Build a Gaming PC for Under $550 (November 2011)

Uploaded by duncan33303 on 29.11.2011

Due to the nature of building a custom computer
you may find compatibility issues with the following
parts list. Today I’m here with the latest in my
computer build series, focusing on a computer that
is aimed at entry level 1080p gaming performance at
the $550 price point. You won’t be able to play every
game maxed at 1080p but you will get reasonable
performance in any game you throw at it.
To start with we’ll be using an Intel Pentium G840.
As one of the new Sandy Bridge Pentium chips you’ll find
it has solid performance with a dual core design clocked
at 2.8GHz. In normal gaming the Pentium G840 outperforms
any AMD chip for the price and is only just behind the
Core i3. For $85 this is a great start. Next we have a Asus
P8H61 motherboard. This is a fairly basic H61 board but it
has everything you need to get your build up and running for
$68. For the graphics card we’ll be using a Sapphire Radeon
6770. This is one of the best price to performance GPUs you
can buy and it will run practically any game you throw at it
on medium to high settings. With DVI, HDMI and DisplayPort
connectors to support most monitors this is a great card for
only $100 after rebate. Moving on to the RAM we have a full
8GB of Corsair XMS3 memory clocked at 1333MHz. Having a full
8GB of RAM on a system can be helpful down the road and for
only $24 after rebate it’s hard to pass up. For the hard drive
we have a Western Digital Caviar Blue 500GB drive. 500GB should
be more than enough store lots of games and as it’s a 7200RPM
drive your system should be running nicely for a $100. As always
this Asus DVD burner is optional but I like to include it as it
simplifies Windows installation and lets you use your optical
media for $20. The case is a Thermaltake V4 Black Edition. For
a budget case you get a lot including a 120mm blue LED fan and
lots of room for expansions for extra drives. Coupled with an
extra 120mm fan for better cooling this will run you $37.
For a power supply we have an Cooler Master Elite 460W supply.
460W is more than enough to power the system so this will work
great for $34. Lastly we have the operating system, Windows 7
Home Premium 64-bit. If you want to run Linux or already have
an operating system ready you can skip this but otherwise it
will run you a cool $80. So what’s the damage? As of November
29th, 2011 on the entire build will run $548.72. For
just over $500 you’ll get a solid gaming PC capable of handling
this year’s great games. Do keep in mind that prices are
constantly fluctuating and that it’s a custom PC that you can of
course feel free to customize to your own liking. If you found
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