
Here only husbands and wives come.
Joseph. - Yes, sir.
Take sir to room no. 13.
Please come, sir. That's room no. 13.
Let's go, Malti. - She's a new girl!
It's such a great room.
Finally we got a room.
It's so quiet here. - Yes.
Who's that? - I'm the waiter, sir.
Who? - Waiter.
I've to change the bed sheet, sir. - Ok. Quick.
Do you've a sea in your village?
Sir, do you need tea or coffee or something else?
Will you've tea?
No, thanks. - Sir, cold drinks?
I said we don't want anything. Get out.
I got it, sir.
Isn't this a nice room?
Who's there? - Open the door.
I said we don't want anything.
Open the door. Police inspector.
Yes? - We've your arrest warrant.
Me? - Madam, you'll have to come to the police station.
But what have we done? - What is your name?
My name is Ram Krishna Sharma.
She's my wife, Malti. - Wife? You also speak Hindi?
Your name is Mr. Bihari..
..and she's Mr. Sirodimal's daughter, Nanda.
Sir. - Shut up!
How can I prove that my name is Ram Krishna!
I live in Bharat Mahal in Dadar. I'm a clerk in LIC office.
She's my wife, Malti. - We don't doubt you.
You say the same in the police station.
Mr. Inspector, he came here later.
Those people left this room at 4 O' clock.
His name was Mr. Bihari. - What!
Yes, sir. - Sorry, sir, I forgot to make their entry.
Oh no!
So sorry, gentleman.
You should've told me earlier. - I didn't know that.
Will you eat something?
Shall I get something for you.
Come. Let's go. - Where?
Don't call that home. How can you call that home?
I'm not asking for a palace. A hut will be sufficient..
..but it should be ours.
What can I do, Malti? - I can't take it anymore.
Why don't you arrange for another house?
2 years ago after his marriage..
..brother gave 2000 rupees for a house.
Neither we got the house nor the money.
I can't even think about another house.
Malti, we can get anything in Bombay, but not a house.
Uncle was right. Bombay is not a nice place.
Send me back to my place.
I'll stay there for a few days. I'll feel better.
I feel suffocated here.
Ok, Malti.
You said that she left in the morning.
She's saying she left a couple of hours ago.
Whoever comes says..
..she'll be back soon. But when will she come?
So what do you want to say? Do you've anything to say?
Is this his house or a junkyard?
I wonder how my girl is living here in such a small place!
Uncle, this is Bombay. People give you place in their hearts..
..but not in their houses. - Confine your dialogues to your drama.
Daughter, you're back!
What happened? Malti, tell me what happened.
What's the matter? Why is she crying? What have you done?
I haven't done anything. - Why is she crying? Is she mad?
What have you done to that innocent girl!
She's the same as she was.
Enough of it now. Malti won't stay here anymore.
Malti, you won't stay here. This is not a place for living.
Please, listen to me. - I don't want to hear anything.
We'll be happy if Malti goes to her house.
It'll hurt us if she leaves this way.
Malti was your daughter. Now she's our daughter-in-law.
Let her stay here for one more day. She'll leave tomorrow.
It's not an auspicious day.
It won't be good if she leaves. - Ok, I'll take her tomorrow.
The train is at 7 O' clock in the evening.
Where will you go? Please, stay here.
We'll share whatever we have. - You want me to stay here?
I can't stay here any longer.
Don't get upset, daughter. We'll leave tomorrow.
I was against this marriage from the start, anyway..
Kanhaiyya, drop him in your taxi. - Ok. Take this.
Where are you going, son? Eat something.
Mother, I'm not hungry.
It's so shameful for us. I'm telling you since many days..
..we should leave for a pilgrimage.
But you never get time from playing cards.
Had we gone, we wouldn't have had to face this day.
Now stop it, Hari's mother. I'm already very upset.
Elder daughter-in-law stays here so easily.
What's the problem with Malti?
Everyone can't be alike, Kulkarni.
Some flowers can blossom in vases..
..and some others need a bigger place.
Poor Malti! No one thought about her.
We'll leave tomorrow no matter what.
You've started it again.
How can we leave tomorrow! Malti is leaving tomorrow.
How should we stop her? - If we leave..
..Malti won't have to leave.
We'll tell Malti's uncle that we're leaving on a pilgrimage.
Malti will take care of the house.
Sister-in-law is right. Isn't she, Mr. Sharma?
Yes, that'll be great. I'll go to my mother's place.
You stay in Manohar's lodge for few days.
We'll give this room to Ram and Malti.
Anyway we'll meet in the theatre.
Why didn't we think about it earlier?
Let bygones be bygones.
I'll tell uncle to let Malti stay here.
Both of us will leave. Ok?
I wanted to buy a sari for you for long..
..but didn't have enough money.
I got it before you leave.
Anyway, I never gave you anything.
Listen, my wife and I are going on pilgrimage today.
The house will be empty.
Let Malti stay in our house at least for couple of months.
When we return, you can take her whenever you wish.
This is rubbish. I'll take her today.
Will all the problems end if you go on a pilgrimage?
If Malti leaves the house in this way we'll feel very hurt.
What will the people say? - Am I responsible for all this?
You should have thought about this earlier.
Find a separate house for them.
Malti used to have a separate room for her dolls.
Is this a place for humans? Malti, let's go.
Uncle, there is a small request. - What's that?
Please, let Malti stay here. - Why?
We are leaving this house today itself.
See we've already packed our luggage.
Malti will live in our room now.
If you wish we'll leave this room just now.
What's going on! All of you retiring or what?
I'm not going to fall for your tricks. Got it?
Look, we'll bring Malti to your house after 2 months.
Will the problems end if you stay out for a couple of months?
You'll return later.
What will you do then?
Listen to me and send your son to our place.
I'll get him a house and a job as well. Come, Malti.
Let's go now. We're getting late.
Malti, we're leaving.
What else should we do?
No. No one will leave. We'll live here. Together.
Yes, uncle. I won't come with you.
Everybody wants to leave this house for me.
How can I leave them?
They love me so much.
Now this is my home.
They are my dear ones in sorrows and happiness.
Mr. Sharma, come outside for a moment.
What? - Listen..
No. How can you do that! What rubbish? - Listen to me.
Look, Kanhaiyya has arranged to mortgage his taxi.
We'll get 5-6 thousand rupees.
Kulkarni, what's going on?
Mr. Sharma, please don't stop us today.
Listen, we'll rent a house for 5-6 thousand rupees..
..somewhere in Bombay. Give us 10-15 days' time.
We live in this Chawl since so many years.
Please, don't separate us.
Yes, uncle.
But daughter, you were..
Uncle, I know that you love me very much.
But they are like my parents.
Ok, dear. You can stay here.
Your uncle is not your enemy.
Your uncle's happiness is in your happiness.
Please, don't mind what I said, Mr. Sharma. - No.
You're great. - Mr. Sharma, I can't help my nature.
I said many harsh words in anger.
I love Malti more than my life, so.. - Please, don't feel sorry.
I can understand your feelings.
Non-residents of Bombay think that our lifestyle is weird.
But what can we do?
We've so many problems that if we start thinking about the sorrows..
..we won't get any happiness.
Mr. Sharma, one knows about true nature..
..only in trouble. Till date I had just seen your outer form..
..not your true nature.
But your love, affection for each other..
..is real happiness.
Today you've really opened my eyes.
Uncle, then stay today and let's go to watch our drama tonight.
You saw its rehearsal once.
No. Let me go now. I'm getting late.
I'm very happy. Very happy..
I'm not worried about Malti now.
My little Malti has become smart. Ok, shall I go now?
God bless you.
We'll come to see you off.
I'll not even take the taxi fare.
No, it's ok. I'll leave.
You try my plan no. 7 and the old man will..
..run away from Bombay in no time.
God bless you, son.
Ram, why are you looking so sad?
Now smile. Malti is not going to her village.
Hari, get ready. We are going to watch drama.
Your 2 minutes will never be over.
Arun, let's go. - Sister-in-law, come soon.
Thank God the station was not so crowded.
The old man was not that bad a person.
Where did they go? - It's a great thing.
Let's go to the beach and spend some time together.
"This is life."
"This is the way of our lives."
"There are some sorrows. There is some happiness."
"This is the darkness and light."
"This is life."
Won't you see the Aero plane, Malti?