[2011.08.12] Engsub Tina & Aom DayDayUp part 2

Uploaded by oahtmac on 12.08.2011

Host: Tina is a DJ and has her own show... what program are u Dj-ing?
Tina introduces her show- FM PYNK
Host: can u do some demonstration?
Heyheyhey -Tina's trademark phrase in the show
They then commented Aom is also from Chinese descendant (Thai mix with Chinese) & proceeded by? inviting Aom to dance
Host: she touches your hand!!!
Aom begins to sing
Host: Hey hey hey~ very nice singing.
Host: So what do the young ppl in Thailand like to do/play?
Aom: Ukelele
Host : I heard Tina is very good at it. Does everyone wanna hear it?
Host: this song will be popular after now. Everyone will go home and pratice it
Host: Are they best friends in real life?
Aom: I do not want to be her best friend but we are very close in real life cause we worked together a lot.
(Then? one of the host, Host K asked something but was edited out and Host X told him not to ask such a question eventhough it's a very good question.)
Tina: I always got bullied by Aom
(Then the hosts suggested them to "Bao Bao" (mean tell something "scandalous" or gossip about each other) But the translator misunderstood it and asked Hug? or Gossip?)
Hosts: Gossip~ not Hug^^
Translator: So who should start first?
Aom: Tina? is so vain and loves to look good & trendy. To look trendy, she will carry a big bag & purposely put a doll in her bag so it will have a nice shape.
Aom: without the toy, her bag wont be in nice shape
Host: this toy is going to be famous too :))
Aom is very clumsy and there's one time after we finished shooting. The crew sent Aom home & as she opened the door, she fell down and because she was wearing high heel. She dropped on her knees =))
Next question:? Would they like to act together again? And what role would they like to play? I know everyone hope so.
Aom: I want to act someone who's like Tina.
Host: So in her next movie, she want to have short hair and TIna with long hair.
And what role would Tina like?
Tina: I want to have a beautiful,sweet girl role with long hair.
Host: why dont we try it here, Tina will act as a sweet girl
Host: Okay, now how about a love story of a Korean guy & a Thai girl. - with Language barrier. Love at 1st sight. I wonder what would happen?
Narration: One day Xiao Wu was waiting for car & walked past a bus station and...
Narration 2: He took initiative to introduce himself in Korean.
Xiao Wu: Sawadeeka
Other hosts: In Korean!!
Aom: Sawadeeka
Xiao Wu: Gibberish in Korean.