Neil deGrasse Tyson - Stupid Design (Closed Captioned)

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But my favorite way to end this then is to just reflect on ...
I wanna do just a fast tirade on stupid design.
And ... this will be fast.
Look at all the things that just wanna kill us, okay?
Most planet orbits are unstable, star formation is completely inefficient.
Most places in the universe will kill life instantly! Instantly!
The people that say: "Oh the forces of nature are just right for life."
Excuse me! Just look at the volume of the universe where you can't live!
You will die instantly. That's not what I call the garden of eden. Alright?
Galaxy orbits, we orbit once every couple hundred million years.
You're bound to come close to a supernova that will wipe out your ozone layer and kill everybody on the surface.
Who doesn't otherwise have dark skin, because your high-energy rays will give you skin cancer.
We're on a collision course with the Andromeda galaxy. Gone is this beautiful spiral that we have.
And of course we're in a one-way expanding universe as we wind down to oblivion
as the temperature of the universe asymptotically approaches absolute zero.
That's the universe. Then Earth. Volcanos, tsunamis,
just killed, you know, I think that number is higher up 200000 people, floods, tornadoes.
None of this is any sign that there is a benevolent anything out there.
And this 90 %, it should be 99 % - as was earlier noted - of all life that has ever lived is now extinct.
Inner solar system is a shooting gallery: Comets, asteroids - duck!
And look how long it took to make multi-cellular life.
From the beginning of the earth. Life happened quickly, but not multi-cellular life.
You needed your cyanobacteria to sort of crank on the oxygen, get the oxygen budget going.
Then you could have sort of ... that's sort of rocket fuel for multi-cellular creatures.
But that took 3 1/2 billion years. That's hardly an efficient plan with us in mind.
And in human begins. This is like the most tragic of them.
I don't even include here the expression of free will where people wanna kill each other.
I'm talking about nature killing us without the help of human beings.
Aggressive Childhood Leukemia, hemophilia, all of this, all of this.
And we so much praise about the human eye.
But anyone who has seen the full breadth of the electromagnetic spectrum will recognize how blind we are.
Okay, and part of that blindness means we can't see, we can't detect magnetic fields, ionizing radiation, radon.
We are like sitting ducks for ionizing radiation.
We have to eat constantly, because we're warm blooded.
Crocodile eat a chicken a month, it's fine.
Okay, so we are always looking for food.
These gases at the bottom: you can't smell them, taste them you breath them in you're dead, okay.
So, I'm almost done. I'm sorry I'm taking up your time here.
And with the birth defects: Most unknown. Look at this. Others, it's like abuse and infection and stuff that human beings have something to do with. Here, we have no idea.
Oops, I pushed the button by accident, sorry.
No idea! No idea!
And you know, birth defects are tragic, they're tragic. Particularly if they happen to the family afflicted by it.
And you just look at images of these aborted fetuses, because of the... and most of these are still born, others are born with a heart outside the body.
And so, this is all simply stupid design. And the problem is, if you look for what is intelligent and yeah you can find some things that are just really beautiful.
And really "hey, that's clever!", you know the ball socket of the shoulder. A lot of things you can point to.
But then you stop looking at all the things that confound that revelation.
And so, if I came upon a frozen waterfall and it just struck me for all it's beauty.
I would then turnover the rock and try to find a millipede, okay, or some kind of deadly newt.
And then put that in context.
And realize of course the universe is not here for us, for any singular purpose.
My favorite of all is, of course, you eat, breathe, drink through the same hole in your body
guaranteeing that some percentage of us will choke to death every year.
Okay. Imagine if you had a separate hole for breathing and eating and talking. That would be just really cool.
Right? You could drink, breathe and just talk and you would never choke. Alright.
And it's not a hard request. Dolphins breath and eat through different holes in their body.
And that's a mammal. So I'm not asking, you know, this is like Santa Claus could bring this one.
And this one of course, my favorite of all. What's this going on between our legs?
As you've heard ... we have an entertainment complex in the middle of a sewage system.
No engineer would design that at all, ever! It's like the wrong juxtaposition of elements.
What I wanna put on the table is the fact, that I don't want the religious person in the lab
telling me that God is responsible for what it is they cannot discover.
Cause look at the hybris of that. You're in the lab and you say:
"I don't know how this works and not only that. No one alive on earth knows how this works.
And not only that no one who will ever be born will know how this works."
That's kind of audacious when you think about it. And then you put it down and go on to the next problem.
This problem is a cure for Alzheimer or Cancer or whatever else.
I don't want them in the science classroom.
And so the issue is simply about progess and discovery.