[ENG SUBS] 100127 KTR SUKIRA (Kyuhyun, Leeteuk, Eunhyuk) - PART 8/8

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We were just listening to, "Friend Sky".
This song may not be very familiar to the younger generation...
so I would like everyone to try reminiscing of a piece of memory while listening to that song.
EH: 100% Show? LT: Yeah
Listener Yi Minjung says, "Eunhyuk oppa has finally arrived, so does this mean Kyuhyun oppa will have to leave?"
KH: Of course no. Go where?
Truthfully... I am the true DJ, Eunhyuk.
(to Kyuhyun) Although your sitting in that seat now, but you will have to leave it eventually.
LT: Very suitable.
EH: Actually, I feel like I'm the one at fault here. LT: Why
Because I was busying filming a show, so I was late to arrive.
So I want to give my apologizes out to KTR's listeners.
And instead of thanking Kyuhyun, the person who replaced me, I will forgive him for his past mistakes.
But really, assessing by the past hour (that Kyuhyun was on), everyone can see that Eunhyuk is way better right?
Fact is, the person who came last can never surpass the person who was first.
Didn't Kyuhyun-shi willingly come here today? He did a very good job.
EH: What?
The messages we received in the first segment of the show amounted to 2400.
Including the "kong" segment and all other messages, together there were a total of 17000 messages.
EH: How can that be?
Eunhyuk, what is your opinion on this...
#2370 said, "Eunhyuk oppa, I'm sorry... but I have been charmed by the Baek Jimi of DJ Kyuhyun."
This coming from ONE message of a total 2700 messages...
So that means there were more than 2000 messages who asked why DJ Eunhyuk was missing.
Let's just introduce the main topic.
Today we several gifts to give out: 'Hottle' movie discount coupon and makeup by BB Cream.
Fill in your full details and after that you will receive the gifts.
The last story of today by Oh Hyeonjin has bought back many memories that have touched people's hearts.
That's right, When you talked about the famous Ande Yoo, does Eunhyuk-shi remember many of his past memories?
EH: That's right
What are they?
A lot of boys really like this movie - "The life of mice"
That's right! I know now.
Men like that, but the females like movies such as "Teen Hero Nite"
Oh, thats a Korean movie.
"Goma Ring"
What? Its the difference between ages again.
Even if you try and repeat it 7 times, you'll still say it incorrectly.
LT: Don't you boys know Ring? EH: We don't know
"Chu bang xidaoli"
This I know.
"Pi Mang Tong Ki"
We know that as well.
"Chang Guan"
That's the one right? That's from the Gu Lai Bi period.
Ah, I heard of that.
Right now as we're talking about unforgettable memories... what does everyone think of?
Let's delve into those memories today.
When I was young, I watched a lot of TV shows, one being "Ph.D. T"
Ah, "Ph.D. T", called as "ET"
Leeteuk-hyung is already 28 years old now...
But there have been many people who have asked whether hyung is 35 years old...
If they see how I look like, then they wouldn't ask like so.
People who I've talked to are all suspicious of my age.
EH: Suspicious? LT: Yes
Many people in the entertainment industry don't believe me.
I don't think I've met any of them before.
So what are everybody's memories like? Just send an sms telling us about them.
EH: The sms sent to number 48919 will cost 50won... if sent to "kong", than it is free.
KH: We will pick two people from the batch of sms senders to hand out Muma & Box gifts.
Now we will cut to the commercials.
I think it's time for us to say goodbye to Kyuhyun-shi.
It's been too long.
Kyuhyun-shi, why don't you say goodbye to everyone now.
KH: You want Kyuhyun-shi to leave already?
LT: It's only saying goodbye.
It's been a while since I was able to come to KTR so I feel extremely joyful.
Besides, I was here as a guest but as a DJ.
Because this is my first time doing this, there was some unwanted defects and I also made a few unintentional mistakes...
But they always say, "Failure is the key to success (direct trans.: Failure is the mother of success)"
EH: Today was failure already?
If there is a next time, I hope that I will be given the chance, and succeed (perform better).
Ah, Thank you Kyuhyun-shi
If next time Eunhyuk-shi is late again, I will replace you.
Eunhyuk-shi was really worried when he heard that Kyuhyun-shi was taking his spot as DJ today.
Will a scenario like this occur again?
I feel relaxed. This is a chance to explore new dimensions for everyone.
Once again, thank you Kyuhyun-shi.
Farewell Eunhyuk-shi!
Kyuhyun-shi will depart now and we'll continue with the show soon after.
KH: Goodbye everyone!