Stupid Game Show Answers - Nuts and Dolts

Uploaded by stupidgsa on 05.08.2007

[SGSA theme music]
[Bob]: Audience, do not try to help us. Brian, that clock will start again with your bid on the dinnerware.
[Bob]: Higher.
[Bob]: Hig...stop the clock. Are you saying $89? Is that what you said?
[Bob]: And then you said $100?
Yeah, I was gonna say go higher.
[Bob]: Brian, what kind of a show do you think this is?
[Les reads out question] [Buzzer]
[Les]: Sarah.
Big toe.
[Audience laughs]
You've got two of them!
...notorious actress held us spellbound in her last role as Golda Meir?
[Buzzer] [Host]: Josh.
Tori Spelling?
[Audience laughs]
Name something that can kill a lively party. [Buzzer]
[Audience laughs]
[Bob]: Higher.
[Bob]: Higher.
$400, $500, $600, $700, $800.
[Bob]: Lower.
Er, $875.
[Bob]: Lower.
$ 74.
[Bob]: Lower.
[Bob]: Higher.
[Bob]: Higher.
$780, $800.
[Bob]: Lower.
Er, $791., 9-90.
[Bob]: Lower.
$789, $787, $786, $788!
[Audience applauds and cheers] [Incorrect answer buzzer]
[Pat and audience laugh]
[Anne]: The law of what organization ends by stating that its members are brave, clean and reverent?
Alcoholics Anonymous.
[Anne]: Boy scouts. [Audience laughs]
Something that falls from the trees. Jackie.
How 'bout...bird (BLEEP).
[Audience laughs]
[SGSA theme music] It does happen.
Boy, I'm glad cows don't fly!