Opportunity Knocks (4/10) Movie CLIP - The Great Sommelier (1990) HD

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- Mr. Malkin. - Jonathan, I understand you're the great sommelier.
So why don't you do the honors.
Well, it's, uh... it's been a while since I, uh,
Actually, most of my equipment is still in storage.
[Laughing] "Equipment is in storage."
Well, uh... Yeah, I'll have this one right here.
Excuse me, but that is the address of the wine distributor.
[Clears Throat] Yeah. How about this one?
That is the surcharge, sir.
May I suggest something a little higher up on the page?
Chateau Lafite.
Oh. Excellent. [Cyril] Excellent.
Hope everybody's thirsty.
[Beeping] [Milt] Annie, the beeper again?
Are you the only doctor they have down there?
Dad, I'll be right back.
Wow, a doctor. You two must be very proud of that girl.
Yeah. Sometimes I think she works too hard. Mm.
Hey, you know, if you ask me, hard work and dedication is what it is all about.
- Look at Elvis. - Who?
Elvis. Elvis Presley.
Thirty-five platinum albums.
Ha-Had his... Had his own floor at Caesar's.
Mrs. Gonzalez is having her baby.
Annie, you practically donate your time. You have to do it in the middle of lunch?
Dad, calm down.
Listen, I'll tell you what.
If it's a boy, I'll suggest Milt Gonzalez.
[Mona Chuckles] Bye, Dad. Bye, Mom.
- Good-bye, sweetheart. - Bye, Jonathan.
Bye. Chateau Lafite.
[Chuckling] [Chuckling]
- Think he'll come back and burp me after lunch, Milt? - [Chuckling]
What are you saving it for there, slim? Come on, come on.
Wow! That is incredible!
You guys gotta try this. Mm!