Grupo EBX: OGX, rumo à expansão dos negócios

Uploaded by GrupoEBX on 12.12.2011

OGX will commence its production of petroleum in the Campos Basin in the accumulation called Waimea,
located in Block BM-C-41 approximately 85 kilometers from the coast of the state of Rio de Janeiro, at a water depth of 130 meters.
Well OGX-26, the first producing well, will enter into production through a system called a Long Duration Test (LDT)
with up to 20 thousand barrels of oil per day, followed by a production pilot test.
The well has already been drilled, with a total depth of 4.746 meters, and a horizontal segment of 1.000 meters within the carbonate reservoir.
The drilling of horizontal wells is a technique that is widely used in the petroleum industry to increase the area of the reservoir open for production.
In order to maximize production, the well was stimulated with a method called selective acidification,
distributing acid at 8 intervals previously selected along the length of the entire horizontal segment.
Both the drilling of this first horizontal well, as well as the selective acidification, demonstrate the great technical and execution capacity of OGX.
Both operations were conducted without abnormalities and with excellent results, such as the very high production indexes
and the confirmation of the production potential of 40 thousand barrels per day of oil with gravity of approximately 20° API.
The OGX 26 will be equipped for production with electrical submarine pumping,
which works with an electric pump installed at the bottom of the well and a wet Christmas tree,
which is an apparatus consisting of valves and sensors installed on the bottom of the sea, allowing for total control of production.
The wet Christmas tree will be interconnected with the FPSO OSX1 production unit through flexible lines to pump out the oil produced,
and with the electro-hydraulic umbilical line which will control the electric pump installed at the bottom of the well as well as the wet Christmas tree.
The FPSO OSX1 has a mooring system called a Disconnectable Turret,
which allows for its prior installation and the hooking up of the well before the FPSO arrives on site.
This well provides the initial framework of projects for the development of production of the large accumulations discovered so far by OGX.