Prescription Drug Abuse Among Celebrities - Drug Rehab

Uploaded by promisestreatment on 05.04.2011

>> Hollyscoop: The Hollyscoop Hot Seven >> Host: Lindsay Lohan is the president of
the Hollywood bad girls club. But, is Lohan to blame for her bad behavior?
>> Hollyscoop: Number Seven >> Host: Dr. David Sack, CEO of Promises rehab
facility in Malibu, who has not treated Lindsay, weighs in.
>> Dr. David Sack: Relatively little is being done by Hollywood as a whole about drug and
alcohol use. >> Host: Dr. Sack, however, believes drug
use is a problem everywhere and not just in Hollywood.
>> Dr. David Sack: The use of hardcore drugs does not appear to be increasing in celebrities
as opposed to the rest of the population. What's happening is that prescription narcotics
are being used much more broadly by everyone, celebrities and non-celebrities alike. And,
as a result, there are many more people dying of overdose.
>> Host: But it's only the celebs whose fall from grace is captured by the cameras.