Cardinal Update May 2011

Uploaded by univoflouisville on 25.05.2011

We’ve just finished another successful academic year here at the University of Louisville.
Nearly 3000 students joined the ranks as alumni
this month at spring commencement at the KFC! Yum Center.
I’ve come to love the city I’ve come to love the the school
and really really proud of the fact that I am a graduate of this school now
and the opportunities that were afforded me were tremendous
the teachers are fantastic.
We hope our new alums stay as involved as many as our lifelong cardinals.
We celebrate our alumni whenever we get the chance.
But every year we honor those cards celebrating their 50th
class reunion during our golden alumni event.
I had 2 boys, my two youngest went to med school,
went here at the med school, and then I had a boy
go through speed school,
and another boy went to school here and got a business degree.
So it’s been good for my family.
Our outstanding business school students continue
to cruise in national and international competitions.
We celebrated 5 student groups from our entrepreneurship program
who have earned more than 750 thousand dollars in prize money
and one team is the best in the world, winning the international
competition for best new business plan.
The MBA program the entrepreneurship MBA program guided us to our path of success.
We could not have done it without Dr. Clouse
and his teaching of perfection.
Everything we did in class guided us to what we are today.
One of my favorite events of the year is during derby week
when UofL and the Kentucky cancer program celebrate with our cancer
survivors at the James Graham Brown cancer center.
It’s basically to celebrate I think, UofL technology,
and that you know you run into so many people I was in stage 4
I was in this I was in that but look at me I’m surviving I mean if
if I didn’t tell you my story you wouldn’t know it was me.
I said it’s just letting people know that the cancer can be beat
and it’s not just surviving, it’s thriving, after you survive.
We welcome you to visit us on campus this summer.
On June 10 we host “Cards under the Stars” our outdoor movie series.
Bring the family and enjoy an evening of fun outside of Grawemeyer Hall.
Thank you and Go Cards!