Save Money on Moving: Mission Frugalicious (The Frugalicious Show)

Uploaded by TheFrugaliciousShow on 20.06.2011

Hi everyone it’s Larissa from Frugalicious and this is the Deal of the Day.
It’s Monday, Happy Monday! Hope everyone had a great Father’s Day weekend.
Now it’s time for another Mission Frugalicious!
I got an email from Laura, who is moving from Brooklyn to Queens, and has
ZERO budget to spend on the move. I hear you Laura, moving can be soooo
expensive! Not to mention time consuming and exhausting. I’ve got some tips
that I hope will help you out.
OK, let’s start with packing your stuff. Hiring movers to also PACK your
stuff costs approximately 50% of the moving price -So you probably want to
pack your own stuff. I would also advise you to go through your stuff and
toss all the clutter NOW, so you don’t end up moving with it. Go through
old clothes, books, etc and be ruthless! The less stuff you move with, the
less time and money it’s going to cost you. I found a step by step moving
guide from Real Simple that will help you stay organized, check out the
link below!
For packing materials - do not buy boxes! Go to stores like grocery stores,
Kmart, Walmart, liquor stores and ask them for boxes or see if you can get
them from an office. Or check out craigslist for free moving supplies. Wrap
your valuables in your clothes instead of those little peanuts. All you’ll
have to buy is tape.
If you’re going to hire movers, book early and do your research! Make sure
you get a written confirmation of everything that is included in the price
- even dollies and those big blankets for the furniture. Make sure you do a
cost comparison to figure out if a flat rate vs hourly is a better value
for you. Consider moving on a weekday, as those prices are usually lower
than weekend moves. We personally moved earlier this year and used
FlatRateMovers - they came very highly recommended and we liked that it was
an all-inclusive price - unlimited hours, unlimited materials, including
taxes, fees, everything!
If you need help loading and unloading, consider hiring help on both ends,
but renting and driving the truck yourself. Sometimes this can be cheaper,
do your research. If you’re renting the truck yourself, make sure you
reserve in advance, and consider doing a weekday instead of weekend as the
rates might be lower.
Or the ultimate budget-friendly move is getting your friends to help! For
the cost of some pizza and beer, enlist your friends’ help in loading and
unloading. But remember, the next time they ask you to help them move, you
probably have to say yes. I found another great moving and packing
checklist at - I’ve got the link in the description below.
Well Laura, I hope I helped you out, and good luck on the move. All my
Frugalicious friends out there - what are your budget-friendly moving tips?
Leave a comment and let us know.
Thanks for watching guys, and remember if YOU want to be featured on
Mission Frugalicious, send me an email at Happy Shopping
and I’ll see you tomorrow!