Hunting YouTube - boar, bunnies, lake trout and Caribbean clays

Uploaded by fieldsportschannel on 21.11.2012

This is Hunting YouTube, which aims to show the best hunting, shooting and fishing videos
that YouTube has to offer.
Hunting FPS has not being doing much on YouTube recently which is a great shame - but he did
manage a couple of trips recently when the sun was out, and here is the footage. As you
can see from Slow Motion Airgun Rabbit Hunting #18, the bunnies have been causing a bit of
damage and the farmer is keen for their numbers to be reduced.
Now the clay season is not at its height in the UK at the moment on account of the wintry
weather but here's a good idea. AntiguaClays is the YouTube channel for a shooting resort
in the Caribbean, which claims to be the only one of its kind. Even if you can't afford
the air fare, here's a film to lighten up your day.
The Lagotto Romagnolo is one of the new breed of gundogs that follows in the pawprints of
such Italian masterpieces as the spinone and bracco. The famous gundog photographer has
a YouTube site. NickRidley9261's film shows a group of UK based Lagottos demonstrating
their traditional work as gundogs. From the Romagna sub-region of Italy. The name means
"lake dog from Armagnac".
Now on to fish. Monster lake trout, world record laker is a rediscovered film, thought
to be lost, dating from as long ago as 1996, when Bob Mehsikomer caught and released a
possible 60-pounder on Lake Athabasca in Saskatchewan.
Moving Down Under, Fishing Exmouth with bream gear and MadEye lures is Aussie Breamer's
latest technique for one of Australia's favourite sea fish. This film took a week to make.
With Christmas coming, the DVD makers are using YouTube for their trailers - and it
looks like wild boar is top of the list. Here is trailer to the hunting DVD Baiting Wild
Boar, made in Sweden and with lots of shooting action.
From Russia, Sladkova is a trailer for a DVD about hunting for wild boar, roe deer, red
deer and game birds. More bucks, more boar, more bangs.
And from Spain, Reivax Films presents Great Hungarian Hunts. Once again, it is driven
wild boar that are face the cazadores. There three films and four countries. All of these
films lead you to websites where you can purchase DVDs.
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need I say more.
You can click on any of these films to watch them. If you have a YouTube film you would
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