Wonderflex Tutorial

Uploaded by Mogrymillian on 08.11.2010

Hi! I'm Svetlana and that's my first video.
Many also know me as Kamui, and I wanted to make a video
tutorial because a lot of people asked me to do one.
So this first one is about Wonderflex. Wonderflex...
what do you use it for? For expamle things like this...
And... things like that.
So now I will show you how to work with it.
Oooohhhhhh! *Chuckle*
So first of all you need a pattern.
I sketched mine onto a piece of newspaper and cut it out.
Second you need craft form.
It's used as a core for wonderflex and gives it stability.
Then you take your pattern and copy it onto the craft foam.
So! Know you take your scissors and cut it out.
Ta-dah! Now we need some wonderflex.
We put the craft form onto it and roughly cut it out as well.
For one craft form piece you need two wonderflex pieces.
One for the front, and one for the back.
Wonderlex -by the way- has two different surfaces.
One has a structure. This one.
And a rough one.
The structured one is harder to work with
so better use it for the inside of your armor
and the rough one for the top, which will be painted later.
So! Now we take the wonderflex and the craft foam.
Put them into a sandwhich like ... situation
and heat it with a hot air gun.
Once from the top and once from the bottom.
Just be careful with your fingers.
If you got a bubble. Open the wonderflex carefully
and put it back into place. The wonderflex is now pretty hot
so it's a good idea to use craft form to model it.
You take a little bit and smooth out the edges.
Cut the wonderflex a with few millimetres space around the craft foam.
And now you put everything together.
Therefore you heat the edges you need.
Put them above each other and glue them carefully together.
So you see you don't need any kind of glue because it
sticks together when it is heated.
Now you can give it it's form. Therefore I use any kind of
things I find around the hose. Like this bottle. Lay it on top
and wait for it to cool down.
So this was the mistery of wonderlfex, at least the way I use it
More info you'll find on my blog... down there in the description
for the video. Wonderflex by the way is also very solid which you
can see here at my stage performance.
I hope you liked my video and I see you next time!