Take a class in Toy Design

Uploaded by UniversityofMinn on 11.05.2011

The class in an introduction to the product design process
where students take their own ideas
from concept to working prototype.
The students come up with lots and lots of ideas
and they narrow those down a handful that they present
to people from industry and to kids.
With the feedback from industry and kids,
they start to make what we call sketch models
which are inexpensive, quick prototypes to test an idea
or to test play value or to test feasibility.
These are sometimes made out of foam or cardboard or just
by taking apart other toys.
THey brought them to Creative Kidstuff and they pitch them
to industrial designers, marketers and engineers.
I think the tinges that are conflicting are the things
that sell it.
Is it big enough to hold a bunch of stuff.
Well, it could hold 100 Matchbox Cars of 50 Barbies.
We are making Chomper the Toy Keeper.
THe idea is to extend playtime
and make cleaning up your toys fun.
OUr feedback was consistently positive on it.
Industry reps consistently gave us really positive feedback
about it and were really excited about it
and it made its way into the finals.
We presented our ideas to a few different groups of people,
we had marketers, designers.
I think what they wanted us
to make it more personalized for children.
It was, our prototype before was geared more towards little boys,
so they wanted something that would be for girls as well.
Crush-a-town is pretty sweet though.
Crush-a-town has a vinyl mat that has sounds embedded in it
and a foam cityscape you can build and then the idea is
that kids can kind of build their huge block cityscape
and then crush it with sounds and become the monster.
What I'm working on right now is, we had sensors
for the sounds in the mat in 8 spots in the previous model
and now in this one we're going to have a whole mat be a switch.
So you have, no matter where you step, you're triggering a sound.
"Now John you can't crush Molly's toys.
But Mom I'm a monster, I have to crush!
Don't worry about it, this is Crush-a-Town."
In the presentations the students are putting on a show.
"Introducing Chomper!
MMMM... HEY give me that!
Blaaahhh! I'm not full yet!
You've got more than that!"
It's more like a theatrical performance
to pitch the idea to pitch the idea.
So it's both informative and entertaining, so there's going
to be people from the industry there and there's also going
to be those people's children.
It's definitely outside of my major,
but I mean it's a toy design class!
It's like saying, would you like this pot of gold?!
Okay! I mean you get one chance in your life to say,
I took a class in toy design
and you're a fool if you don't take it.