Variwide charts in Excel

Uploaded by sanand on 16.04.2011

The chart that you're seeing on the screen is called a variwide chart.
That's because it's composed of multiple blocks,
each having a varying width and height.
So, it's a bunch of stacked bars, but of varying widths,
and these are very useful in visualisation.
Unfortunately, Excel doesn't let you create these by default.
So I'm going to explain how you can create a variwide like this on Excel.
Now, notice: this variwide has a block that is 10 by 10,
another block that is 5 by 5,
another block that is 5 by 2.
So that's what we're going to create.
So first go to Insert - Chart.
The important thing is to select the Chart Type
as X-Y scatter
with "Scatter with data points connected by lines without markers".
So we're going to draw individual lines that map the shape of the variwide.
Let's get rid of the non-essential items...
don't need the legend...
don't need the initial data...
and we don't need the grid lines.
It's useful to change the data to "Series in Columns"
because that makes it easier to type.
Now, we're going to draw lines.
We're going to start with 0,0
go up to 0,10
to the right to 10,10
and then down 10,0.
That creates the first block.
So, (0,0), (0,10), (10,10), (10,0)
We've got the first block of 10 by 10
Next, we're going to create the block that's 5 by 5
to the right of this.
So start, and go up
move to the right
and move down.
We've got the next block here.
The third block is 5 by 2, so we start,
go up 2,
go to the right 5,
then go down 2.
That creates a variwide (10x10), (5x5), (5x2).