The Chasers - Peter Garret Compilation

Uploaded by Bzeager on 25.10.2008

#Bed are burning - Midnight Oil#
#How can we dance when our world is turning?#
#How do we sleep while our beds are burning.#
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and is not recommended for children under the age of 15 years.
#Chaser's War on Everything - Theme Song#
#Cheering and clapping#
...Soundbite Challenge.
Where we see how many times a politician
can repeat the same soundbite
or word in a single doorstop.
And this weeks challenge for Peter Garrett
The word: jocular.
On the basis of my short and jocular conversation.
On the basis of a short
jocular and casual conversation.
On the basis of a casual and jocular conversation.
On the basis of a casual and jocular conversation.
I had a brief
jocular conversation.
A jocular and short conversation.
My short conversation with Steve Price this morning
was jocular in nature.
This was a short and casual conversation
jocular in manner
Well... I thought it was a casual, short, jocular conversation.
I don't consider it was anything other than a casual
short and jocular conversation.
Ten! Woah! #Cheering and clapping#
Well, with an election in the air, The Fixers are needed more than ever.
And the first problem on our hands this week is Peter Garrett.
Yes, talk about a man whose sold out on all his principles
This is the guy who used to head the Conservation Foundation.\
and he's now just supported the controversial pulp mill in Tasmania
Yeah, well, he's basically just done a U-turn on everything
that he stood for during the Midnight Oil days.
He's even redesigned his clothes.
I blame politics
So I really think he's not telling us what he thinks deep down.
Yeah, but, maybe theres another way to get him
to speak his own mind again.
Peter, how you doing?
I'm really good.
Ohh, that's good...
Look, we know you've done a few flip-flops since quitting music
Oh, you've written a song for us
Nah, well, it's actually one of yours
'cause we realise that you're only going to speak your mind
when there's a band behind you
#Drums begin# Three! Four!
Ohh, come and tell us what you really think about the Aborigines.
We've got 'Bed's Are Burning.'
Oh common Peter, the pulp mill, the mining...
I'll start you off:
Rarghhgaga ragaahhhaa (Mocking his early singing)
#Clapping and cheering#
Well, tonight is the last Current Affairs segment of the season.
But don't despair, because we're going to pack all our left over lessons
into this last minute cram session.
And the first lesson is: Hiding bad acting.
The only things current affair shows like more than crap re-enactments
is filling them with crap actors
But that's okay, because these shows have worked out the secret
of hiding bad acting.
You simply shake the bejesus out of the camera.
"By the time that Alex said Mr. Kim's son got involved"
"...The vicious attack, payback, that Des' accusations- they'd stolen his shovel."
"What Des' and his family can't understand, is why."
You know where they discovered this technique, don't you?
One day they accidentally hired Peter Garrett as their cameraman.
Rarghhgaga waa-waaa
Raaaaraa waa-waa...
It was a short and jocular conversation.
#Laughter and clapping#
#Beds Are Burning - Midnight Oil#
#How can we dance when our world is turning?#
#How do we sleep when our beds are burning?#