Elias - PART 31 (English subtitles)

Uploaded by Monpensiers88 on 23.07.2012

People have commented the video like crazy. Wow, even from different school.
Even the hockey guys think Lari is a crybaby.
Was it a smart thing to upload that video to Facebook?
Whose side are you on?
You just can't even lift a finger against those gorillas.
You could've just show the video to Lari only. That would've been enough revenge.
Nothing is enough comparing how he's been bulling everyone.
Besides, you helped him with the flower picture of me.
You took part in that?
I just don't want anyone to suffer.
Lari deserves this. Play it one more time.
It's so rude, let's not watch it anymore.
I can go nowhere anymore.
Everyone is going to laugh at me.
I can't believe how Elias could do something like this.
I don't care.
I can see you're hurt.
Like losing the game wasn't enough. There was no need for the video.
I'm going to make Elias to take that off.
Everyone has already seen it.
I'm most upset because of the headline. Why did he included my mum into this?
Should we rent a movie? There's nothing on TV.
What? Isn't Lari crying enough anymore?
Well, I'm gonna go home.
Let me see.
Isn't there any limit of your rudeness?
I guess you saw the --
The Facebook video? Yes, I saw it.
I know I promised to tolerate Lari, but he makes it impossible. He deserved the joke.
You can joke all you want, but leave the dead ones out of it.
What are you talking about?
Lari's mother is dead.
How is it possible that I didn't know Lari's mother is dead?
There is no way you could've known.
That's not a very good excuse right now.
Lari, sorry about the video.
And about your mother.
I removed the video already.
We didn't know about your mother.
Could all the hatred come to an end now?
No way. You're gonna pay for what you did.