Save Money on Books!

Uploaded by TheFrugaliciousShow on 20.01.2011

Hi everyone, it’s Larissa from Frugalicious, and this is the Deal of the
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my blog, and to get the Frugal Deal - Right now we have a great deal with
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Today’s Deal of the Day is all about books.
I found a great deal for you at Borders - 33% off any one item online or in
stores. So check out the description for a link to the coupon or the code,
and start shopping!
Now, onto ebooks. Did you buy a Kindle or a Nook and are now cringing at
the prices as you load it up? Well, I’ve got some FREE solutions for you!
Check out Amazon because they frequently have FREE ebooks you can download
for your Kindle. frequently lists them, so check out her
blog to get updates on those. Also, the Nook is compatible with most public
libraries - which means you can download FREE library books to the device -
when they’re “due”, they simply dissappear from the device.
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Happy Shopping and I’ll see you tomorrow!