Google apps remote wipe iPhone !

Uploaded by netkillermovie on 18.10.2010

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Google Apps Reseller;
Access to Google Apps Administrator panel (control panel)
Create Google Apps account with iPhone to remotely wipe out the subject.
Verified the iPhone has been synchronized since May.
'Wipe this device' link is visual on the right
This is real demonstration of wiping out my own iPhone :(
Shown email is sent from iPhone's Gmail account, which is connect with Exchange protocol.
Now, Click 'Wipe this device' link.
Warning screen shows after clicking the link. Click 'Wipe device' button to continue.
ow you see a message of 'This device will be remotely wipe out' and the iPhone will be wiped out to its factory default.
In about a minute, iphone will resets and shows apple logo booting screen.
It will take about a minute to initialize the iphone.
Wipe out completed! USB screen shows as factory default.
All 30 Apps installed on iPhone has been deleted.
Even the email setting has been deleted.
No data on photo album.
No data on contacts.
Therefore, iPhone has been successfully initialized.
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