Space Fans Unite!

Uploaded by tdarnell on 11.05.2012

Hello Space Fans, I'm taking a break from making today's SFN to make an appeal.
This channel has been nominated for YouTube's 'On the rise' program which helps promote
up and coming channels and if it gets selected, it'll get put on YouTube's Homepage.
One of the criteria they use when making a decision is how many votes each channel gets
on the blog. So I've included a link in the description box below and if you could take
a few minutes to vote, that would be awesome.
I really believe one of the reasons this channel is doing so well is due in no small part to
the support your've shown me over the years.
We have a safe environment here, where all we want is to learn about the universe and
our place in it. That's really rare in an environment where its acceptable to call someone
every kind of a 'hard they can think of.
I'm very proud of how troll-free we are.
If you're so inclined, please take a moment and vote for our channel. If we get on the
home page, then we have a chance to get even more people to take a second out of their
day and look up and wonder about their place in the universe.
I mean it from the bottom of my heart when I say, thank you so much for watching and,
as always, Keep Looking Up!