1dol m@id e05 Kikwang talk subs

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The first time you met the members, who do you have the worst first impression of?
It's Kikwang.
When Kikwang smiles, he looks kinda frivolous
Oh~ Yes, yes.
The first time I met him
He greeted me with a very flippant "Hi"
That's how he greeted us
I have the feeling that he has some kind of background
Compared to me, I am considered older than him
So I thougt he had some kind of special background
But I found out later that he's just a pabo
He's probably considered the most naggy person amongst all of us
He just keep talking endlessly and does not consider that the kids may be inconvenienced due to what he said
Sometimes when his nagging starts to annoy us
He will feel very sorry towards to the rest of us, truly very sorry
Like it's the worst thing ever
But, he will completely forget about it very quickly
And he make the same mistake again
Which is why we are still listening to his nagging now
Initially, we were really annoyed by this
We thought he was nagging on purpose
Bongsun: Ah, and it created some misunderstanding Junhyung: Yes
But we later realized that he's just a pabo, and he forgets everything
He even forgets what the President says
The kid who is able can immediately forget what the scary President says
The kid who acheived 17th in class after transferring school But still unable to reach the height of 170 cm
Unconsciously became the member of Korea's best idol group, shining in variety shows
Different from the other members, this kid suffered But still manages to laugh it away, he'll be great some day - maid, Shin Bongsun
Unwilling to make a phonecall even when he's down I think Kikwang is obviously a very strong kid - maid, Jung Gaeun
I think I should be stronger and better Everyday, growing little by little, doesn't matter when I'll be able to reach 170 com - Lee Kikwang