Homemade Dog Treats, Dog Gifts, Dog Crafts

Uploaded by k9dogtreats on 02.07.2011

Hi this is Lotus Fairchild. I’m not the best cook in the world, and if a recipe isn’t
quick and easy, then I’m not all that interested in it. My stove has low mileage. So that’s
why I started K9DogTreats.com, a website devoted to people who don’t know their way around
a kitchen, or don’t care, or are far too busy working or taking care of their family
to even remember that they do have a kitchen. Come on over and visit me at K9DogTreats.com
and you can information and ideas for making quick and easy homemade dog treats. I also
have information on do it yourself dog gifts and dog crafts. I like to keep things low
cost and very simple. So please visit me at www.K9DogTreats.com.