Leaving a Cult: Aftereffects

Uploaded by MEAndersFit on 29.08.2011

The following post is written by an insightful blogger-friend of mine, Marilag Lubag. Her
inspiring story has emerged through her writings on her blog.
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Having parents from different Christian denominations made me question my faith.  For one thing,
a lot of devout Catholics (those who go to church every Sunday and fast during lent)
are the most judgmental people I had ever met.  On the other hand, I’ve also met
Protestants who think that they’re the only ones going to heaven.  During my teenage
years, it caused me a lot of confusion.  I was basically a sheep without a shepherd,
wandering aimlessly in the land. Being inherently stubborn, my natural tendency
was to rebel.  I still go to church but I no longer consider myself a Christian.  It
was not a matter of faith because I still believe in God.  It was just that I don’t
want to be associated with people who commit awful things in the name of Jesus.  This
decision made me search deeper.  I believe that God exists but without a religion, I
am at a loss.  In the end, I came up with this conclusion.  It doesn’t matter whatever
faith I believe in.  What matters is that I believe in God.
It’s okay to question one’s faith.  I may not be a good Catholic or even a good
Protestant but that made me search deep within me.  It was when we don’t question our
beliefs that we blindly follow others and uncomprehendingly perform crimes in the name
of the religion we’re following.  Knowing that God created everything, I’m sure that
he wouldn’t like it if we hurt anyone regardless of what sect we believe in...
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  Thank you, Marilag, for this inspiring post
on your blog!  Many blessings to you on your spiritual journey.