Continuum Ep 01: Supernovacaine

Uploaded by ContinuumTheSeries on 29.05.2012

I am glad that you are awake.
Who are you?
Where are you?
Do not worry, Raegen. Everything is okay now.
That is your name.
You do not remember your name?
No, I...
I guess not.
Can you come out where I can see you?
Why are you using the intercom?
That is the only way I can communicate.
You do not remember me either?
I don't remember...
How long was I asleep?
Almost a year.
You were only supposed to sleep six months.
The system malfunctioned.
How do you know all this?
You're just a child.
And why didn't you or your parents come wake me up?
Too dangerous.
And I'm not a child.
I don't understand.
Why would it be dangerous?
Where am I?
Who's in charge here?
You are.
I am the onboard computer, built into this ship.
I'm here to assist you on this mission.
You're a computer.
That is correct.
And I'm here on a mission.
It sounds like you do not remember what that is either.
So computer, do you have a name?
A name?
Yeah, what do people call you?
They call me computer.
But a name would be good. Would you like to name me?
Okay, sure, um...
Let me think on it. It's just...
that kid's voice you got going on, really bothers me.
I can change my voice.
Yes, please do.
How is this? Or this?
- Maybe this. - Yes.
Yes, that one.
I am at your assistance.
Okay then...
- I have another question for you. - Yes?
Are there any other people,
you know, real live flesh and blood people on this ship?
Besides you? No.
Well, that is great news.
How is that great?
Sarcasm must not be a part of your program, huh?
No, it is not.
Where are we headed?
Unfortunately, our flight plan is not accessible.
And what does that mean, "not accessible"?
Are you being sarcastic now?
It means the ship is...
English subtitles by BugHer0