My Phonak FM and Me

Uploaded by nosila57 on 23.04.2010

This is Aundrea reporting to you about my Phonak inspiro FM system.
There are four things I like about my FM.
I like to talk into the microphone.
It helps me hear my voice.
It makes my teacher's voice sound clearer.
When it is loud the volume goes up and down.
I can take it to different classroom like speech,
computers, and music but not gym.
It is easy to carry.
I listen to the story without using the headphones.
I can see how it attaches to my hearing aids.
And I can do it myself.
If I didn't have my FM
I couldn't hear better.
I couldn't hear my teacher.
School would be hard.
I think my Phonak inspiro is great.
Have a good day! Bye!
My Phonak and Me
Well I like to speak into my umm microphone.
Well it helps my umm teacher's voice sound clearer.
School will be hard.
I could not concentrate because
it gets harder and harder and harder and I don't get it.
My Phonak inspiro changed my life.