Dishwasher Repair- Replacing the Door Spring (Whirlpool Part # 912652)

Uploaded by partselect on 25.11.2011

Hi, it’s Steve from PartSelect. Today we’re going to show you how to change the door spring
on your dishwasher. It’s a really easy job; all you’re going to need is a pair of needle
nose pliers. Let me show you how we do it.
Now to replace the door spring on this dishwasher there’s a couple of different options. Ideally
if you can pull the dishwasher out about a foot from the cabinets you’ll have easy
access to the side of it to do the repair. You could conceivably remove the lower front
panel and toe plate and try to work in from the side but it’s a little bit trickier.
So just make sure you have enough water line to pull it out that one foot, remove a couple
of screws that secure it to the bottom of the counter, and then you should be able to
do the repair from the side.
The first thing you want to make sure of is that the door is latched shut, and next we
are simply going to lift the spring link off of the door hook, there’s a couple slots
in that so make sure you put it into the same one it came out of. Simply lift up and unhook
that, and then you can disengage the spring from the bottom end. The spring has two different
shaped hooks on it: a rounded hook that fits on the top, and the sharper hook which will
connect to the adjusting linkage on the bottom.
Now the link has an offset on it and we want that offset towards the dishwasher, so we’ll
hook the spring onto that first, slide it through the opening, engage it in the adjusting
bracket on the bottom, and if you need a pair of pliers to pull the tension on that spring
just take a pair of needle nose, slide it up over the door hook, and drop it into the
proper slot, reinstall the dishwasher, and our repair is complete.
We told you it was an easy job. Thanks for watching, and good luck with your repair.