Os Barbixas - Improvável - Transforma 1 (com Oscar Filho e Marcela Leal)

Uploaded by videosimprovaveis on 09.07.2008

- Ladies and gentlemen, a game with Oscar Filho! - Applause!
Oscar will play and I will stay.
I'm rhyming already, how sweet.
Alright, he'll play the "Blind Freeze" Game, as he said,
and the "Blind Freeze", I knew what it was when the show began...
Starting with... Oscar. And Anderson.
They will play a scene, I say "transform",
they freeze, someone comes in, replaces someone,
and they begin a completely new scene.
Wasn't I brief?
Alright, you're in a...
I'll begin with a sentence. Good.
How about... "I enjoyed having a sex change."
I enjoyed having a sex change!
It was go... It was good!
It was good!
- But you're still adapting... - Yeah, I'm still kinda heavy, I feel...
Look at the zoo's monkeys!
Come here, come here!
- Come here! - Transform!
You can clean the wall like this, but I think you're exaggerating.
You don't have to be like this, you can be straight, see?
I didn't know, it's the first time I clean a... A...
- No, it's not very good... - Transform!
Spread your legs, man! Spread your legs!
I didn't do anything, I was just walking...
- Nothing! Always the same talk! - Transform!
Let me open my closet.
Time to block! It's coming!
They were missing you so much, they didn't let you leave for a second!
IMPROVÁVEL Probably a good show.