The Lebanon I Dream of -Part1/6 (Translated)

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"A Land for sale from 14 march and 8 march parties"
[The Lebanese national anthem music]
One of god's blessing to us Lebanese is that we were born in this nation.
Lebanon is unique worldwide.
Wherever you go in the world
you say "I have this in Lebanon".
It’s in your thoughts everywhere you go.
The country that can't be forgotten.
Tony Hanna (singer): I have been around the world as I told you, but...
...this is not blind love for Lebanon.
No place is more beautiful
Aimme Sukkar: Lebanon is my identity Lebanon is the air we breathe, the water I drink,
the sun that warms me.
Rabih Kayrouz (Designer): the car's honking, the basket that goes up the stairs,
Michel El-koterpads (Lebanses Business Man): The green almonds, the lemongrass in spring,
ice cream at "Berdawni".
A smile is born every day. I don't know why or how.
See? I am smiling. Whenever I speak about Lebanon, I smile.
You wake up in the morning
and you start watching the sun, leaping
from valley to valley, from hill to another.
You’re waiting for it to reach your village.
It is aiming for it. You are waiting for it to arrive.
And it arrives.
Hiba El-Kawas (Composer & Opera singer): As I look I tell myself "this is paradise".
The war is something else but reality is here.
Rimon Jabbara (play actor): I grew up here in Lebanon, in a village. I'm a villager
But Lebanon, when i grew up...
I felt it was against me, against good people, you know.
Today's Lebanon... I do not know it.
They've ruined this paradise called Lebanon
and stolen our childhood, our tradition, our customs.
We are suffering a lot.
Lebanon is so dear to me that it's ruining my health
I travel a lot and give lecture in all Arab countries.
Unfortunately, I hear them saying how sorry they are for Lebanon.
This hurts me.
Dr. Zaydan Karam (Professor in heart deceasis) The Arab countries are deserts and they are turning into a paradise,
while our paradise is turned into a desert
They burned the trees, destroyed everything, poluted the sea.
This is the biggest regret.
God gave us a miracle, and we are throwing it away.
Gilbert Doumet (Activist): The seashore resembles the structure of the Lebanese system.
Rafaat Taraby (Actor): You are only 20 meters away from the seashore
but you can't see the sea
Try to solve a problem in Lebanon.
Solve the maritime occupancies, for example.
Impossible, because the leaders who stole the seashore
are the ones to judge themselves.
They refuse
No one would write his own death sentence.
Abdo Ghazali (Fisherman): Look, this shore used to be all sand praising the Creator
Where are human rights?! Who would swim here?!
Four sewers, all diverted in the sea.
They open them at night.
The whole world's waste is here.
Look! Sewage and garbage.
Should I explain what a sewer is?
A sewer transports people's shit,
left in the sea to kill the living and the dead.
That garbage mount in the sea is terrifying.
When we sail out to sea, our nets get tangled in nylon.
It ruins our meal-ticket.
"Who is responsible for that? Who is dumping all this?"
Honestly, I do not know.
There are no birds left.
If a reckless bird passes, they would kill it.
Hear the shots! That's probably a poor bird passing.
Stavro Jabra (Concaturist): In Brazil, In Australia, the Lebanese plant Lebanese olive trees,
Lebanese pine tree, Lebanese Cedar tree.
Here you can't find them anymore.
They want to burn them and replace them by palm trees.
I don't know where we are heading.
They might replace asphalt with desert sand.
They don't want asphalt on the street.
Their morals are as black as asphalt.
"Pollution", "Beirut Downtown"
May Murr (Researcher/Historian) Do you know what happen to Beirut's artifacts? They throw them in the sea.
And they took the antiquities to their homes.
They found layers 60,000 years old BC.
I still have the article from "Le Monde" magazine: "Beirut: the largest archaeological site in the world"
Suddenly all archeologists disappear and everybody goes home?!.
Rabih Khalifeh (engineer) My father used to own a retail over there.
They gave him 16,000$ for a shop worth today over 5M$.
I begged them that whenever they reach to the 'Law school',
don't let them bury it or throw it in the sea.
They found the 'Law School' and they were ordered to bury it.
They shoveled the ruins to the sea
and they erected 'SOLIDERE'.
"Pollution", "Beirut Downtown", "Traffic System"
Andre El Hajj (Composer): Let's talk about the traffic system.
I was in my car one day, the policeman told me to drive on.
I said: "it's a red light". He said:"drive on, you want to make rules now!".
Dr. Waleed Gholmieh (Director of the National Higher Conservatory) I run the risk of becoming a killer at least 4 times a day while driving.
Just watch how motorcyclists ride.
The wrong way, they pop out of forbidden turns.
Until they surprise you. You could hit them, kill them.
A policeman told me once: "traffic rules do not apply on motorcycles".
I stop at the red light by law,
people start to honking behind me: GO!
They drive past you and insult you: Why did you stop mother...? DRIVE!