Library Resources on the Yuba College Student Portal

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Accessing Library Resources through the Student Portal.
On the Yuba College web page press the button to the left it says,
MyCampus Portal.
It then moves to a web page that explains the campus portal with instructions
and a link,
for you to press,
and gain access to the student portal.
When the entry window opens up, you must
type, yccdweb, “\” forward slash,
your WebAdvisor ID
and use your WebAdvisor password.
Press OK
The next page is the “My Campus”
YCCD Portal page
Looking to the left you'll see where it Says, student resources.
Tabs open up you'll see that name, Yuba College to the right,
the word “library,”
left click on that.
You now have,
the library resources
portal page. The column down the middle --
at the top, library catalogue.
Pressing that link gives you another web page
for the online catalog.
Type in your keyword search.
In this case let's use the word, Nutrition,
press go.
The search returns 416 matches.
Not all books are available
at Yuba College. Some belong to Woodland
and the Lake campuses
Some are eBooks. This one,
Realities of Nutrition,
press the availability link
Notice that it says 613.2, D489N. That is the call number.
Write that down, this will enable you to find the book on the shelf.
So that's the basic search for a book. Now let's go back to the portal page.
Popular databases. A very popular one, ProQuest
Let’s stay with our research topic of nutrition.
Typing that in,
and pressing “Enter” on the keyboard,
It returns…
over 244,000 results. That's an awful lot.
Well you might wanna look down through the list…
Some are government documents, journal articles, newspaper articles,
but it may not be zeroed in on exactly what we wanted to our research on.
So let's go back to the top and add
another word. Let's add the word,
Child nutrition.
press Enter
returns fewer results.
81,000 results, almost 82,000.
but even if that, that’s an awful lot of articles to go through. So let’s add child
nutrition in...
Oh! The suggestion is “public schools”
Over 30,000, still quite a few, but the most relevant articles are going to
be towards the top
of the search.
Notice the mortar boards, that shows that these are peer-reviewed articles
from professional journals.
…and other magazine articles.
So here's one, Review of health education and the nutrition class.
Let’s click on full-text PDF,
and you get a perfect facsimile of that article.
You may want to just read that, make sure it is what
you want for your research.
Now what?
We can print it.
If that's available, but the best probably is to email it to
So you type in your email address.
You might type in your name so you know that you sent it to yourself. Fill in other
additional information.
Select what type of citation style, most English classes will use MLA, other
classes might use other formats and then press send.
Off it goes!
Now to return to
your research results,
select “back to results.”
And take time going through the rest of your articles
If you want just
scholarly journals,
there is a link for source type on the right side now these are only
peer-reviewed, scholarly articles, which most instructors prefer.
Returning to the student portal,
You’ll see many more databases that are available.
Some of the more specialized ones are
down at the bottom of the list.
Such as the ProQuest Nursing and Allied Health database.
Returning to the top of the library resource portal page you'll see the
phone numbers
and hours for the library facility on campus.
Good luck and have fun doing your Research.